Monday, 27 June 2016

From My Wardrobe: A Dress

When it comes to clothes, I function best when I'm in a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and with Converse on my feet. However, from time to time (well rarely, really rarely) an occasion comes up, when I actually put on a dress and some high heels. And at first I'm like 'yay, I can actually dress up with a reason', I get all excited about wearing a dress and being taller because of my fancy heels. I pull a dress out of my wardrobe - it's this really pretty one, my favourite, that my aunt once gave me when she was clearing out her wardrobe - I put it on, look at myself in the mirror, conclude that I really like the way I look in it, then I put on my heels and I'm out of the house with my family for my cousins confirmation. Perhaps now's the time to mention that with me living with my heels on the ground 99,99% of time those shoes that lift me 13 cm higher aren't the most comfortable thing anymore after half an hour of having them on. So after the initial excitement I'm very quickly very glad that I'll be sitting down most of the time, because if I were standing for those couple of hours, I think it's safe to say my feet would fall off. Or maybe my entire legs would. And then I'd have no legs coming out from under the dress. Wait, that took a weird turn now.
The thing with dresses is that I never really wear them. So when I put a dress on voluntarily it's almost like a little miracle. And I never actually had a dress that I really really liked. I had a few dresses that I had for 'when I need to look nice and polished', 'because sometimes a dress is the only appropriate attire', but I'd never get really excited about wearing them. Then one day my aunt said 'hey, I'm getting rid of some clothes because I just don't wear them anymore' and I found this one in her wardrobe and it's been my favourite since. Now I just need to find a way to wear it more often...