Thursday, 31 March 2016

The First Day Of Spring

You know there can be a day on a calendar that makes everyone (and Google homepage) go 'oooh, it's spring now!', but you can't really tell nature what to do and even though there were supposed to be warmer temperatures going on for about two weeks now, it has still been a bit chilly - if not with colder temperatures, there was reeeally freezing wind hanging around for ages and it didn't sound spring-like at all.
Today, on the final day of March, I finally felt like spring got here. I spent the day outside with the family, moving the plants and flowers, shaking the soil in the ground around and generally making everything around the house look more spring appropriate. After a windy start to the day, we had sun coming out from hiding behind clouds and it was a short sleeved t-shirt acceptable situation. There were bees flying around, even a bumblebee came around to say hi (although I think they weren't too pleased when we took some flowers out of the ground). It's a bit funny how every year it feels like a start of something new when warmer months roll around and the nature starts waking up.
The time of the year, when sun's out at early hours of the morning and I get a wake up call with a ray shining straight into my eyes, when there are bees buzzing around flowers, when it's not freezing anymore when you roll out of your bed in the morning, when your winter coat is changed for something lighter, when it'll feel nice again to sit outside at coffee shops, has arrived. Spring, welcome. 

Friday, 11 March 2016

Bled On a Sunny Day

I went to Bled two weeks ago, as a little sunny Sunday trip with my family and I always meant to post some pictures here, but then I forgot about that for a bit... Until today, when I woke up to miserable weather and I thought I'd share some pictures to make rainy and sad days a little bit happier. Because sometimes just looking at pictures of sunny days and remembering or imagining what it was like in that moment can bring a smile to a face and make current situation at least a tiny bit better.