Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Favourite Things #1

There is a lot of these 'favourites' type of posts and videos all over internet and to be honest, they're really good for discovering new things. Whether they are beauty or travel or fashion or lifestyle related, it's nice to see what other have found and what might be that thing you didn't know you needed in your life. 
So my favourite things lately have been:

Essie Chinchilly - the nail varnish of choice for this month. I got it last month and I've fallen in love with the colour. 

MyEqua bottle - I got this bottle in the beginning of December and it's been my best friend since. It holds 1L of water and it was perfect especially for those performances at Ljubljana castle around new year, because there wasn't a running water source nearby and 1L of water lasted longer.

Yankee Candle 'Aloe Water' - I didn't even buy this one, dad got it as a gift but I kind of hijacked it and it's making my room smell really nice even if it's not lit up. 

Fawn hooded fleece sweater - this was on my wishlist for ages and then I finally ordered it at the end of November last year and then waited and waited for it to show up in the mail a month and a half later. But it's the warmest, softest and coziest thing ever.

Catrice lipstick 'Treasured Twinkles C03'- well, I'm not the biggest make up lover, I own a bare minimum of things to make my face look decent, when it needs to. But lately I've been noticing a strange pull towards lipsticks and then from time to time I buy one to wear it once in eternity. I bought this really pretty red during the festive season and I must say I really like it. It makes me look like I have my shit together. Do all lipsticks do that?

Serial podcast - I've been really late to this bandwagon, I only listened to the first season in the summer last year (I did go through the whole season in just a few days though). And now the second season is out and I'm all ears for that. There's something really calming in the voice of Sarah Koenig. 

Friday, 15 January 2016


I've always been more of a sweet, fruity scent loving person. Most of my candles were in the vanilla / cinnamon / strawberries range. And all of them were either the cheap ones that come in glass jars for under 5€ or little tea lights that smelled good and were always being burned in cleaned old candle jars.
I had a ton of those, because every candle I'd burn, I'd clean the jar out and store it for 'future use'. I mean, some of those jars were then used for those little tea lights, others were sitting everywhere collecting dust. Most of them were collecting dust. And there's another thing about cheap candle jars - once you clean them, they don't smell nice anymore. So I threw almost every single one into trash a week or two ago.
Also around that time I came to two very important conclusions (important for me anyways). They are actually based on the fact that my dad got a Yankee Candle as a Christmas gift. For me, Yankee candles were always the 'overpriced' candles, that smell just as nice as cheaper versions, but cost 10 times more than others, just because of the name and really coll packaging. But I was wrong. I don't know where my dad got that candle, but this was the third year in a row he brought one home. The one he got last year is still going strong in dining room, because it's huge and it's not lit that often. But the one he got two years ago, has already been burned and of course I claimed that jar, it's just the right size and it has a lid, dooh. I cleaned it and now it holds all 6 of my lipsticks. The thing is though, that even after the jar was cleaned with soap and whatnot, a few months later, it still smells of the candle that was in. I mean this might be obvious to everyone else, but I'm a bit more amazed every time I open it and smell the fresh scent that used to be stored in there. 
The first conclusion however, comes from the time before the candle actually burned out. I realised, that Yankee candles are more expensive because they're in fact good candles and they burn out nicely and scent the room nicely, while the cheaper ones are a bit shit and they burn just in the middle and leave a bunch of wax on the sides unused and the smell is either too in your face or there's a bit too little of it. So I learned that buying one more expensive but good candle is much better idea than buying a bunch of cheaper ones.
The second realisation came with dad's this year's candle. He got the 'aloe water'. It's very light blue/green coloured and has more of a fresh scent. And I totally fell in love with that scent. I might have hijacked the whole candle and am now slowly slowly burning it in my room. So somehow, I don't know when this happened, I transitioned from loving sweet, fruity candles, to preferring fresh scents. Could it have something to do with the fact that I also almost stopped eating chocolate and biscuits and all that jazz in the past month and a half?

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

From My Wardrobe

First, a little bit of intro into this section:
Since I got the new wardrobe, I've been pretty happy with the whole situation - my clothes can breathe now, I can actually see (and hang) everything, it's great. And with a bigger wardrobe, I thought there'll also come a need to own more clothes. Strangely enough, what happened was quite the opposite. I was already on a bit of a get-rid-of-the-clothes-you-don't-wear-anymore mission before I got the bigger wardrobe, but with it, I just felt even more like I need to de-clutter. I really like sliding the door and seeing only clothes that I'd wear in that very moment. It's not exactly a capsule wardrobe, I still own way too many hoodies (and I just bought another one - but I reeeeeeally love them) and the number of pieces that are in there overall goes quite over 37 and that's excluding shoes and outerwear, because they're kept elsewhere. I might be getting a bit weird, because sometimes I just open the wardrobe and think how I could downsize it even more, but I do wear everything that's in there and I love all those pieces, so I then just fix my hangers, so they're evenly spread on the rack and close the wardrobe door.
What I do have when it comes to adding new pieces and my non-existent urge to buy clothes (honestly, I've never been a fan of buying clothes - I'd always rather be buying phones and cameras and other tech stuff, but I don't have money for that) is a 'what's missing in my wardrobe' list. This has been a thing for quite a while now, I think I made the first one last spring and on there I put more basic pieces that I didn't/don't have yet, but I feel like I would wear them a lot. And then I'm slowly but surely acquiring them, sometimes taking items off the list and putting others on. It's really nice to have a list like that, because it's another thing that keeps you from impulse buying. Not that I really do that, because 'shopping to relax' is more like a definition of hell for me (except if it's with my best friend, which then means us trying on various clothing and not buying much at the end and even that happens rarely)
Today I wanted to show off a bit my newest addition, which is - ha - not on my 'what's missing in my wardrobe' list, but I found it on the internet in late 2014 and I wanted it then, but decided against buying it, because I own too many hoodies anyways, and when I couldn't forget about it for a year, I finally gave in and ordered it. And a month and a half later (why does it take so long for everything to get to Narnia??) it's here. My fawn fleece hoodie. It's the softest, comfiest, warmest, coziest thing ever. I am a bit scared to wear it now, because I don't want to get it dirty, but oooooooh I'm in love. 

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Some Thinking

It's January, the month of new year's resolutions that are then broken at the very beginning, a few weeks later or maybe they even survive the entire year. I always set myself a few of those, this year was no different. Because they motivate me at least at the beginning of the year and as the year goes on and that motivation starts to evaporate a bit, at least there was some to begin with.
For this year, apart from the classic ones 'work our more' (that always starts good but then fails miserably after a few months), 'study!!' (study regularly, not just a few days before exam - a virtue I have yet to master) and 'de-clutter' (which I have started very well in 2015 if I do say so myself), I also put on the list a few sayings. Some of them have been already incorporated in my life and my way of thinking, they just slowly creeped in and are now heavily imprinted in my mind; some I have yet to start working on. I will go a bit dramatic and say, that some of these changed my life. Well, it's not as dramatic as it sounds, but I think if you adopt a certain way of thinking and live relying a bit on these sayings, life can be easier. At least I believe for me it is. Okay this is now getting really deep and meaningful and I'm really not good at getting deep and meaningful generally, so I'll just get right to the point.
Here are some quotes? sayings? that I live by. Or try to. (short disclaimer: most of these are stuff people are saying and you can also find on the world wide web, I'm not philosophical enough to come up with something like this myself)

1. Everything happens for a reason. This is the classic old one. I do believe everything happens for a reason. The reason might be good, might be bad, but the major point is that you learn from it.

2. It wasn't a waste of time if you learned something. I think I first saw this a year or two ago, when Cara Delevingne posted it on her Instagram and it's one of my favourites. You know when you spend hours working on something or studying for an exam that you then fail and you have to study the same thing again and you feel like you wasted your time studying the first time because you failed anyways? Well, this is about that. I used to sometimes feel like I'm throwing my time through a window because I wasn't happy with the final result, but when you apply the 'it wasn't a waste of time if you learned something' philosophy to anything you're doing, you'll a lot of times feel like something is worth doing just solely for the purpose of learning something. Which is always god, right?

3. The expert in anything was once a beginner. I mean yes, a lot of this stuff is especially helpful when going through schooling system, but is also very much applicable to life in general. However, this one is for times when I have a hard time opening a uni book for the first time. And for when I'm feeling like I don't really know anything and how will I be an engineer. So, if you want to be an expert in anything, you have to start at the beginning.

4. Existentialism is a very dangerous thing. Ignore it, get back to work. - Casey Neistat. Well, hah, I've taken this out of one of Casey Neistat's videos, if you watch his vlogs, you'll know what that means. I must say his videos are a massive motivation and watching him just makes you want to work and be productive. Just me? 

Friday, 1 January 2016

Now What?

First of all: Happy new year! May it be healthy, joyful and successful.
My 'post something every day for a year' project is now finished. I've managed to get through it more or less successfully, I think. Only missed out a few days, that's acceptable right? I learned, that blogging every day is really not easy, sometimes I found it almost impossible to put a blogpost together and I think quite a few times what I put out there was a bit crap. But it's alright, I'm blaming it on the learning curve and the inspirational blackout (heh) and what mattered to me the most was that I did put a post up every day and as it turns out, I am capable of starting and also finishing something even if it gets a bit tough at times.
The question sparking after those 365 days is 'what now?' And honestly, I don't have an answer to that. I definitely won't be posting stuff everyday anymore, because well, I'd like to make more interesting content and have this blog as something to look back on to see what I was doing and thinking at certain times - and there are a lot of days when I'm not doing anything beside sitting behind my desk, with my head in books and I don't think that's worth putting up here every single time, because it's boring in the first place. I'd like to store memories here, that are worth storing. So I guess I'll now return back to this blog to share things I've done, things I've seen, my thinking and whatever sparks my interest in general.
I'd like to have a schedule for my posts, but first I'll need some time to find one, so I guess for next month or two, there'll be posts dropping by without a set timetable.
And that's it. Let's see what 2016 brings, shall we?

Day 365 of 365: A Year Later

This is it for this year, eh?
On the first day of 2015 I set myself a secret goal, to write a blog post every day for a year. I didn't want to commit to it very loudly (though I did with this whole 'day __ of 365', didn't I?), because given my history of not being very successful with keeping up promises about writing a blog, I wasn't sure if I'll make it. But I did. So here we are, 365 days and almost 365 blog posts later. I must say I'm quite proud of myself. And of this place. It became a little diary for me.
I've seen a lot of 'looking back to what happened in 2015' posts, but well, if I want to see that again, I can as well read through all my posts in the past year. So all I'll say here is happy 2016. May it be happy and healthy and full of joy and everything and everyone you love. 

Day 364 of 365: Last Performance

You know, after spending so much time together, I have a really hard time letting go. And today was the last concert we sang together for god knows how long. As for now, I haven't yet wrapped my head around the entire thing, so I'm still fine, but once it'll hit me and pictures from concerts'll come, I'll need a box of tissues and a gigantic mug of tea.
We had the best concert tonight, from all of those we sang this season and after that, we decided to go to city centre for a mulled wine/cup of tea. Of course we ended up singing our entire repertoire twice, once on one of the bridges on Ljubljanica river and one at PreŇ°eren square. And there's no better way to finish the concert season than that.