Friday, 5 August 2016


I think I already wrote here about Planica and it being one of my favourite places ever. The other day I went there again and made a lil' movie out of our day trip. It was nice. Still hot and I did come home with a headache probably due to the sun shining straight onto my head for the entire day, but generally it's much easier to live there, where you're not sweating just by sitting still. And it's much easier to live with that amazing view everywhere you look. As I mentioned in the video, I'm generally a very cold person, I'll be the first one to say I'm a little cold or just pull a hoodie on (heatwaves over 32°C excluded from this case), but I'd trade warm temperatures for that view anytime. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Pacug 2016

Another July has gone by, another 10 days spent in kids summer camp in Pacug. 
This year again I ended up with a group of boys, aged between 10 and 11. Which wasn't that bad. Generally they were 9 lovely young boys, full of energy and mischief. The major difference between them and my last year's group of 11 years old girls being their responsiveness to anything I say. It went from "okay girls, clean your room and get dressed in swimsuits and then we'll go to the beach" and 20 minutes later I had a group all ready and dressed waiting for me in front of their spotless clean room, to "okay boys, clean your room and get ready for the beach" and 20 minutes later the room was still a mess, half of them didn't have their swimming shorts on because 'they won't go in the water anyways' and one was laying in his bed because 'he doesn't even want to go to the beach because it's boring and why do we even have to go to the beach all the time?'. Well, we were at the seaside and with really nice weather at the top of that... Why would we go to the beach if we could sleep inside all day instead, right?
Apart from me occasionally losing my mind while trying to get my little group on one spot (because it'd take them aaaaaaaages to move, even if it's just 15 meters to their left) and some kind of stomach flu showing up in the camp resulting in a few cases of diarrhea and vomiting (which is never nice), I'd like to think our programme ran quite smoothly. Next to all our usual assignments this year I added 'radio Pacug' to my daily entertaining programme, meaning there was always some kind of sound system set up, with either me or my colleague talking nonsense into the microphone. It goes into the "all the things we do for the kids' entertainment" bag. After we got home and people (my co-workers) looked through photos and video footage we made I was already told I'll be also doing daily vlogs next year in addition to the daily radio programme, but that's a story for another time. It's as if I'm not already swamped with things to do through whole 10 days and always running around or planning something. Which, to be clear, I don't mind at all. But while the whole thing might be a bit physically exhausting and results in me falling face flat into my bed for 12 hours straight when I get home, there are not another 10 days in the entire year where I'm more mentally at peace and relaxed and all round happy. It's like I walk into this isolated bubble where the outside world doesn't matter. For 10 days I log off my usual life and give my stress levels a bit of a rest. It is entirely possible that this is the main reason I return to this place every year. Apart from being excited to work with the best people who could also be proclaimed as my second family. I don't know if I ever met a group of people that was easier to work with. When 19 people all have each other's backs at all times it 1) makes doing everything so much easier, because you're never alone and always have someone to count on and 2) provides this great atmosphere for living and there aren't any grey clouds of conflicts looming over and that also results in kids being happier because it might not be obvious to everyone but the energy between teachers reflects on kids. Big time. 
So after 10 days I got back into the whirlwind of my usual life and this world that's getting weirder and meaner and less logical every day, or so it seems. I returned all of my 9 boys safely to their parents and even if they were sometimes giving me grey hairs, I still kind of miss them. It was a sad moment to say goodbye to the team in Ljubljana, as it always is, but we know that when we'll see each other again on our annual picnic at the end of September it'll feel like not a day has gone by since we last spoke. Until then it'll just feel weird getting up in the morning and not seeing everyone already drinking coffee in the morning sun, having all sorts of debates or just staring into the distance trying to wake themselves up. Strangely it takes longer to get back into normal life rhythm and to get used to not being surrounded by a bunch of people 24/7 anymore...

Monday, 27 June 2016

From My Wardrobe: A Dress

When it comes to clothes, I function best when I'm in a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and with Converse on my feet. However, from time to time (well rarely, really rarely) an occasion comes up, when I actually put on a dress and some high heels. And at first I'm like 'yay, I can actually dress up with a reason', I get all excited about wearing a dress and being taller because of my fancy heels. I pull a dress out of my wardrobe - it's this really pretty one, my favourite, that my aunt once gave me when she was clearing out her wardrobe - I put it on, look at myself in the mirror, conclude that I really like the way I look in it, then I put on my heels and I'm out of the house with my family for my cousins confirmation. Perhaps now's the time to mention that with me living with my heels on the ground 99,99% of time those shoes that lift me 13 cm higher aren't the most comfortable thing anymore after half an hour of having them on. So after the initial excitement I'm very quickly very glad that I'll be sitting down most of the time, because if I were standing for those couple of hours, I think it's safe to say my feet would fall off. Or maybe my entire legs would. And then I'd have no legs coming out from under the dress. Wait, that took a weird turn now.
The thing with dresses is that I never really wear them. So when I put a dress on voluntarily it's almost like a little miracle. And I never actually had a dress that I really really liked. I had a few dresses that I had for 'when I need to look nice and polished', 'because sometimes a dress is the only appropriate attire', but I'd never get really excited about wearing them. Then one day my aunt said 'hey, I'm getting rid of some clothes because I just don't wear them anymore' and I found this one in her wardrobe and it's been my favourite since. Now I just need to find a way to wear it more often...

Thursday, 26 May 2016

6 Things On My Desk

I used to be the messiest person in the world, when you walked into my room it was lika a bomb exploded in there. Then something clicked in my head and now my room is actually pretty neat most of the time. The only place that might still look like it could use a bit of organisation is my desk. But it's an organised mess. Or that's what I like to tell myself. The truth is that if you have one cable on display it already looks a bit bonkers. When there are more cables, it's impossible to make the thing look tidy.
With all different crap that finds its way on and off my workspace, there are some things that are just always there. And as much as I'd sometimes rather see a totally empty desk, they're nice to have around, within an arms reach. 
First up a jar with pens and pencils. I found a bunch of colouring pencils in a forgotten pencil case and now they're being artsy in the jar and useful so my notes don't all look the same.
A bunch of notebooks. These are mostly empty, I think. My problem is buying those and then feeling like they're too nice to be messed up and thus saving them for not sure what. They will soon start filling up with stories and ideas though.
My one and only phone dock. It's extremely handy, but sadly only fits my beloved Xperia Z and that's one of the reasons I'm avoiding any phone upgrading. 
Here's the magic nail varnish that I already talked about, it's still the best thing on this planet.
A broken nail file. Because I lost all the big new ones I bought and this one that I got 4 years ago in Provence and broke fairly quickly is still hanging around.
And finally, last but not least of course, a mug. Not a specific one, but there always seems to be a mug on my desk. Or two. Or three. Basically I'm always drinking either tea or coffee and mugs keep piling up. Oh, that reminds me, I should probably take the current pile into the dish washer...

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My Favourite Sound

I tried to capture one of my favourite sounds, making of a cup of tea. Then I edited it together and uploaded it to Soundcloud. Here it is. 

Saturday, 21 May 2016

It's A Kind of Twix Cookie

As the major point of this blog is it being kind of a diary, a place to keep my thoughts, discoveries, memories and points of view, I HAVE to share my recent discovery, even though it may seem weird and unnecessary.
Hofer (also known as Aldi in some countries) has this really appealing biscuits and savoury sections and from time to time a new thing will appear on their shelves, with a bright yellow 'new' sign. I can most of the time go 'okay no, I don't need to buy this', but the other day mum came back from the store and she brought these chocolate/caramel biscuits. It's essentially a twix but in a cookie form and it's like heaven. Now, I've been doing very well with avoiding chocolate, my monthly consumption is at all time low, but h o w am I supposed to not eat all of these at once when they're in the cupboard? Mission almost impossible, it's the biggest self control test and it's not easy. I told mum not to buy them anymore, because it's easier to not eat them when there's none at home...

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Spotify's Amazing Playlists

There hasn't been much talking about music going on in this corner, don't really know why. So to bring this topic back to life, for today I have got together a few Spotify playlists. I know it's awesome and great fun to put together your own playlists, but sometimes I roam around the discover section and I came across some amazing playlists that were created by Spotify. So I thought I'd share some of them. Most have the more relaxing vibe going on, perfect for early mornings or studying sessions. Happy listening:)

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Good Morning

Given my inability to wake up when the first alarm goes off, my phone usually starts ringing at 5:45 in the morning. And with all other alarms every 10 - 15 minutes (yes, it's actually separate alarms, because in my half asleep state I learned to always turn off the alarm instead of snoozing it), I then manage to get out of bed by 7 or 8. Note that I charge my phone on the other side of the room, so I have to physically get out of bed, turn of the alarm and I still return to my bed and fall back asleep. After the long winter I'm still getting into the habit of getting up at 6 am, which usually kicks in around this time of the year, as it's bright enough outside to function properly at such an early hour. The problem though is that it's still too freaking cold - we're in the middle of May and I'm still sleeping safely tucked in my winter duvet. It's crazy. 
However, waking up with sun shining through your windows is one of the best things ever, I never understood people who close all the blinds so the room's totally dark and no sunlight can come through in the morning and can then actually get out of bed. 
And since sitting outside in the sun is actually quite warm, as opposed to being anywhere without direct sunlight (I swear, moving from direct sunlight to a shadow feels like an instant 10°C temperature drop), starting the day with breakfast and tea on the balcony sounds like and actually is (tested) a really good idea. You know, getting a dose of vitamin D in early in the morning can't cause too much harm either. 
Then, when that all's past, it's time to get to work. Uni books here I come. 
Good morning.

Monday, 16 May 2016

From My Wardrobe: Bags

Ah, bags. When I was younger I never really understood why would a woman need more than one bag for everyday use and especially why would a woman need a collection of them. Now that I'm getting older (says me at 22:D) I'm beginning to understand. Well, maybe not entirely but it's becoming clearer. That love for bags. And why you need more than one bag for a day to day life. Sometimes I'll catch myself just mindlessly browsing the 'bags' sections of online stores. Not really buying anything - when it comes to owning bags I'm still on the very minimalist side of things. But it's just looking at them, that is somewhat calming. Do I sound weird enough yet?
I was once a girl that had one fabric handbag for ages and then bought a new one when the old one kind of fell apart. Truth be told, I was that girl until last year. Then I discovered all sorts of 'what's in my bag' videos on Youtube and slowly but surely I was getting pulled into that 'oh my, this bag is so pretty' vortex. Reading back my last year's daily posts, I remember being on the hunt for 'that one perfect handbag' that I'll love and will be my Mary Poppins bag, carrying my life around. Since then I realised I'll never find the most perfect bag, because tastes change and I'm one of those people who'll never really think about a certain type of bag and then I'll see someone with it and I'll instantly fall in love with it (this logic also applies to billion other things, of course) and it'll be my new 'perfect bag' until I find another one and so on and so forth.
So before I get even deeper into the mess that is this post, trying to explain 'me and my new found love for bags' situation, here are bags that are currently in my possession. Some are fresh enough to still be in stores, others aren't. All look extremely pretty none the less. If I do say so myself.
C&A satchel bag
Zara tote bag
Zara bag
Graceland clutch bag
Zara cross body bag

Thursday, 5 May 2016


There are quite a few very well known, beautiful and touristy places in Slovenia. We all know about lake Bled and Postojna cave and Ljubljana castle etc. But apart from the main stars there are also a lot of little hidden gems. And Bistra technical museum is definitely one of them. 
It's essentially a beautiful castle, located near Vrhnika, roughly half an hour drive from Ljubljana and it tells 1001 stories with its temporary and permanent exhibitions, while it's also a pretty good relaxing spot. I visited the place last Saturday with my family and well, if it weren't for Formula 1 qualifications that I really wanted to watch, I'd happily sit in that garden for a few hours. Just listening to water and birds, soaking in some vitamin D.