Saturday, 31 October 2015

Day 303 of 365: A Month Through Instagram Eye

Okay so my birthday is over, I can now start anticipating Christmas. But before that, we have a whole November to get through and before that, here's a recap of my Instagram life in the month of October.

1. There was one time when I gave karaoke a go. I wasn't happy with the result. But taking a picture with the lovely guy was a plus. 2. Oh those lovely sunsets at 5 pm... 3. This is what happens to glasses if you take them to a sanding mission. They almost look like Casey Neistat's. 4. Aaand here are the beginnings of autumnal times, with some leaves on the floor already. The amount of them tripled in a few days... 5. Then there was this time, when I tried making american pancakes for the first time.  Yum. 6. Oh my lovely little plant. Okay it's not so little, but it's a plant. And I was never the biggest fan of plants and flowers, but now I'm very much into them. 7. And here's my morning view, if I get up at 9 and there's some sunshine going on behind all the fog. 8. My birthday flowers. Auntie came around in the morning on my birthday as we then went into the home store and she brought me these. I kind of almost forgot it was my birthday... Does this only happen to me? 9. The last one is my birthday gift to myself, a lovely new mug. Because you never have enough mugs.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Day 302 of 365: I Don't Know About You, But I'm Feelin' 22!

finally have a legit reason to sing 22 by Taylor Swift. To be honest, this is probably the only reason I'm happy to turn 22, otherwise I refuse to admit I'm getting old since my 18th birthday. But here it is, that notification 'hey, it's 22 years since October 29, 1993'. And Google's doodle turns celebratory, Twitter sends you balloons flying over your profile when you open it, my phone had a calendar notification 'It's your birthday: All day', there has even been a few e-mails from various sites wishing me happy birthday. And it's quite cute. Adds a little more excitement to messages and Snapchats with cake emojis.
I did spend my day partly in a homeware store, partly cleaning out my wardrobe, but the best part of it was mostly snuggling under a blanket with a new mug of tea and a movie. I'm too old for parties.
And there's one more thing I realised - I got really excited about flowers this year. I think I'm turning into a flower and plant lover. Does that come with age?

Day 301 of 365: Overly Excited About New Hangers And Tea

Ah, you know me - a big fan of tea and I get really excited about the smallest or most unusual or not really exciting things. So today I took my mom to optician, because she had to have some tests for diagnosing her dioptre and wouldn't be able to drive home by herself. After her appointment, on our way home we ventured into a few stores for a few minutes and of course I came out of drugstore with a new box of tea and from a home shop with a pack of hangers. Now, being excited about discovering new tea is pretty normal for me really. And I'm probably not the only one. But I feel like I am the only one who gets excited about buying new hangers for clothes... Well, I'm kind of preparing for a wardrobe renovation (more about that some other time) and getting new hangers is a step towards that, right? 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Day 300 of 365: A Song #17

Aaaah! It's day 300 already. How fast did that go?? However. I have another song for you today. Because nothing more interesting happened...
Here's Wild from Troye Sivan. This one's been one of the latest additions to my Spotify library. I do have to be in the right mood to listen to his songs, but when I am in that mood, they're perfect.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Day 299 of 365: Favourite Five - Recipes

What I like the most is a good, tested recipe. So today I share 5 of my favourites.

1. These brownies (found on ViviannaDoesMakeup) are the best chocolate treat, although I don't think my skin is a fan, because a spot or two (or three or four) tend to appear when I make (and then eat) them. Might have something to do with the amount of chocolate that's in there.

2. I'm not the biggest fan of cakes, but I have one that I could eat any day, all day long. It involves no baking and goes like this: You mix 1/4 kg of ground Albert cookies, 200g of melted butter, 200g of sugar, 3 mashed bananas, 3 grated apples, a cup of raisins and 5 tablespoons of rum in a bowl, until you get a nice mixture. Then you put it on a plate, in form of a cake, throw some melted chocolate over in and put the whole thing in your fridge for a couple of hours and voila!

3. The third one I call 'little hedgehogs' and it's also a non baking one. And I actually already talked about it, you can see the recipe here.

4. Then there's seafood risotto. I'd eat this at least once a week, but unfortunately my brother is not the biggest fan... But it goes something like this: Chop some onion and roast it on olive oil. Then add 200g of rice and quickly roast that as well. Pour in 0.2L of white wine and some chopped garlic. When the wine evaporates, add a soup cube that was previously mixed with 1L of water. Then finally throw in 350g of sea food; spice it up a bit with some salt, pepper, a bit of basil and rosemary twig. After 10 minutes of cooking add 125g of tomato puree and then cook it until it's finished. Tastes delicious.

5. The final one has to be a pancake recipe. I used to make them by my mom's recipe, but then I came across this video and now this is the only way I can make them.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Day 298 of 365: A Lot Of Cake

Today is my little cousin's 9th birthday, so she had a little family gathering at their place. It went by as usual - we went there, had a chat with the rest of the family, ate some food and then waited to see what the cake looks like, because my aunt always makes something you don't really want to eat, but would rather just put on a shelf and watch it instead. And once again we weren't disappointed as she brought out a cake in shape of a basket, with little cake tomatoes on top. 9 of them of course. Why tomatoes were a theme is a good question, the little cousin most likely came up with that. Must have something to do with her being the only kid around who is crazy about tomatoes. Those little tomatoes on top of the cake were made as cakepops, so I guess when she had some mixture left over, she then just added a few little cakepops into the story. The actual cake (basket) was a strawberry one. And it tasted delicious; too bad I always feel a bit crap after eating (probably too much) of it. What's up with that over eating at birthdays anyways?

Day 297 of 365: Nail Colours #11

Well, we're deeeeep into autumn months, but I had a case of broken nail and then had to cut all of them a bit too short for my liking and now I'm sporting lighter colours, before they grow back long enough for me to wear darker colours. I'm weird like that. So this time I've found - somewhere at the bottom of my nail varnish jar - this really baby pink number. It is, again, from Essence, the gel range and is called Candy Love. It's this really pretty pink (even though it sparkles) and it's opaque, which is a big plus. The only problem I have with it is the process of drying, because it tends to dry quite slow and the process of removing it, because there's glitter everywhere. But it's a pink nail varnish... And I'm wearing it... And I really like it actually. I never thought I'd write a sentence like that...

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Day 296 of 365: A Book: A Thousand Pieces Of You

I know it's only been a few days since I last talked about a book, but the other day, when going out to buy a planner and a notebook was my primary task, I also stopped at English literature section in the bookshop. It's just a natural thing to do, when I walk into any bookshop. As I was browsing along shelves, looking for something that would catch my eye, I found A Thousand Pieces Of You. Which is quite unusual for me - I usually go for darker book covers, as they represent some murder solving most of the time. But this one looks so white, yet I was still intrigued. Of course it took me 15 seconds to decide I'm taking it home with me.
So it turned out to be one of those books, that you start in the morning and a couple of hours and 357 pages later you finish the last sentence and you wish it would last longer. The story is about a girl Marguerite Caine, whose parents are seriously impressive scientists and then her father dies in a car accident. The book begins when after that accident one of her parents' assistant researcher - Paul - disappears into another dimension, using Firebird - a gadget that Marguerite's parents made and allows energy to travel through different dimensions. The Paul character is at first the main suspect for killing Marguerite's father. When Theo - another assistant researcher - brings up idea of going after Paul and has two versions of Firebird in his hands, him and Marguerite chase Paul through different dimensions to, well, kill him. Of course things get extremely complicated on the way, there's also a love story going on, but I'll let you read the book and see for yourself.
What I did learn just before writing this blogpost is that the story continues in another book. Ten Thousand Skies Above You. I think I know what I'll be reading next...

Day 295 of 365: A Song #16

Here's another tune that I've been listening to a lot lately. I think my brother's already quite tired of me singing I can't feel my faaaaaaace when I'm with youuuuu and trying to sing all harmonies at the same time... Oops.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Day 294 of 365: A Tumblr Post #4

It's time for another one of these. A post with just a few of images that make me fall in love with Tumblr again and again. I think I already talked about my falling in and out of love with Tumblr thing, but I might as well mention it again. And I'd say it mostly depends on what kind of posts come up as I open my home page. Sometimes I just have a dashboard full of weird pictures or gifs or videos that don't really tickle my interest. I mean sure, sometimes they're funny to watch, but what really draws me to Tumblr are pictures like the ones above. And earlier this week I realised that if I go to Tumblr in the morning, my dashboard is full of those. I don't know how this is time related - must have something to do with what kind of people are awake at certain hours? I don't know and I should probably stop rambling now. If you'd like to give my Tumblr page a look, you can check it out here. I'd like to think it's really pretty. And calming. It very much makes me relax every time I open it.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Day 293 of 365: A Book: Dead Simple

Well, it's been a while. A while since I talked about books here and a while since I read one that wasn't uni related. Oops. New year's resolution failed miserably. Or maybe it was the beginning of February resolution, who knows. I guess I'll have to repeat this resolution next year, in hopes of actually making it work.
However, I finally read this book that I got back in April. Dead Simple by Peter James. I found it in an old book shop and it looked appealing so I bought it. It's been in reading for a long long time, majorly because I started it and then I forgot about it and then I had other stuff and then I found it again and so on and so on.
But it's partially the book's fault. I'll explain.
So when you pick the book up, on the back it says: "It was meant to be a harmless stag night prank. A few hours later four of his best friends are dead and Michael Harrison has disappeared. With only three days to the wedding, Detective Superintendent Grace - a man haunted my the shadow of his own missing wife - is contacted by Michael's beautiful fiancée, Ashley Harper. Grace discovers that the one man who ought to know Michael Harrison's whereabouts is saying nothing. But then he has a lot to gain - more than anyone realizes. For one man's disaster is another man's fortune... Dead simple...'"
You see, I love nothing more than a good murder case that needs solving. Or a mystery novel of some sort. But *possible spoiler alert* this book has a disappearance as major motive and then you at first follow kind of three different points of view - one from sad fiancée, one from the guy who's in a freaking coffin berried alive somewhere and one from this police guy's p.o.v. and it's a bit confusing at first.
So when I started to read this, the first 200 pages were kind of a nightmare, because I'm not the best at coping with someone trying to scratch his way out of a coffin (unsuccessfully) - I put down the book everytime the coffin scene came up and didn't pick the book up again for a week - and the rest of the story wasn't that interesting. A sad fiancée and 4 dead best friends and the policeman's backstory and so on and so on. But when I finally got past the first 200 pages, the rest 300 went by rather quickly. It then all starts to unfold, first you thing that the disappearing guy's best friend is a douche bag, who wants the fiancée for himself, then you learn that she's a bitch, because she's cheating on the disappeared guy, until almost the end, when it's revealed that the girl is actually using everyone to get money and then she and her husband who's her partner in crime away from the light die in a car crash in a police chase, which is quite a disappointing ending. And it feels like it just ends somewhere in the middle... It is still quite disturbing to read about a half cut off finger send via mail to someone, but you close your eyes through that and the rest is fine.
Overall impression of the book is not the best I've ever read. I mean it was okay, but I've read books that left me dumbfounded or questioning my existence, books that I hated until the end, books that I loved, even if they had a generic ending, but this one just left me feeling 'meh'. Could be better. Gets 2.2 stars out of 5.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Day 292 of 365: Slightly Bigger Ikea Wishlist

While I might have written 'slightly bigger Ikea wishlist' in the title, I think we all know that Ikea website is a big vortex and once you open it and start browsing, there's really no way back. And I might have only 8 items listed here, but in reality I could as well buy most of their store. We'll finish much much earlier if I list things I don't like, rather then all the things I want from there...
However, if you have a day or two of spare time for mindlessly browsing through Ikea website I highly recommend it, although I'm not responsible for any damage caused to your wallet by you, if you can't control yourself when it comes to spending money on pretty things. 
What I have on a picture above is: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Now, how do I win a million € as fast as possible?

Monday, 19 October 2015

Day 291 of 365: I Have A Plant

There used to be a bulky and full of crap night stand next to my bed. The thing had doors, so over the years a lot of unnecessary stuff found their way in there and just piled up really. I did then clear and clean it up this summer, so it has been empty for past few months, but it was still there and while it was kind of practical to have a light and an alarm clock and a bottle of water on it, I've been thinking about getting rid of it because it looked huge and I didn't like it at all. And now it's gone. Okay it moved next door, to my brother's room, because when I asked him if he wants it or if I should throw it away, he quickly found a way to use it for himself and so he came, he took it and now he has it under his table somewhere. 
What I did in the place, that was now left empty, is what you can see in the picture. First I transferred my little collection of books next to my bed yesterday, so maybe I'll get to read more before I go to sleep. There are a few in that pile that I haven't read yet. But then I'll need to get new ones. Lots of new ones. Book shopping, here I come. However, today I got another inhabitant to keep me company. You see, I've been thinking about getting plants for quite a while now but I've always thought that I'd kill them in a week or so. So when I first got the idea of greenery in my room I bought two succulents, which are still quite happily alive, if I do say so myself. Now the next step was a big green plant and I've been already looking around on websites where I could get one, but was still in the process of choosing. Then I realised I have a grandmother, who has a gazillion of plants and is always talking about them and if I'll ask her for a plant I'll probably get 10. Even my mom agreed with that, when I represented my idea to her, before saying 'why don't you take this plant that's been in the living room, as I want to put the lemon in her place and was already thinking where I could put it'? And so I did. Now I have a plant that I have to take care of. It'll probably need a bit more watering than once a month - like succulents do - but I'll do my best to not let it dry - or drown it, for that matter. The only thing left for me to do now is to think of a name for it... Any suggestions?

Day 290 of 365: A Song #15

Well, there hasn't been a song for entire month. So I thought I'd mention one of my recent favourites today. The story begins around 8 years ago, when Jonas Brothers were really popular and I was quite a fan. Then years passed, they stopped making music, at some point came back with an album, only to announce that they're splitting a few months later and I must admit, I was a bit sad when I heard the news. But then Nick Jonas started making solo music and that was alright and now Joe is in a new band and I love that. It did come to me as a bit of a surprise if I'm honest and I don't know if that's because it was a surprise to everyone or if I just didn't realise anything was happening because it's not really unusual for me to miss major news in the industry or maybe find out about stuff a week later. So Cake By The Ocean is one of those songs that's being played on repeat and I'm still not tired of it.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Day 289 of 365: A 2016 Planner

After that long quest for a planner I went through at the beginning of the year, I thought I'd find one for next year a bit earlier, as 2016 planners are already being sold since September. So I did. And this time I treated myself and I got a Moleskine one, hoping I'll actually keep up with it throughout the year. Because for this year I got this really lovely planner and first I really got into it, but then I forgot about it at some point and it's a but bulky, so I don't carry it around with me all the time and whatnot. Maybe I'd set myself a challenge for 2016, to plan ahead for every week on Sundays and try to stick to it, like this year the challenge is this blog. It might actually work this way, with weekly layouts on one and place for weekly notes on the other side of a page. Now I'm quite excited for 2016 to come. The only problem is I still have so much to do in remaining two months and a half of 2015... So I guess I better start working.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Day 288 of 365: Attempting American Pancakes

Usually, when it comes to pancake making, I'm the one who goes for the classic crepes. Thin, with a layer of Nutella and rolled together or folded in a triangle. But the other day I saw a recipe for american pancakes and I suddenly felt a massive need to give it a go. And today this happened. For a first try it turned out quite alright, I think. I'm not even sure if it was supposed to turn out any other way, maybe I was expecting pancakes to be thicker, but they were well edible anyways. And Nutella&banana combination is always the best decision. Now I just need to perfect my technique of turning them around and finding the perfect stove setting, so they don't burn too quickly and I'm good.

Day 287 of 365: Room Renovation Part 3

Aaaaand it's blue! Well, partially blue. Two walls are blue. In two different shades. The rest remained white. Because the father had a say in this and he said that he won't be repainting the room again if the kid (the not-so-little brother) decides after a week that he's not a fan of having all walls painted blue. So it's two walls blue, two walls (and the ceiling) white for now. And it's pretty. Still kind of smells of paint though. But, the kid likes it, he's moved back to his room after sleeping (on a matress) on the floor in my room for a week and is now reeeeeeally slowly bringing everything back in. Really slowly because it's important he spends the time he could be moving stuff, watching Youtube videos on his tablet. And when you ask him why isn't he putting his room back together, he says he's waiting for dad, because one shelf won't fit in. Oh well, kids. I mean, he's a teenager, maybe that explains it even more. So after he'll manage to empty the still-not-made bathroom, where all his stuff is, I'll slowly start to empty my room into boxes, so the next weekend we can maybe start on turning my room from dirty-white-with-dead-mosquito-decorations-and-dark-patches-from-tape-pulling-off-the-paint back to an actual white...

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Day 286 of 365: Favourite Five - Autumn

I think it's been quite a while since the last favourite five post, well, longer than I had planned anyways. So here's my favourite five things about autumn.

1. Hoodie weather. Did I ever mention I love the type of weather when you're not either nor nor cold and it's appropriate for wearing hoodies all the time? I probably have, but I love it so much, I'll just mention it again. Because there's not better feeling than putting a hoodie on and snuggle into it.

2. Lots of tea again. I know I drink tea all year round, but during summer with hot temperatures you don't feel like drinking anything hot, now do you? So when autumn comes around, it's a few cups of tea a day time again. 

3. Watching rain from inside. Logically, rain is not as much fun if you're outside and need to get somewhere, especially if your shoes turn into portable swimming pools in a matter of seconds, but if you're inside and have a cup of tea, seeing and listening to rain is actually quite comforting.

4. Candles. Another thing that could be done throughout the year, but since I have my balcony window opened practically all the time during summer, lighting a candle at that time would be pretty pointless. So when autumn rolls around, I pull out those cinnamon and apple scented candles and room smells amazing.

5. Autumn nail colours. Call me weird, but I'm really a big fan of dark purple/red, black nail varnishes and summery pastel colours don't make me as happy. Now I just need my two broken nails to grow back fast, so they won't look weird and there'll be a Revlon Vixen smiling from my nails.

Day 285 of 365: Riding Light

Ooooh, I have rediscovered another gem! And this one is really beautiful. Well, at least I find it very beautiful, but I'm generally reeeeaaally fascinated by all universe related things, so it wasn't hard to make me fall in love with this video in the first place.
I found it again after I was searching through my old bookmarks yesterday and if you think I then spend the next 45 minutes watching it, you're totally right. Yes, it is 45 minutes long, but who wouldn't spend 45 minutes watching a video of travelling away from the sun across a portion of our solar system at the speed of light? Okay maybe some people wouldn't, but I swear, with this music in the background, this video is better relaxation than any meditation if you need to chill for some time.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Day 284 of 365: The Infinite Jukebox

Let me introduce you to The Infinite Jukebox. Because I'm the kind of person, who is capable of listening to one song on repeat for days. And while you can do that normally by just putting it on 'repeat 1' mode in any music player, there's another way. Much more fun way. Because, you see, when you put a song on 'repeat 1', you're just listening to the song from the beginning to the end all the time. But The Infinite Jukebox just makes it seem like the song never ends. At all. And I think it's really brilliant. The only problem I have with it is that when you click on another tab in your browser it seems to stop working. And I don't know if this is a general problem, or just mine, because my computer likes to play little tricks on me...

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Day 283 of 365: Chestnut Season Opening

As we're well into October now, it was about time that the chestnut eating season gets opened. We did so by throwing a bunch of chestnuts my uncle and grandmother brought us on a grill. And then invited neighbours over, because there was no way we could eat them all by ourselves. Especially so late in the evening. I still ate waaay too many at the end and am now incapable of doing anything else but roll into my bed and fall asleep. So goodnight everyone. Don't eat too much chestnuts at once even if they're really delicious, doesn't feel good. Ugh.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Day 282 of 365: The Feeling Of New Mascara

There's something so satisfying about opening a new mascara. Okay, there's something so satisfying about opening any new thing, but you see, when you're used to an old mascara, which is maybe almost empty and/or going towards the dry side, opening a fresh one is a whole new experience.
So I've had my current mascara for ages now and I love it dearly (Maybelline The Falsies one), but last week on that shooting the make-up artist used the Lash Sensational on me and I really liked it and when I learned that it's 30% off at DM drug store, it was a no-brainer really, that I need to give it a go myself. And after the first application I can confirm that it is true, what everybody on the internet is saying (everybody is saying how good it is, in case you were wondering). Since I had the discount coupon for a few other products, I also picked up the Catrice Glamour Doll Waterproof one, but this one is yet to be tested. It has a cool packaging though.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Day 281 of 365: The Karaoke Thing

You know, us teachers who go to Pacug together are obviously the kind of people who think the weirdest ideas are the best. So with that in mind, one of today's events is no surprise. 
I was standing on a bus station a few weeks ago, when I noticed that this insurance company has some kind of contest going on. It said 'Don't miss the karaoke tour around Slovenia with Klemen Bunderla!' and when you get there, there are the KinG guys from Radio 1 and the Bunderla guy, who won the Your Face Sounds Familiar show this spring and you can sing with them and take a picture and all that. However, if you remember the 'Is my beard still on' post, KinG guys from Radio 1 are the ones we were dressed up as in Pacug, as they came to visit. So when I saw the earlier mentioned poster, I texted Katarina (the one, who also had a beard drawn on her face) and jokingly said 'should we go and say hi when they come to our city?' and thought nothing of it. Little did I know she won't stop thinking about it and this morning I got a message 'hey it's such a bad weather outside and I'm sure you have nothing else to do, so they're in this city today and it's fairly close, should we go?' And after a few laughs and 'what if they remember us?' we decided to go say hi anyways. Because we can and we could use an afternoon having a laugh and a coffee together. 
Needless to say guys remembered us instantly, we even got a photo together - this time without us having beards on and then sang on karaoke thing with them (well I did, she'd kill anyone who'd even think of making her sing - after she just blatantly told me that she'll apply me to this entire thing, because I have to sing with them). Quite nice afternoon, if I do say so myself. If only I choose a bit higher song, Robbie William's Angels were a bit too low for me after spending earlier hours at choir rehearsal...

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Day 280 of 365: Kingdom of Awesome Mugs

I do this thing every now and again, when I find a website and then I just want everything from at least one section if not just everything from entire place. 
As I was scrolling through my Bloglovin' feed in the morning, I - as per usual - came across Anna's daily post and today she mentioned this site - Now I don't really care about clothes and iPhone cases there, but my oh my, do mugstravel mugs and prints sections look heavenly. I had to really hold back from just pinning everything onto my Pinterest wishlist. Looking through first few pages of these sections I made a mental checkbox in my mind: when I own a place (at some point in next 100 years), my kitchen shall have a stock of mugs and walls shall be covered in prints from this site.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Day 279 of 365: October Playlist

Since there's been absolutely nothing but emails and organising going on today, I thought I'd throw a playlist your way. Here's October's music. Little bit of old favourites, a little bit of new discoveries - like always. I found the 'new releases' tab on Spotify the other day, I'm quite a fan. Next thing to try: discover tab. You shall hear from this one next month then.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Day 278 of 365: October Wishlist

*images found on world wide web*
1. It's a Zara bag! Surpriiiise haha. Another month, another Zara bag, really. Nothing much to say.

2. This coziest looking fleece hooded sweater. I don't know if I talked about this already - I probably have, but today I was browsing through my old bookmarks and found this and fell in love again.

3. A lamp. This Ikea lamp, more specifically. Because I have this small space between my bed and my table and I have a beanbag located in this small space and a lamp would be a perfect addition to this little reading nook as I'd like to call it.

4. A plant. To make my room look more alive. Even though I'm not really capable of taking care of plants, I might as well at least give it a try.

5. This pouch. It's sooo prettyyyyy. And overpriced. But prettyyyy.

Day 277 of 365: Room Renovation Part 2

On day two of repainting kid's room, there was some leveling, some sanding, some realising there will be a second coat of leveling needed and a lot of waiting for things to dry. But let's start at the beginning of the day. Because we naively thought we'll be able to get the room done over the weekend and we had already sanded everything on Saturday, the first task of Sunday morning was buying paint. And some extra rollers. We brought home three buckets of white paint and a tube of blue to mix it in, since the goal is to have a not-yet-decided shade of blue splashed on the walls. Buckets are now still waiting outside the room, as yesterday's task was then leveling in the morning and waiting for walls to dry until evening, before we went in with doctor masks, so we didn't inhale all the dust that came with sanding for the second time. We finished roughy sanding most of the room and only left a couple of corners, that weren't dry yet for the next day. And walked out of the room like snowmen. I wonder why mom even bothered hoovering the house on Saturday...

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Day 276 of 365: Room Renovation Part 1

We've been living in our house for 11 and a half years now, and mine and my brother's room haven't been painted since before we moved in. We were at the ages of 5 and 10 back then and we're 16 and 21 now. Meaning, we both went through phases of having posters and those glow in the dark stickers stuck on our walls and than took everything off (which left scotch tape marks everywhere), lots of mosquitoes have seen their end on our walls and basically they just all over don't look nearly as white as they did at the beginning.
So we had this plan of repainting our rooms for a good few years now. I just want them to be white again, not decorated with tape marks and mosquito blood. The kid has been daydreaming about turning the walls blue for a while. And he now made a move. He decided to take everything out and repaint his room. I'm not sure why he didn't do this through summer holidays. Well, he doesn't know that either. But here we are - we were sanding his room today, then he put emulsion paint over it, so it's ready for some leveling and a few coats of paint tomorrow. And I guess it's my turn next weekend. The good side of doing that so late into autumn is that everything dries better during winter, than it does during summer. The bad side is cold. I already have the coldest room in the house, why would I want to have windows opened throughout the day to cool it down even more? Ugh...

Day 275 of 365: September In Instagram Posts

This one is coming a bit late, but better late than never - or whatever the saying is - right? Here's how September looked like through my Instagram eyes.

1. Looks like bonfire night, but it isn't. Basically these little green caterpillars destroyed our little boxwood bushes, I don't know what they did to them, but one day they were still green and full of life and two days later dry, like they haven't seen a tiny drop of water for 5 years. And the only way to get rid of those caterpillars is apparently to burn the bushes while caterpillars are still in there somewhere. Sounds a bit cruel, but drastic times call for drastic measures. 2. This one was a #tbt one, to the day we came back home from Pacug. Now that the weather has gone colder I really wish I could go back to those days... 3. Look what I've found again - my little USB stick. This one used to have a light green rubber cover, until one day it fell out of my bag when I left the house and a car ran over it. Since then it's been like that, but when you plug it into computer, it still works. 4. These brownies are the easiest and most delicious thing to make. The problem is though, that they're so good you want to eat them all at once and there's so much chocolate in them, my skin can't handle it and then the chocolate related spots appear, which is annoying. 5. Look at my pretty nail varnish bowl. I've got this little selection of nail varnishes that are still usable and that I use frequently as a decoration on my shelf. Looks pretty. 6. My mom keeps telling me that I have enough tea mugs, but I can't resist adding a new one every now and again. The other day we were in a drugstore together, browsing through sections and I found this perfect tea mug. It even has a crack, for hooking your tea bag string. How cool is that? 7. We're back at rehearsals for another Christmas concert, yaaay! This is much exciting. I love this bunch of people. 8. Oh hey, this one's from the first day of that commercial shooting I was talking about. Look how fancy the waiter looks. 9. Aaand here's one from the final shooting day. The sound guy has had enough, put his equipment down and left suddenly. No, I'm joking, this was just in between scenes that didn't need sound. 

Day 274 of 365: Uni Starts Again

Hey ho, it's October 1st and uni starts again. Not for me though, because I'm still a bit irresponsible in life and haven't managed to pass my second year, so I'll have a year to pass those few exams that are left and then try doing new things, before I get back into swing of classes everyday. I was a bit annoyed and sad when I failed that key exam for passing the year, but I live with the motto that everything happens for a reason, so I'll try to get the best out of it.
However, as I'm still the vice president of the student's council at our faculty and the president resigned when he went to uni to Switzerland a few weeks ago, the task of speaking to all freshmen on their first day belonged to me again. This was the thing I had to get up for with three hours of sleep after a night shoot the day before. I must say, I wasn't really that tired, probably because of adrenaline and a bit of nervousness since I knew my brain wasn't functioning properly and I had a powerpoint presentation and just a vague idea of what I had to say to 300+ people in the big lecture room.
Everything ended alright though, I had the speech, we then gave everyone a t-shirt for a 'welcome to your new second home' and then we went in front of the main university building at Congress square, for the big reception for students of all faculties at our university, where everyone was representing their faculty and there was an entertainment programme going on. I did hang around there for an hour before the adrenaline apparently wore off and I suddenly became so tired I needed to just get out of there and into my warm bed. And it was one of those bus journeys home, where I almost slept through my station...

Friday, 2 October 2015

Day 273 of 365: My First Commercial Shoot Day 3

If I had to find the moment I was freezing the most in my life, Wednesday's shoot when I was standing outside on a gas station in just a thin sweater at 7°C, would probably take a pretty high place.
So the final day was shot on a gas station, we started at 10 pm, finished a bit after 3 in the morning. Seems alright, shooting for 5 hours to get a minute or two long video out of it. This one was the toughest though, because there was a lot of scenes where the director didn't need all of us, but at some point just boys and then just girls and there was a lot of down time. And if you have nothing to do at half past 1 at night at a gas station it's really hard to stay awake. When I got to the point of having totally red eyes from tiredness and being a bit cold or something, I made the lethal mistake of the night - I opened a can of iced coffee at almost 3 am for looking at least a little bit awake and put together for shooting the last scene. Of course I then couldn't fall asleep until 5 am and then slept for three hours before I had to get up again.
But all the tiredness of two night and one day shoots (that also lasted until midnight) and all red eyes and freezing aside, filming for past three days was an incredible experience, with the loveliest team ever. I don't have anything to compare it to, but it wasn't bad at all, for my first commercial shoot. It's funny, how we've only been working together for three days, but I already feel like there'll be something missing in my life the next day. However, my work here is done, now we wait for the finished product. Although to be totally honest, I'm really not sure if I want to see myself... Something tells me that even though it will definitely be very well made and edited, I'll be cringing while watching myself. Oh well.