Monday, 30 November 2015

Day 334 of 365: A Month Through My Phone Photo Album

For the last day of the month, there's a recap of my month as usual - but this time I browsed through my phone photo album, because there were not so many new pictures on my Instagram this month. I don't know what happened.

1. This was November 1st, the All Saints day and this was taken when we stopped at my dad's uncle's house and the sun was shining like crazy. It's just a some kind of pretty picture. 2. I rarely buy the same shower gel twice and when I ran out of my previous one I spotted the Original Source in the drugstore. It smells like mango. Might be the first shower gel I'll repurchase. 3. If you look really closely, you'll see that on that picture the sun came from behind the hill and it was still a bit misty outside and there was a sharp line between where the sun already shone and where the land was still in shadows. 4. This one is from that castle that I wrote about in 'coffee with a view' and where me and my brother climbed into the tower of the castle ruins. The tower is missing it's top half, so you see clear skies if you go in there. 5. Okay, so I'm still pretty excited about my wardrobe and I took quite a lot of pictures of it when I put everything in. I might or might not still sometimes just open it and admire how much space I have for hanging clothes now. 6. Here's a bit of a 'spot the intruder' game for you... 7. Look, I wore a skirt. This never happens, because I never actually owned a proper skirt (besides the summer-y one for the beach) until a week and a half ago? This one is really pretty even though you can't see it well, it's this one from H&M and I'm kind of in love with it. Although now that I'm looking through their website it seems like I got it in the last minute as it seems they've taken it down. 8. Mother made the delicious cookies again, which is bad, because then I want to eat them all. And now December is coming with chocolate and sweets coming from everywhere. Crap. 9. This one is from this morning, when I found my Little Red Riding Hood costume that I made a few years ago. Basically it's this cape made of fleece and it's the warmest thing ever and I'm constantly wearing this during winter so I'm cozy and warm.

Day 333 of 365: A Song #21

This is probably the last 'a song' post for this year, or maybe just the last song that's not a Christmas song, because let's face it - it's December in a day and all I'll be listening from now on is the whole Michael Buble Christmas album and all other Christmas songs that will appear on my Christmas playlist.
But for today, here's Take That and their newest song Hey Boy. It's one of those songs that I'm not totally sure if I really like it or if it's just okay, but I just keep listening to it.

Day 332 of 365: Another Singing Saturday

Time flies by really fast when you have a lot of things to do. We now have less than a month until the Christmas concert and a few weeks until the first pre-concerts, so things are getting a bit hectic. So Saturday rehearsal from 9 in the morning until 3 pm was on our timetables again. As it will be for next 3 weeks. It can get tiring, singing for so long and I honestly don't know what I'd do without tea. Shout out to the coffee shop that has a take away coffee and most importantly a lot of different tea for 1€. I'm currently obsessing over ginger + orange + something else, it's divine.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Day 331 of 365: The Lights Are On

It's 27th November and the Christmas lights in Ljubljana are on. Only three more days until the Christmas countdown and setting up my mini Christmas tree. I'm sticking to the first day of December, even if the city isn't. But it does look pretty. And bright - in comparison to last Sunday, when it looked like a ghost town at 10 pm. Can't we have these lights on from the beginning of November until the end of March?

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Day 330 of 365: Favourite Five - Shoes

I know, I know, technically I should have included shoes in my wardrobe favourite five last week, but I have all my shoes stored in cupboards in our entrance room or they're warming up in the boiler room, so I kind of look at them as not-a-part-of-my-wardrobe. If that makes sense.
Also, I'm not really a shoe person, if I could I'd just walk around in my Converse All stars all the time (but then there's my mother, who's been telling me for the last couple of years, that I'm now too old to be going everywhere in those and that kind of rubbed on me). So now I own, I think around 15 pairs of shoes for all seasons and occasions and I think I need one more pair. Not to just have one more pair to look at, but I really want a pair of Chelsea boots. So that's on the shopping list, but meanwhile, here are favourite 5 pairs from my current setup.
p.s.: I did plan this post a week ago, when we had full on autumn with temperatures going up to 15°C, then suddenly last Saturday snow came and now it's really damn cold outside.

These are more of a light type of shoe - perfect for autumn and spring, not too bad during summer, but kind of cold for winter. Might still put them on if we get a dry sunny day.

Next are my holy grail when it comes to shoes. I can't really imagine my life without these. For a few years it seemed like I only needed these for summer and a pair of lumberjack shoes for winter. It's like wearing slippers outside. 

Here's a shoe for formal occasion. I really don't get to wear these as much as I'd like, because when I'm not at home I'm usually running around and I don't run well in these. And wearing these when we visit grandma or any other relative would look a bit stupid.

Okay this pair cost me 9,99€ in H&M and is the most comfortable thing for summer. When All Stars get too hot, I wear these. I did also buy the ones that have a bit lower cut in the front, but those have a stitch on a weird place and it scratches my feet until they bleed. So weird.

And finally, last but not least, my newest purchase. I had to mentally prepare myself to buy these, because they were 70€, but my last ones gave in after 5 or 6 seasons and weren't waterproof anymore so a new purchase was necessary. Because the feeling of having dry feet when you walk outside during rain or snow is one of the best feelings ever. And unlike my last ones, these are in my actual size. The last ones were a size too big, I don't really remember why, but I know that I always had to wear two pairs of socks. It was perfect for when I needed to wear woolen socks in them, not so much when I didn't.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Day 329 of 365: Nail Colours #12

Everything is so damn Christmas-y already, so why not throw in some gold glitter nail varnish too, eh? I pulled an old favourite out of my nail varnish bowl - Revlon's Vixen; the one that I thought I lost back in the summer but I then a friend from Pacug had it and I have no idea how that happened. However, I had this one on for a few days and I was already thinking about changing the colour when I was looking through some boxes and found an not-so-new H&M in Glitter gold. It's essentially just glitter in a polish form and looks really pretty and Christmas-y and whatnot. Now we can start singing Christmas carols. And watching Christmas movies. Oh wait, I already started that.

Day 328 of 365: A Pinterest Post #3

Here we are, this time with another Pinterest post, where I gathered my favourite pins that I pinned lately.
1. 8 things you should always have in your diary. Now I only need to keep up with a diary. I'm counting on 2016.
2. 5 reasons to establish morning rituals. I did make a list of things to do in the morning and as I already started today, I'll be ticking them off first, until it'll become just something I do absentmindedly.
3. 15 minimalist hacks to maximize your life. Lately I've been watching a ton of wardrobe clear out and generally minimalistic themed videos and now I'm in the mindset 'I don't need any clutter' and I just want to clear out my room constantly. It's all getting a bit weird...
4. 5 decor tips to make your home have Scandinavian vibe. Goes quite hand in hand with the post above.
5. A vegetable growing cheat sheet. Well this is just useful if you have a garden, isn't it?
6. 40 wicked wall mounts. And something pretty for the end.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Day 327 of 365: A Song #20

I think I already posted Peter's cover once and I think it was also Imagine Dragons, but with Tyler Ward. Not totally sure. This time I'm again revisiting an old favourite, a cover of On Top of the World Hollens did with Mike Tompkins. I could listen to this 24/7.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Day 326 of 365: Coffee And Concert Night

I've been to drama theatre last night. It's been ages since I last went there to see a performance and it was quite lovely to be back.
So the reason for that visit was a concert by a group called Moonlight Sky, whom I've never heard of before, but my high school music teacher - you know the one that leads the choir I still sing in - said at rehearsals a few weeks ago that they're really good and our pianist is playing with them and she's going and if anyone wants to come with her. And I said to hell and bought a ticket.
So before the concert we had 30 minutes to kill and we went for a coffee in a hotel next to the drama theatre, because neither of us was in the most awake state. It's a really nice hotel and looks really fancy and the coffee was great - you can't miss with Illy. I did feel like that coffee was a slight mistake when I was still wide awake at 1 am... 
After that coffee we went into theatre, where we were informed that there's no seating order, because so little tickets were sold and we were able to seat in better seats than we paid for, which is always great. So the concert started, had guests, was all round great, all instrumental - guitar, bass and drums, with guests on piano, accordion and clarinet. Crazy crazy people when you watch them on stage, but all brilliant at what they do and you can see on their faces they love what they're doing and it makes you love listening to them even more.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Day 325 of 365: Tea For Two

One of my favourite things to do is finding new tea flavours. There's nothing better than opening a fresh new box of tea, putting a tea bag into a mug with hot water and then loving the taste. This week I had a spare 30 minutes in town and I popped into a drugstore, where I suddenly found myself in front of shelves with tea. And I picked up 'tea for two'. I mean, the packaging is already adorable and then you try it and boom, you're in love with it. It contains orange, apples, vanilla, hibiscus, rosehip, cinnamon and strawberries. Perfect for autumn/winter time. 

Day 324 of 365: Another Lip Balm?

I think I found a lip balm, that could compete with my long time favourite Blistex lip relief cream - the only one that helps me with chapped lips. The other day I picked up a Neutrogena nourishing lipcare with nordic berry. It claims to transform dry lips into soft and nourished ones. I've been using it for a few days and first impressions are: smells good - check; feels good on lips - check; helps when my lips are in bad shape - not checked quite yet. I might have screwed the test up a bit, when I used Blistex a few times out of habit. But it's looking good. It's calmly sitting on the second place of 'lip balms that actually work on chapped lips' list. And it gets a thumbs up from me.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Day 323 of 365: The Tree Is Already Here

It feels like the Christmas spirit comes earlier every year...
Of course Ljubljana has a tradition of turning on Christmas lights in the city for years, but it was usually scheduled in December. This year, it's all happening before December even starts - the ceremonial event of turning the lights on will take place in a week. It's 27th of November in a week. That's crazy early. I mean I used to be a person who hated Christmas spirit before the middle of December and even then I thought it was just a marketing move to make people spend a lot of money. Then I decided to stop looking at the world through such dark eyes and now I really love Christmas spirit (yes, I'm sometimes listening to Christmas songs in the middle of July), but I have this deal with myself to only start decorating and everything that comes with it on December 1st. Although it's getting harder and harder to try and not do anything until that time, with all of this going on in the world around and if you look at it from another perspective - November is a really boring month if you take away all the premature holiday preparations... 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Day 322 of 365: Last Sunny Days

Well apparently we're looking at last few sunny days here, it's been a few weeks of almost summer with 15°C to 20°C. In the middle of November. What? So to make the most of that weather, today apart from having windows opened wide so the sun shone through, me and the mother went for a little walk uphill. It's always lovely to walk in the forest and kicking leaves on the floor and seeing bright blue sky. Maybe next time I'll have time for this, I'll be making angels in snow.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Day 321 of 365: A Tiny Little Hand Creme

When it comes to hand creams, I'm quite picky. The thing is, my hands are quite dry most of the winter, I got to the stage last years, when my knuckles were just cracked most of the time, sometimes started bleeding and I just treated them with some Tea tree cream, instead of regularly using a hand cream. Because when it comes to that, you need to find the right one and that's not really easy. You buy a hand cream and you try it and realise you won't get on with it and then it sounds like a really stupid idea to spend money on another one, because what if you won't like that one too? My problem is that I hate hand creams that stay sticky for too long. My favourite type is the one that quickly sinks in and I can continue using my phone/computer/picking up a glass without that annoying 'I still have a hand cream on my hands' feeling.
At some point this spring I was browsing through the mini section in a drugstore and I came across this tiny Nivea anti age hand cream. I don't necessarily feel like I need an anti ageing hand cream, but I couldn't be bad to try it anyways right? Right. After I kind of forgot I bought it and it slept in my handbag for a good few months, I recently found it and started using it and I must say I really like it. Apart from L'Occitane Shea Butter it's one of the only ones that my hands soak in and happily live on. I even started using it regularly before I go to bed and sometimes in the morning, when I wake up. Ha, new achievement unlocked.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Day 320 of 365: Favourite Five - Autumn Wardrobe Pieces

Since I've been going on about the whole wardrobe upgrade last week, I thought I'd now find five of my favourite pieces in there and share them with you. So here we go.

1. The white blouse.
Found in H&M a year or two ago, this is the most useful piece all year round really. It's getting a bit too cold for wearing only this now, but I can get away with pairing it with a blazer. And I feel like it makes me look a bit more put together, which is always nice.

2. The yellow jumper.
I got this one this summer (although it's definitely not meant to be worn when it's more than 20°C outside), when I was still under impression that I need more colourful clothes in my wardrobe, to break up the black vibe. Only later I realised that my wardrobe is now pretty colourful and that I need to get back into 'I need black clothes' mindset now. But anyways, this is the warm and pretty and not-a-t-shirt and also not-a-hoodie top, that I generally lack in my wardrobe, so this one has been very loved from the moment I wasn't boiling when I put it on anymore.

3. The black turtle neck top.
A turtle neck top has been on my 'need to buy: basic pieces' list for forever. And a few weeks ago I found this one in H&M. For 10€. I must say, wearing just this under a coat looks pretty nice and feels perfect, when it's not really cold and not warm anymore outside.

4. The hooded sweater.
Again found in H&M - sometimes I feel like everything I own is from H&M (it isn't) - I basically live in this. I intentionally bought it in size L (I'm normally S), so it's slightly too big and cozy and all round perfect. And the sleeves are a bit too long too, which is useful when you want to hold a hot cup of tea to warm your hands.

5. The jeans.
Okay, so here is my pair of jeans that I always put on, whenever I leave the house. The problem I have with jeans in general is, that they tend to fall apart after a year. It sometimes makes me feel like I really need to lose some fat in my thigh department, but then I talk to others and realise that they have the same problems and now I came to the conclusion that I'll just have to get over the fact that if I wear the same pair of jeans  non stop for a year, they'll fall apart in that time and I'll just have to buy a new pair every year. So the last pair fell apart two months ago and then I went out and bought this pair from Zara (look, it's not H&M!). And they're so comfortable. The only problem I have with them is that when I tried them in store in my size they seemed a bit tight (well here goes my self esteem) so I bought them in a size bigger, but after they've been washed they went a tad too big on me I think. I'm just always pulling them up. Even if I'm wearing a belt, although the belt does make the situation slightly better. 

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Day 319 of 365: Cookies

Our kitchen has been smelling good today again, but this time it was the mother, who was heating up the oven and then taking out delicious things. The masterpiece she made is on the picture above. And while cookies may not look like much, I swear they taste sooo good. It's a melting-in-your-mouth material. With apricot jam in the middle. Heavenly. 
Basically, this started with mom buying these cookies in store and then she and I became kind of obsessed with them and then came the idea 'why buy them if we can make them at home?' And here they are. A full box of them. Although I don't know how long they'll last... They seem to have this error going on, that makes them evaporate... And me taking one out of the box every 10 minutes or my brother constantly secretly stealing them has nothing to do with it, I swear.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Day 318 of 365: Saturday Rehearsal

Heey, Ljubljana finally has a Snapchat filter! 
So, I had a sad start to the day today - the first thing I heard (read) about this morning, when I woke up at 7 am an opened Twitter, were the Paris attacks. France, we're with you, stay strong.
However, the reason I was up so early on a Saturday morning unfortunately isn't me finally being disciplined enough to get out of bed after my third or fourth alarm (they start at 6:00 and randomly continue up until 8:00), but I had to get my mother up to take me to the store to get something for breakfast and then I was off to my choir rehearsal. From 9:00 until 15:00. As there's this strange cold trying to catch me these days, with stuffed nose and my eyes being irritated for the past two weeks (and I still haven't managed to call my doctor to get some eye drops) by the end of rehearsal I wasn't exactly comfortable with singing those high notes anymore and my throat started to hurt a bit more, so I just sat kind of miserably on my chair and listened to others. And I almost fell asleep at that point... I don't know what it is, but today I've been very tired, so tonight I'm going to bed early. Meaning no later than 22:00 (I wish...).

Day 317 of 365: A Song #19

There's a new song I've been obsessed with: Lost and Found by Ellie Goulding. You could also find it on my monthly Spotify playlist, that I'm religiously listening to right now. I don't know how this girl does it, but I just can't not love her...

Friday, 13 November 2015

Day 316 of 365: Missing Pieces In My Wardrobe #2

*some pictures were found on world wide web*
Hey, there's only 40 days of 2015 left. Where's the time going?? (how many times have I asked myself that this year... This whole counting days on this blog is really making me aware of how quickly time flies by...)
However. After two days of opening and looking at and then closing my new wardrobe, I figured I'd get together a tiny list of what I think is still missing in there. I've been a bit obsessed with clearing out my clothes all the time for probably about a year now. I just have this constant feeling that I need to go through everything and get rid of things I don't wear anymore. And well, most of the time I just came to realisation I do wear everything in my wardrobe so I can't throw anything more away. The problem I was having was that all my clothes looked so squeezed and I felt like I have too many of them. Now, with the new wardrobe it all looks so spacious and there's a lot of space to put some more things in. Well I won't be doing that, because I like seeing it looking not so full, but I figured there are some pieces of clothing I could add. The title of this post has a '#2' at the end, because I already did one like that back at the beginning of the year and since then I already got some of the items on that list. Now it's time for a new one. Quite honestly, there will probably be more or less the same things on the list, but anyways.
I feel like I still need to buy:

1. This Zara bag. Okay, this might not be really necessary, but I really fell in love with it, but it's sold out in my local two Zara stores everytime I come there and it's a bit frustrating. So it's staying on the top of my 'need to buy' list. Not for long I hope.

2. A leather jacket. We are slowly gravitating towards winter now and I'm already walking around in winter coat, so shopping for this will be postponed until winter sales or early spring next year.

3. This lovely fleece sweater. Okay so there is one section of my wardrobe that could use some downsizing, the only thing that looks like it's just been thrown in on the shelf - my hoodies. I have accumulated quite a few over the years, they're my favourite piece of clothing, especially during winter, because they're the snuggliest and warmest things ever. But as I've worn them to death, I practically lived in them through high school, some of them don't look at their best anymore. Any I probably don't need all 15 or 20, as there are a few that have just been laying in my wardrobe for ages but it's so hard to separate from them... But I'm going to do it anyways, first I'll get rid of the old and torn ones and then I'll add a new one. That's how this works, right? Right?

4. A pair of Chelsea boots. These have been on my wishlist for a while, but I still haven't found the perfect pair. I won't give up though and when I find them, I'll tell you.

5. A chunky knit. When it's cold, I wear hoodies. When it's really cold, I almost morph into one with knitwear. And I'd really like a big chunky turtle neck knit in my wardrobe.

6. A skirt. Something along the line of this. Although I've never been a skirt/dress wearer, you'll see me in jeans most of the time, but I feel like sometimes a skirt would be appropriate...

Well, this is it really. Oh and I could add some trouser hangers. That should be on the top of shopping list...

Day 315 of 365: The Wardrobe Situation

So, the wardrobe situation. I think I just briefly mentioned I was having a wardrobe situation, but never really addressed it. Maybe now's the time for that. Because I have a new wardrobe.
The story goes like this: It was back in February 2004, I was 10 when we moved into this house. At that time mom and dad bought me and my brother these really cute kid's rooms. And we've lived in them ever since. Well, the kid is still living in it, my life with my childhood room ended today. Not that anything's wrong with it, it's just I've grown very much out of it. And I didn't really have any problems with the bed or the cute cupboard with glass door - it was just the wardrobe part that was getting on my nerves for the past few years. You know, when you're a kid, you mostly wear t-shirts and jeans and hoodies and you mostly need shelves. The hanging space is not really necessary at all. But then you grow older and suddenly most of your clothes need (or at least you feel like they need) to be hanged. And I had this huge dresser (is that how you call it?) with 5 drawers and 4 shelves and this tiny little section for hanging clothes. It was 44 cm wide. Yes, this is basically no space. My clothes in there felt like people on the most busy buses in rush hour. So after complaining to my parents for ages and how I want to throw that wardrobe out and get a new one, where I'll have more space for hanging clothes, this week it finally happened. I basically sold my old room, where it'll make someone else happy, like it made me happy when I was little - after all it was partially yellow and yellow is a happy colour and is supposed to represent Sun or something, right? - and for now I bought a new wardrobe. There's still a bed and a shelf for uni books and stuff on my shopping list, but I have a bigger wardrobe. That's what I'm currently most excited about. I did have all my clothes on a clothing rack for some time, before I bought the new wardrobe. And for a bit I was considering keeping everything there and just buying a dresser with drawers for folded things, but then I came to the conclusion I don't need my clothes on display at all times and having them out on open would attract a lot of dust, that's generally floating around my room, no matter how many times a week I hover the place anyways, so a closed wardrobe is the best solution at the end of the day. It does look a bit empty, because I don't have that much clothes, but they're not squeezed in and everything doesn't feel a bit toxic anymore. Which is nice. I still need to get some boxes so the shelves will look more organised, but overall I'm very happy with it. 
So that's the story of my wardrobe situation. With a happy ending. The end.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Day 314 of 365: November Wishlist

The time has come again, for me to pay my Pinterest wishlist board a visit and share a few pins from there here. I wish everyone had these kinds of boards somewhere, it'd make buying Christmas and birthday presents sooo much easier... So, this time I assembled 4 things for this post. Here we go.

1. An Equa Mismatch watter bottle. It holds 1 L of liquid. And there's nothing more I need to say. It's perfect. A nice upgrade to my 0,5 L water bottle, that seems to be a bit small and gets empty too quickly sometimes (a lot of times).

2. Anthropologie monogram cup. Because look at it! And no, I don't have too many mugs already. No, I'm not in denial...

3. Also Anthropologie, but this time this really lovely jumper. Okay so I was on Anthropologie website and after finding that mug above, I also stumbled upon this jumper. It looks really warm. And pretty. And warm.

4. A watch. A Daniel Wellington watch. So I've never been the person to wear a watch, until a few years ago I came to Pacug as a teacher for the first year. At that time I was aware that I won't have my phone on me most of the time and I'll also need to know what time is it most of the time. So I took my brother's watch (that he wasn't using anyways) with me and in those 10 days I immediately got used to looking at my wrist for time. And then I needed a whole lot of time to stop looking at my wrist once I got back home. And since that year I kind of wanted to get a watch, but I just don't like the way most of them look. Then I found the Daniel Wellington one and now I'm in love.

Day 313 of 365: Birthday Hot Chocolate

There are only a few good ways to celebrate someone's birthday and going for a hot chocolate is definitely one of them. So it was my friend's birthday and she invited us for a hot chocolate - but this wasn't your usual crap hot chocolate, that's really liquid-y and tastes like water with some cacao in it. This was actual thick and gooey and chocolate-y hot chocolate, that you can't drink, but you have to eat it with a spoon. I just have a feeling - because I ordered a caramel flavoured one - that they either forgot and gave me just an ordinary one, or the caramel flavour could use some upgrading, because it didn't really taste like caramel. It was delicious none the less. And it reminded me of the place in Ljubljana, where they have all the hot chocolate flavours and now I really want one of those hot chocolates... Damn.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Day 312 of 365: Coffee With A View

Sunny weather lured us out this lovely Sunday as after lunch mom's idea of going to Smlednik castle for a coffee was quickly accepted by the rest of the family and off we were. We left our car at the bottom of the (really small actually) hill and included a little walk uphill to Sunday afternoon activities, even though you can get to the top with a car. But it's just not as fun, really. 
After I drank my coffee, mom and dad were halfway through theirs and the brother already drank his iced tea, me and the kid decided to go climb up the castle, or what's left of it. You see, the actual castle is more just a shadow of what it used to be, it's like a pile of rocks, that still form some walls you can climb and stand at the top of and admire the view. And it's nice to just sit there and relax without much noise, because everyone else who's also sitting there is on the same wavelength and just wants to peacefully enjoy the view and rest their ears. Those who need to talk just stay below the castle in the cafĂ©. 

Monday, 9 November 2015

Day 311 of 365: One Coat Black Nail Varnish

I don't know what's happening, but I think I found a nail varnish that only needs one coat to look perfect and dries really fast. The gel nail polish range from Essence in Black is Back. Dear Essence, I don't know how you did this, but thank you. I was most impressed when I applied the first coat yesterday and realised I don't need the second one, because my nails look pretty much finished already. And that's coming from probably the cheapest option of nail varnishes in our drugstores. I wish others were like that too...

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Day 310 of 365: Blonde Hair And Turtlenecks

Well I figured I'd treat myself to an early trip to hairdressers as a gift from me to me for my birthday. I say early because I usually have those appointments in my calendar for every two months or so, but this time I gave my hair only a month and a week long break since the last bleach treatment. I am just having my roots done every time, so my hair doesn't suffer that much.
The thing I like best about these hairdresser visits is that she curls my hair at the end and those curls last for days. Well, until I wash my hair next time, God knows how long they'd last otherwise. This is so exciting because when I curl my hair myself, it is usually 90% back to being weirdly straight after an hour or two. So I guess hairdressers are magicians. There's simply no other way to explain this...

Day 309 of 365: Things To Do After Turning 22

It's been a week since my birthday and after some thinking and denying my age and feeling old and whatnot, I figured it's a good time to set myself some new goals. Because new year's resolutions are still two months away and I'm still trying to get my shit together. So here are 16 things I feel like I need to do/start doing:
1. Find a proper skincare routine
2. Stop procrastinating
3. Get fit
4. Figure out my wardrobe
5. Go to bed earlier
6. Wake up earlier
7. Minimize sugar intake (cut off sweets basically)
8. Actually use a planner and/or Google calendar
9. Brainstorm more
10. Write more
11. Give a podcast/Youtube at least a try
12. Go for walks more
13. Get more organised
14. Declutter
15. Get more plants
16. Sit straight

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Day 308 of 365: November Playlist

New month, new round of music that I'll be listening until December 1st. Because after that comes the Christmas playlist, of course. 
But now I, like always, have some old things, some new things and some rediscovered things. On repeat through November. 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Day 307 of 365: A Song #18

I do love a little bit of Little Mix every now and again. Here's their newest single from the album that's coming out I think at the end of this week. Again showing off their gorgeous voices. I've been singing it all day today. Shalalala, shalalala...

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Day 306 of 365: My Wallet Hurts

I'm not the biggest fan of shopping, I don't really find it relaxing or anything, but I do love that feeling of owning something new. That being said the worst thing is an unsuccessful shopping trip, when you just waste a bunch of time and find nothing useful, and a successful shopping trip is the most satisfying thing in the world. 
Then there's another thing: I hate giving a lot of money for clothes. My priorities are just a bit different and I'd much rather buy a new phone every year, than give more than 40€ for an item of clothing or a pair of shoes. But today something strange happened and I did just that. Okay, giving 70€ for a pair of shoes and another 70€ for a coat took a loooooot of mental preparation and convincing myself that it's worth it, because I need it for upcoming season, but it was still hard to hand that much money over. 
But now that I've brought my shopping bags home, I must say I'm really in love with this new Zara coat and I can't wait for the weather to get colder, so I can wear it. I also bought a new bag, because my previous one has very annoyingly developed a hole where it's the least impractical and I've been searching for car keys and phone and whatnot all over the bag for gazzilion times and I've had enough. I also have my eye on this one, but it was sold out in the store I was in today, so I have to check the other one tomorrow...
And when it comes to shoes... I've bought my first pair of yellow lumberjack boots about 5 years ago, they were the first pair of shoes that didn't turn into a swimming pool at the first sight of rain and they served me well for 5 years, until last winter they did once let a bit of rain through and I realised I'll need a new pair. I was searching and searching and today I found them and now I'm happy. Thank god the weather forecast is sunny and warm for entire week, so I can't wear them yet...