Well, this could be my little internet diary...
Let's for the sake of the world not knowing how to pronounce my actual name [tjaĊĦa] say, that I'm Abby. A 22 years old student, living in a tiny little hen shaped country in the middle of Europe - Slovenia, that is often confused with another country with similar name (but without the amazing shape), that lays more up to the North. However.

I decided to try and write a blog everyday for a year, to challenge myself. Because I am that kind of person, who was never capable of writing a diary, because I simply forgot about it after a week or two. So this will now be my journal for a year, maybe even longer, who knows. Here you'll be able to find little bits of my everyday adventures, my thoughts on things, a bit about me and other clutter. 

I sometimes think way too much, always remember stupid little things and usually forget the important ones. I also sing a lot and most likely annoy everyone around me with it and for that I should probably apologize. 
I like books, scented candles, green colour, mango, strawberies, my sleep and lots of tea.

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day!

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