Saturday, 6 February 2016

Things In My Bag

Handbags in most cases represent black holes that store everything, from useful things to various crap. The problem being, most of the time things get lost in there, no matter how packed or not your bag is. I feel like it doesn't even matter how many things you carry around with you on a daily basis, when you need something, it takes ages to find it. There is some truth in that joke, that you always need to call a woman twice - first so she can find her phone in her bag and then once more, so she actually answers. I'd like to believe that I manage to keep my handbag quite tidy (the secret is in having two handbags, so you have to move all your stuff from one bag to another constantly and in process you clean out the crap that's supposed to be either in the bin or somewhere else that's not your handbag), I sometimes do have a panicked search around my bag for my phone and no matter how little things I carry around, I always seem to lose my car keys in there.
However, even if I many times carry around a lot of things that I don't really need, there are a few things that I feel like they have to be in my bag everytime I leave the house. My essentials, if you wish.
First, there is - of course - my wallet. It's basically a little red pouch with white dots, first I used it just for coins, but now I stick all my cards in there and that's it and it's easier and less bulky than my previous huge wallet. Next comes my monster phone case, it eats the phone and protects it from any loose keys scratching it or anything. I also always carry around my little squared notebook - apart from being useful for any note taking, it's also great for those boring moments, when you can colour in squares; I have at least ten pages coloured like a chess board in there. With that notebook, since the beginning of the year I also have my planner in my bag, for obvious reasons. And well, like everything else, my other essentials are pretty self explanatory; a hand cream (with nordic berries, it smells sooooo good), a pack of chewing gum, a pair of headphones (for listening to podcasts on bus rides), a USB stick (for those times when it's just easier than transporting files through world wide web), a pen and my keys with the best key rings ever. There's a Pikachu. And an electrical plug. How cool are they?

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

I've Been Browsing Youtube...

...and I came to a conclusion, that my liking/not liking someone's videos depends mostly on their voice. Not the topic they talk about - which should be, you know, the main reason you watch someone's videos; I mean usually you're watching the video because of what it's about or because you agree with the way this person is thinking? Or not? However, I find that a lot of the time I'll click off of a video, even if the topic interests me, just because I can't listen to the person in the video. I know this is a really subjective thing - loving hearing someone talk, or not being able to put up with them; it's like music, different people like different things and you can never make something everyone will love. But I think that's natural, and as long as you're not a dick and feel like everyone needs to know when you don't like something/someone, it's fine.
When it comes to watching content on Youtube, I'm always up to finding something/someone new. So, apart from checking my subscription box daily, I also always browse through the 'recommended' section on the home page and I often click on videos that seem interesting either by thumbnail or video title (it's the I-know-it's-a-clickbait-title-but-I-want-to-see-it-anyways kind of thing). And sometimes, when the video starts playing, I'm greeted by a voice that I can listen to for no longer than 5 seconds and I close the video - I live by the rule 'if you don't like something, just don't watch it, no one cares about how much you think a video sucked' and it's pretty great. Because then I can move to videos I do like to watch and there are a few channels, that are like a relaxation therapy for me, because some people's voices are just meant to be listened to all day long. And I figured I'd share a few of those people here. Without any descriptions or reasons as to why I like them, just with a link, so you can check them out yourself if you want:)

2. Sunnbeamjessextrasunbeamsjess

3.Tessa Violet

4. Chrissstttiiine

5. Carrie Fletcher

6. Estée Lalonde