Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Day 363 of 365: Early Morning TV

I've been trying to get up early since summer days, but once it gets dark outside at 7am, it's really hard to get my bum out of bed before 8 or 9 in the morning. However, I got up at 10 to 6 today, because at 7:30 I had to be at Ljubljana castle again, where we were singing live on TV in a really short but cute segment of a good morning show. I guess it was a bad idea going out for a cup of tea in the evening yesterday, because I'm not sure what my voice was doing. The lower register sounded fine, the high one also, but those tones in the middle didn't really want to come out. Oh well, now it's an early night for me, so I can have a solid performance tomorrow I guess. Wish me luck.

Day 362 of 365: Nail Colours #15

I've been on some kind of nail varnish buying spree this month. I think I've had 7 new additions to my small collection, which is a bit crazy. The latest one however, was this Revlon number in 'high roller' colour. A really pretty dark purple, seems perfect for this time of the year. 

Day 361 of 365: Singing In Castle Chapel

After that big Christmas concert in the massive church, a smaller number of singers was selected and we went on and had another smaller concert on Ljubljana castle in the castle chapel. Because the size of this place all 70 of us couldn't perform there and our numbers were reduced to around 40 people. This was a performance without any sound system and it felt really nice. In fact I preferred singing like that, because in my current state, when I'm a bit voiceless, it's easier to support your tone if you don't have to be afraid the intensity of the sound will go bonkers when you sing a bit louder because of microphones. There's a live TV performance of one song waiting for us now from this very chapel on Tuesday morning and then the last little concert on Wednesday. I'm really sad it's all coming to an end...

Monday, 28 December 2015

Day 360 of 365: The Day After Christmas

When all the Christmas day madness calms down a bit and British people enjoy boxing day, Slovenia celebrates another national holiday - Independence and Unity day. It marks the day, when the official results from referendum, where people were asked whether Slovenia should become independent and sovereign state, were announced. It's a work free day, which does come in handy, as it's just after Christmas, so it extends the holidays for an extra day.
However, me and my brother spent our work free Saturday (well, it's not a really useful work free day, if it falls on a Saturday, eh?) helping our aunt clean her brand new, freshly installed kitchen, so she can move her stuff in. We still did have a little lie in in the morning, as we had to be at grandma's place at 10 am, where we first got a cup of tea and only started working at 11, while 'A je to' cartoon was playing on TV in the background. When we finished cleaning we had lunch at grandma's (and you know how these work) and after that we brought in boxes of kitchen supplies, which is probably the most exciting thing to do ever. I got at least three new ideas for mugs I'd like to have and I think mom won't be too excited about that...

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Day 359 of 365: Merry Christmas!

Here it is. The day everyone's been waiting for since the end of summer holidays. I actually find Christmas day itself a bit of a letdown after an entire month of being excited about it... I don't know why, but it feels like everything is so festive and everyone is excited for a month (or two) and then it's over in one day. So in that term I prefer the month leading up to Christmas to Christmas itself.
However, it's another Christmas without snow, but at least this year we woke up to cloudless sky with loads of sun and starting a day with a walk seemed like a perfect idea before we headed to both grandparents to say hello and merry Christmas. 
I hope you had a nice relaxed day and you finished it with a nice Christmas movie. 

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Day 358 of 365: The Christmas Eve

It's Christmas tomorrow! And there's one thing about Christmas I was always confused about. Are you supposed to wish merry Christmas on 24th or 25th?
However, I'll leave the wishes for tomorrow, today is reserved for nice dinner and Shrek movies marathon that one of our TV stations is playing tonight. If I don't fall asleep before the second movie finishes...

Day 357 of 365: It Doesn't Really End Here

It was the big night last night, the final Christmas concert is behind us. Well I say final concert, but it's not quite over yet. We still have two performances on Ljubljana castle and another little performance on live TV on Tuesday morning.
And because of that, the day after the concert, we have another rehearsal. A short one, just to learn another song, but still. I went to bed at 1 am, and barely woke up at quarter past 9 in the morning. Had I slept a bit longer I'd miss my bus and the entire rehearsal. Oops.
After that hot chocolate last night and lots of loud talking in the coffee shop, I think I screwed up my voice a little bit more. At the rehearsal I was supposed to sing a solo of Silent night in French like a soprano, instead I sounded more like a bass. When the rehearsal was finished I was sent home to get my voice back and on my way I bought another box of ginger tea. And I think I won't talk much until Sunday...

Day 356 of 365: The Day

Today was the day - the Christmas concert day and I woke up with my voice not being in condition I'd want it to be. And not staying silent throughout the day did nothing to make the situation better.
But anyways, after a short rehearsal in early afternoon, a bunch of pizzas for lunch and some take away mint tea to make everything a bit better, we walked on the stage in front of full church of people, sang our hearts out and everything was quite beautiful. I came home at midnight - after going for a hot chocolate with my dearest friends after the concert - and I brought home a flower that was almost bigger than me. Good times.

Day 355 of 365: One Last Christmas Gift To Buy

There's only 10 days of 2015 left. 3 days until Christmas. And tomorrow is the day of the Christmas concert.
On my way to the rehearsal in church today I picked up the last bits of my Christmas presents. There's one box I still need to find, but everything else is bought. I'm always doing this last minute. I don't know why, because I h a t e crowded stores and I always tell myself that next year I'll do the shopping sooner, but I guess I have yet to learn my lesson...

Day 354 of 365: Another Day, Another Win

Yes, ski jumping competitions were my highlight of the weekend, Sunday was majorly uneventful apart from those two hours I spent in front of TV. I'm still (I feel like this is the constant theme of my life in past few weeks) trying not to talk and look after my voice for Tuesday's concert. But when Peter Prevc convincingly won the Sunday competition after being far before anyone else on Saturday already, I was loudly cheering around the house. So there's that. A short one today, but bring on next week. It's going to be a busy one.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Day 353 of 365: It's A Double Win

What a beautiful day it is today for Slovenian sport. Okay, I don't even know anything about any other sport than Formula 1 and ski jumping, but today our ski jumpers got a 1-2. The almighty Prevc brothers - the older one, who's a champion already at 23 years and it's kind of expected from him to post brilliant results all the time and his youngest brother, who's only 16 and it's his first season in the world cup and today was his (I think) fourth competition of the season (+ a team one) and he just went straight for the podium. I imagine the conversation this morning was something along those lines: -'Hey junior, would you mind joining me on the podium today, so it won't be that boring?' -'Sure, you want to do a 1-2?' -'Yeah, sounds good'. 
And then they invited Noriaki Kasai to join them at the party, leisurely. I mean who the hell still jumps at 43 and is also still very good at it? Well, Kasai does. And he says he wants to continue doing it at least until he's 50. Madness...

Day 352 of 365: Nail Colours #14

Er, I bought another pair of nail colours today? It was a two for the price of one deal on Essie nail varnishes in the drugstore, how could I possibly say no to that? Firstly I picked up Sand Tropez, because I love that colour and my old one was almost empty and went all gooey and weird. For the second one I was choosing between Fiji and Chinchilly. I went with Chinchilly and I don't regret it one bit. Classic needs-two-coats-to-look-good and such a pretty colour. Definitely goes straight into my top 5 favourites.

Day 351 of 365: The Cold Church

Veličastno. Koncert MPZ Gimnazije Ledina iz Ljubljane na Frankolovem (17. dec. 2015).
Posted by Fara Frankolovo on Friday, 18 December 2015

Today we sat on a bus (well two buses, because there's 70 of us) and took an hour and something long trip to Frankolovo. A pretty little village, with really beautiful but extremely cold church. Arriving there we got a warm room to leave our stuff in and between rehearsal and the actual concert, when our feet were frozen from standing on stone ground (also, there was constant fog coming from our mouth when we were singing), there was underfloor heating turned on and if you walked in the room at that point you could see a bunch of people walking around shoe-less with big smiles on their faces. Another reason for those smiles was the food that the lovely ladies from there prepared for us. I believe they got the biggest applause from us at the end. 

Friday, 18 December 2015

Day 350 of 365: Lights From Bird's Eye View

There's no rest between two days of performances. Yesterday we sang in middle school, tomorrow we're going to Frankolovo church and today was another rehearsal day. Only that after rehearsal a smaller group of us - those who'll be singing at another two little concerts after the big one - took the funicular railway up to the castle to see the little chapel we'll be singing in. Driving up the hill we had a pretty view of a part of Ljubljana lights from above. Too bad my phone didn't really do the view justice. 

Day 349 of 365: Singing For Little Kids

First two little performances are behind us. The audience: kids. Aged around 6-15 or something along those lines.
The first group were the younger ones, some of whom had eyes glued on us and listened with opened mouth, some were giggling away with their friends but were all in all really nice audience, even if we screwed a few things up a bit. The second group were a bit older ones, that were either finding it mega funny to fake lead the choir or were too cool for this shit or in a few cases actually listened.
We did alright for our first performance. Some singers who are singing for the first time with us probably forgot about too many things they learned at rehearsals, but that can be fixed until the next trip on stage, which will be in apparently really cold church on Thursday. Bring it on.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Day 348 of 365: A Silent Day

It's 10 more days till Christmas! Which also means 8 days until the Christmas concert I'm singing at and 1 day until the first choir performance. Because of circumstances of yesterday and the day before, today is a silent day for me. I've been writing messages on little post it notes to my mom for the entire day and at this point (it's a late evening now) I'm kind of afraid to speak, because I'm a bit scared of what I sound like. Okay I did speak a tiny little bit, when my music teacher called to ask if I could sing a solo tomorrow, because the girl who was supposed to do it is also sick and I agreed, but hearing myself at that point didn't give me much confidence for tomorrow, really. So tomorrow I'll overdose myself on calcium effervescent tablets and ginger tea and hope for the best. Wish me luck. 

Day 347 of 365: Hey Voice, Come Back!

It's Sunday, I wake up at 7, leave home for choir rehearsals at 8:15. My voice is a bit worse than it was after yesterday's rehearsal because of that evening trip to city centre, but today's the last rehearsal before the first performance. From 9 am until 2 pm. It all started out quite alright, but at times like this I wish I had some kind of vocal training behind me, to know how to sing a ton of those high tones without putting my vocal cords under too much pressure. In the last hour I couldn't really sing the soprano melodies anymore, without sounding always just a bit off tune and at some point I sang the bass line, which for me is the indicator my voice is in really bad shape. 2 days before the first performance. Shit.

Day 346 of 365: Mulled Wine

It's become a little tradition, that we - as in colleagues from Pacug - meet in December in festive Ljubljana and go for a mulled wine/cup of tea or two and catch up a bit. I remember last year I was walking around with my coat undone, feeling a bit warm as it was probably 10°C outside at 10 pm. This year we were all wrapped in layers of clothes and wearing warm shoes with double socks, but were still freezing. It was really nice to see everyone and as always with those people it felt like we saw each other yesterday, like it wasn't 2 months and a half since we were on that picnic together. But after three hours of standing in the cold, when my feet were practically frozen, I went home to defrost and hope that my voice doesn't go after breathing the cold air and talking loudly for so long.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Day 345 of 365: Lipstick

I bought a red lipstick yesterday and I think I quite like it? Note that I'm a total rookie when it comes to make-up, I've only been sporting a black lipstick on haloween before and a nude one on a few occasions. I might have only bought it because it looked like it's limited edition and it had pretty packaging, but when I tried it on at home, I think I could get used to it... Now who's going to bet how long it'll take me to actually wear it outside the house?

Friday, 11 December 2015

Day 344 of 365: A Song #22

There was and still is so much talking about Christmas music, but as much as I love it, it's still nice to have something not Christmas-y thrown in every now and again. What I've been listening to lately is a throwback song for me, it will be 10 years old next year - what?? It feels like it was yesterday when it was played on the radio 100 times a day...

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Day 343 of 365: A Book: The Lost Years Of Merlin

When I was in high school, the school's library was my favourite place. I was constantly there, chatting away with our librarians - one of them was also the mentor of school's newspaper and I was the editor during my last two years, so I'd just spend majority of my longer breaks between classes up at the top of school, on the third floor, where library was. Still is. So even now, three and a half years after I finished high school, mostly because I'm still singing in the choir and we have practice in school, I show up there whenever I can. 
The other day, when I was visiting I was looking around book shelves and I came across a very appealing set of books - with 'Merlin' written on them in big letters. Then a rather quick exchange of words happened between me and the librarian 'what is this, looks interesting, is it worth reading?' -'it's about Merlin, the magician, apparently it's really good' -'can I take this with me?' -'sure' and the book was in my bag. I did find it a bit difficult to read at first, don't know why, maybe because it's in Slovene and I really got used to reading books in English, so reading anything in Slovene that's not uni related feels a bit weird at first. But then I fell head first into it and finished it in roughly two days (because I couldn't just curl up for a whole day and read even though I'd love to do that). I'm now taking the book back tomorrow and I have a feeling I'll have the second book with me on my way home.
The story itself is really captivating, talks about a boy, who has washed up on shores one day and doesn't remember anything from his life, next to him is a woman who claims to be his mother, but he doesn't believe her and they're living semi-normal life until the boy discovers he has some kind of powers and when he uses them to save the woman who is supposed to be his mother, he goes blind in the process. After being blind fore some time he starts seeing world around him with his second sight and then he decides he'll leave his mother to go find out who he really is and where he's from and then everything turns magical. Well, a tiny little spoiler - he does learn a bit about his past on this journey.
I have this thing going on in my head when I read, where I see images of places and things that are just described with words and through some parts of this book I had happy pictures in my mind, full of light and bright colours and then there were some pretty dark and full of shadows and I'd say that first part and the second part of the book are in quite a contrast. The kind of contrast that left me wanting more of the story. So I'll be putting my nose in the second one soon, I hope.

Day 342 of 365: Nail Colours #13

There's no such thing as owning too many nail varnishes. Okay, maybe there is, but my nail varnish 'collection' is still on a very small size, so adding a new one in every now and again isn't really bad. 
With my recent visit to a drugstore, I - as always - had a little look at Essence stand (their nail varnishes are really cheap and really good - colour and quality wise) and they had this little display on, with, well, nail varnishes and some other make up, but I didn't really notice anything else, when I saw those colours. And it says 'strengthening' on them, which is always a bonus. I did need to apply three coats before it looked nice, but it dried so fast and colour is opaque, which is basically the only thing I look for in a nail varnish. Besides, they're mega pretty really really light peach and lilac colours. The light peachy one is called 'I Care For You' and the light lilac one is 'Happy Nails'. I'm currently wearing the first one and without under layer of OPI's Nail Envy. Let's see how this works out.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Day 341 of 365: Favourite Five - Christmas Songs

I know I already had my December playlist with quite a few Christmas songs I've been listening to on repeat, but for today I thought I'd share my favourite five.

1. Michael Bublé - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

2. Dean Martin - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

3. Two Steps From Hell - Christmas Medley

4. Josh Groban - Little Drummer Boy

5. Brenda Lee - Rocking Around Christmas Tree

Monday, 7 December 2015

Day 340 of 365: St. Nicholas visits

December 5th is the day when St. Nicholas comes. They call him the first of the three good men in December (because there's also Santa Claus and Father frost and in these places they are three different people).
It's basically the first official round of gifts. The general point of St. Nicholas is that he brings dried fruits and nuts and chocolate shaped like him. When I was little there were also toys in the equation, but now I'm the happiest if I get a bag of pistachios and a pack of dates. Without the unnecessary clutter. I did have a non edible wish this year - the Equa bottle and mom then threw in a pair of warm slippers because my old ones fell apart, an avocado and a pomegranate and I was a happy bunny for the whole day. 

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Day 339 of 365: Christmas Lights Not Working

Okay, so I bought a pack of Christmas tree lights, brought the packet home, opened it and realised the lights work on batteries. Which sounds kinda cool, you can put them anywhere without needing a socket nearby. Then I put batteries in, turn them on, realise they're waay to big for my tiny Christmas tree and decide to hang them around my window, because it'll look pretty. The lights were on for an hour, before I turned them off and went to bed. The next day I turned them on again, everything looked good, until in the evening they suddenly just didn't work anymore. Now I'm a bit pissed off, because I really wanted some Christmas lights and I spent 7€ on something that doesn't work. I mean the batteries are fine, I brought the voltmeter out, it shows that they're still full, but the lights just won't work. Very annoying... 

Day 338 of 365: December Wishlist

Here comes December's wishlist!

1. A clock. I used to have a clock in my room, but at some point it stopped working and then I had it on my wall for years stuck on 5:40 or something, before I finally threw it away. It was a bit too girly for me. But when I was browsing through Society6 I found this one and I really like it. Now I ask myself: when will I actually look at it?

2. H&M polo neck jumper. Because it looks suuuuper warm and I'm always kinda cold and I'm always walking around in the same woolen jumper (although I stole another one from my mum, but it's almost the same colour) and I don't have a high neck one yet. I guess I have enaough reasons here.

3. This hair. I'd kill to have hair like that. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, I wouldn't really kill for it, but my hair is always a bit weird (yes, I'm one of those who's never happy with my hair, except sometimes right before I have to wash it, or when I get into my pyjamas in the evening of course). I'd love my hair to be always curled like that and not be all frizzy and flat at the same time.

4. Zara suede heels. Will you look at theeeese, I'm in love. And that's a weird thing to say for me, because I'm really not a shoe person. But these look so lovely. 

5. I found this tea the other day, it's basically a box with 6 bags of black tea and 6 bags of white tea and you get tea bags in pockets with quotes and it's just really cute. 

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Day 337 of 365: Found It!

Let's take our minds back to the beginning of the year, when I was talking about needing a new bag, but not liking anything and then I found a bag because it was alright, but it wasn't exactly what I was looking for, so I said I'll keep searching. Well, that bag then proved to be a badly invested 20€, because after a month of use the strap started falling off and a hole appeared in a pocket and whatnot. I did of course find a bunch of different bags (mostly from Zara) that I really liked, but were either too expensive for my budget or not the size I would want them to be. Mostly too expensive.
I did then a month ago buy another Zara bag (the huge tote one, it's really cool and I can even fit my not-so-tiny laptop in it) but at the same time I found this bag (on pictures above) on Zara website. You might remember it from my wishlist or two, I've been on the hunt for it for forever. The problem I had with this bag was that it was always just sold out in black and burgundy colour just isn't what would fit with things I wear, I think. So the other day I decided that I'll go check the Zara store again for the last time and if they don't have it, it means me and this bag are not meant to be and that's it. BUT, just by a miracle (or something?) I slowly walked through the store and found it on one of the shelves. It was one of those moments where I just grabbed it and paid for it and left the store with a huge smile on my face. Now I need to filter all the crap I'm usually wearing around and start using it. Because I don't want to fit everything and the kitchen sink in it. You know what I mean, right?

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Day 336 of 365: The Christmas Playlist

It's not that listening to Christmas songs isn't acceptable at other times of the year - I do have a bit of sing along to a few Christmas tunes in the middle of summer sometimes and it's rather lovely - but December is like a month dedicated to Christmas songs. So last week I started throwing this playlist together, yesterday morning I switched it on and it's been the only thing playing since; I will be adding any good Christmas song that I stumble upon on it, but for start, here's the whole Michael Buble's Christmas album and other Christmas-y songs that I just can't stop singing. 

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Day 335 of 365: Let The Countdown To Christmas Begin!

Aaaaaaaand it's December! I'm now officially in the festive spirit. Today is the day for bringing the Christmas box down from the attic. There's a Christmas playlist on all the time, I have a list of Christmas movies I need to watch (ha, wish me luck with that) and I need to buy some Christmas tea. There's also new default site in my Chrome, that shows up everytime I open the browser, which is counting down to Christmas. The only problem I have is that my tree lights stopped working, I don't know when, so my little tree looks a bit lonely at the moment, but I'll go shopping and it'll be lit up as soon as possible. If I don't also bring home a bigger tree and then just put all decorations and lights there...