Friday, 5 August 2016


I think I already wrote here about Planica and it being one of my favourite places ever. The other day I went there again and made a lil' movie out of our day trip. It was nice. Still hot and I did come home with a headache probably due to the sun shining straight onto my head for the entire day, but generally it's much easier to live there, where you're not sweating just by sitting still. And it's much easier to live with that amazing view everywhere you look. As I mentioned in the video, I'm generally a very cold person, I'll be the first one to say I'm a little cold or just pull a hoodie on (heatwaves over 32°C excluded from this case), but I'd trade warm temperatures for that view anytime. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Pacug 2016

Another July has gone by, another 10 days spent in kids summer camp in Pacug. 
This year again I ended up with a group of boys, aged between 10 and 11. Which wasn't that bad. Generally they were 9 lovely young boys, full of energy and mischief. The major difference between them and my last year's group of 11 years old girls being their responsiveness to anything I say. It went from "okay girls, clean your room and get dressed in swimsuits and then we'll go to the beach" and 20 minutes later I had a group all ready and dressed waiting for me in front of their spotless clean room, to "okay boys, clean your room and get ready for the beach" and 20 minutes later the room was still a mess, half of them didn't have their swimming shorts on because 'they won't go in the water anyways' and one was laying in his bed because 'he doesn't even want to go to the beach because it's boring and why do we even have to go to the beach all the time?'. Well, we were at the seaside and with really nice weather at the top of that... Why would we go to the beach if we could sleep inside all day instead, right?
Apart from me occasionally losing my mind while trying to get my little group on one spot (because it'd take them aaaaaaaages to move, even if it's just 15 meters to their left) and some kind of stomach flu showing up in the camp resulting in a few cases of diarrhea and vomiting (which is never nice), I'd like to think our programme ran quite smoothly. Next to all our usual assignments this year I added 'radio Pacug' to my daily entertaining programme, meaning there was always some kind of sound system set up, with either me or my colleague talking nonsense into the microphone. It goes into the "all the things we do for the kids' entertainment" bag. After we got home and people (my co-workers) looked through photos and video footage we made I was already told I'll be also doing daily vlogs next year in addition to the daily radio programme, but that's a story for another time. It's as if I'm not already swamped with things to do through whole 10 days and always running around or planning something. Which, to be clear, I don't mind at all. But while the whole thing might be a bit physically exhausting and results in me falling face flat into my bed for 12 hours straight when I get home, there are not another 10 days in the entire year where I'm more mentally at peace and relaxed and all round happy. It's like I walk into this isolated bubble where the outside world doesn't matter. For 10 days I log off my usual life and give my stress levels a bit of a rest. It is entirely possible that this is the main reason I return to this place every year. Apart from being excited to work with the best people who could also be proclaimed as my second family. I don't know if I ever met a group of people that was easier to work with. When 19 people all have each other's backs at all times it 1) makes doing everything so much easier, because you're never alone and always have someone to count on and 2) provides this great atmosphere for living and there aren't any grey clouds of conflicts looming over and that also results in kids being happier because it might not be obvious to everyone but the energy between teachers reflects on kids. Big time. 
So after 10 days I got back into the whirlwind of my usual life and this world that's getting weirder and meaner and less logical every day, or so it seems. I returned all of my 9 boys safely to their parents and even if they were sometimes giving me grey hairs, I still kind of miss them. It was a sad moment to say goodbye to the team in Ljubljana, as it always is, but we know that when we'll see each other again on our annual picnic at the end of September it'll feel like not a day has gone by since we last spoke. Until then it'll just feel weird getting up in the morning and not seeing everyone already drinking coffee in the morning sun, having all sorts of debates or just staring into the distance trying to wake themselves up. Strangely it takes longer to get back into normal life rhythm and to get used to not being surrounded by a bunch of people 24/7 anymore...