Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Day 271 of 365: My First Commercial Shoot Day 1

You know that meeting I was talking about on Sunday... About some filming we're doing this week? Well, it's happening.
A bit of background story first: it was around three weeks ago, when I spotted this article online - kind of an invitation to an audition for this commercial for Moneta service, which is basically a way to pay for things with your phone. I thought I'd give it a go just for fun, I figured with my luck and the fact I'm not that photogenic, they won't call me back at all, but I sent in my picture and a little video anyways and then forgot about it. About a week later I got an e-mail, that I'm in the next round and that I can come back for an actual audition. So I went. I got there and there was a looooot of people, so I assumed they called everyone back. After acting out a dialogue with another girl, I was told that I'm free for an hour and then they'd call me back if I get any further. With my set of mind, that I'm lucky enough I got that far and that they won't really call me back I went cruising around the city centre, when my best friend calls that she's somewhere around too and I should stop by for a coffee. It was in the exact moment, when I got to where she was and hugged her hello, when I got a call - from people from audition - saying that I got into the next round and if I can come back as soon as possible. 10 minutes later I was in that room again, waiting to be called in with another two girls and three guys. We acted another dialogue out, then waited, I was told again to wait a little longer while the others were let go, the process repeated with another group of people and at the end we were told that we're basically in the final round and we'll be notified by mail, whether we're chosen or not. I went home laughing about how far I got until I got a call next day, that said that I'm actually chosen for one of 4 main roles. Now where the hell did they find me? I mean, I know I applied, but still?
However, here we are today, on the first day of shooting. Location: restaurant. Night shoot. We were there at 6 pm already, going through script before getting dressed and sitting in front of the camera. Started filming at around 8 or 9 pm, finished at 4 am. And I had so much make-up on my face, that I don't ever recall having. But it was fun. With all 'what's my line again?' and 'damnit, that's not what I have to say' and 'can we take this once again' and 'can we get some light in the background please?'. We were all tired as hell at the end and went home at 4:30 to catch at least a little bit of sleep, before we continue the next day. 

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Day 270 of 365: Empty City

Right. So I've been in the city centre today. I went there for a meeting about some filming we're doing this week and when we were finished and I was walking towards my car, I noticed how extremely empty and dead the centre of Ljubljana is on late Sunday afternoon. 
Okay, looking from my perspective, being the a-bit-grumpy-sometimes person who gets annoyed by people, I really like it being this way. I much prefer walking through the city if I don't bump into people every 5 seconds, if I don't have to almost wrestle my way through a street and if it's peaceful and quiet. But that's me. And my introverted character. And my love for clear, solitary spaces and places. However, I'm not exactly sure how good it is for a city to be lonely like that. Also it's the capital of the country for God's sake. Tourism should be the ever growing thing, there should be events, there should be loads of people walking around, right? The capital of the country should never really sleep. But - well I don't know if the city authorities are just lazy or are doing this on purpose - apparently people here don't really care much about money (and I'm just saying that because the overall vibe is that there's not enough money in the city. I could also be wrong. But I think I'm not) they could make if they'd at least put a little bit of effort into what they're doing - at least for the people who are already visiting and now have nothing to see on a day like that. 
Until that actually happens - I have a city centre to walk through and almost feel like I'm all by myself, which doesn't sound that bad.

Day 269 of 365: Autumn Picnic

It's almost 11 pm, I just got back from an autumn version of an annual picnic with my co-workers from Pacug and I'm not sure if going to this was the best idea regarding my health, but it was definitely a thing I wouldn't want to miss.
When I woke up this morning, I was accompanied by the biggest cold with stuffed nose and my throat feeling all funny. And after watching F1 qualifications I then had approximately two hours to get myself together just enough so I wouldn't look like a ghost. That meant drinking a glass of calcium drink, making a smoothie with bananas, oranges, lemon juice and ginger, dosing up on some tablets to strengthen my immune system and by 11 am I felt presentable and good to go.
We gathered at this little (but big) weekend house, basically to see each other again, because we're not the kind of staff, who'd work together for 10 days and then not speak for the rest of the year. We're the kind of group who can not see each other for a few months and when we get together again it's like we were never apart. There was food, there were drinks and then there were games. Because without some kind of animation program the day wouldn't be as fun and well, we can't get out of our skin.
So, a week ago, me and the loveliest friend/co-worker had this idea of putting together a small program, with some sports games and some mind games. With one purpose: making everyone laugh and have a good time. In the first part we had a little competition of throwing a ball in the basket, rolling hula hoop around a random body part, jumping over the jump rope and so on, while later in the evening we brought out Activity and an exploding box (a game where a group is sitting in a circle and is answering to questions while there's a ticking box circling round and the goal is for the box to not explode while in your lap). Having a group of 16 people, who generally at least in some way work with kids, was - expectedly - harder to manage than an entire class of kids. And you wouldn't believe how competitive some of them get. I must admit I was laughing my head off for most of the time. But at the end everyone got some cake and the winning team got a chocolate, so everyone was happy.
As the day turned into night - and this happened soon as we're past the equinox now, this nice chatty environment was formed, with one group sitting outside, by the light, talking about anything and everything, while some others went into the house to warm up by the fireplace.
Most of the group is staying over night, but three of us said goodbye around 10:30 pm, since we had some more work to do tomorrow and I have an additional task to not get sick. Wish me luck with that.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Day 268 of 365: Back In The Classroom

The classroom on the picture represents the room, where our choir rehearsals take place. It is also the biggest classroom in my former high school. And today it was full of people - there was I think around 80 of us - who were extremely happy to start or to be back practising for our traditional Christmas concert. It's a bit earlier than usual - in previous years we'd start working at the end of October/beginning of November - but this time it's the end of September and today we got our first music sheets. And I'm so excited. Here come three months of rehearsals twice a week and even those kind of early Saturdays, when we'll all be a bit sleepy still, at 9 am, sitting in that classroom, somewhat ready to warm our diaphragm muscles up. Beware of my December posts, when all I'll be able to think about will be that concert. Wooho.

Day 267 of 365: Jeans Shopping

A little fact of the day: I really hate jeans shopping and I always postpone it until it's really and inevitably necessary. So the other day my last pair of still-not-ripped-in-not-so-appropriate-places jeans ripped where it doesn't look the most fashionable; and while I'll still wear them (and that other pair that's slowly going towards state of not being wearable anymore), there's a need for a pair of clean jeans in my wardrobe, for those occasions when I need to look put together. Because of that, today I stopped by Zara, where I surprisingly found a type of jeans that I'd wear in the matter of 2 minutes, tried three different versions on and took one pair home. This was, opposed to usual searching and searching and not finding anything and just trying on a bunch of jeans that won't fit, quite a miracle. Now I'm free of that duty for another year, or at least until these start to fall apart. 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Day 266 of 365: First Day Of Autumn

Aaand here we have the on-click weather changing along with the season. Yesterday we had lots of sun out with warm temperatures - I mean I was walking outside with short sleeves and I'm usually the freezing one - while today it's rainy and cold. Well. Happy first day of autumn! I'm a big fan of autumn, really. My birthday is in this season, it's not boiling hot anymore, it's not freezing cold yet - just the right temperatures for hoodies, which are probably my favourite piece of clothing. And let's not even start with candles and huge tea mugs and watching leaves on trees turn colourful and eating chestnuts and everything else, because if I start writing about that, it might turn into a novel pretty soon. 
So, when is it appropriate to start the countdown to Halloween? 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Day 265 of 365: Another Home Made Ice Tea

Looking at the day count I just realised there's only 100 more days of 2015 left! Where did that go so quickly?? 
But, the other day, when I was talking about getting back into civilisation, I said that I've tried a new home made ice tea somewhere and that I need to try to make it by myself soon. Well, that soon is here. English breakfast mixed with orange juice. Good stuff. Maybe my ratio was too much in favour of orange juice in the first try and I'll go more likely with 40:60 next time instead of 50:50. Otherwise I'd say the little experiment was a success.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Day 264 of 365: Face Masking

If there's one thing I never really did regularly or had a massive interest in, it's skincare. I'm not sure why, I was just never the disciplined one, who'd remember to wash my face every morning or/and evening and then put on 5 more different products. And it's not like I had really good skin to have that as an excuse. Quite the opposite. Okay, it wasn't the worst case, but there have always been a few spots and blackheads going on. And after trying some products, that massively broke me out everytime, I figured it's worthless, because all that chemistry does more damage to my skin than it repairs it. However in past two years I have established a mini skincare routine that actually works for me, but that's a topic for another day. What I did do every now and again even while my resistance towards beauty products was going on, was putting on a face mask. But in the past few years I have quite forgotten about them. I can't really remember when was the last time I used one... And since I had a (not so) little outbreak later last week I decided it was time to take a trip to drugstore and pick something up, to calm my skin down a bit. I came across this. It's a tea tree and white clay mask and it's supposed to clean and calm your skin. It's not a magical wand, that could make your skin instantly better, but my face felt fresher after I used it for the first time. And since that was two days ago and I don't know how often you're supposed to use these, I'll go and use the other half of a packaging now. Cue the scary white mask face.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Day 263 of 365: Nail Colours #10

Another day, another colour. This time I pulled an old purchase out of my nail varnish bowl, comes from Catrice, it's 09 Hugo Moss and it's green. This is one of those nail varnishes, where it says on the bottle to use base coat. Otherwise you'd probably have green tinted nails for the rest of your life. But it's a cute colour. It looks proper green from close enough. Also goes quite black from afar and through camera lens. I did struggle quite a bit to take a picture where it wouldn't look totally black, but at least resemble a bit of greenness that is visible in real life. And this is the first time I wore it properly, not just on one nail. The one problem I have with it is that I've had it on for a day and a half and there's no more nail varnish on top 0.3 mm of my nail, as it stayed on whatever wall or paper I accidentally scratched since then. But it did survive my kitchen and bathroom cleaning spree, so that's good. I'd give it a solid 6 out of 10.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Day 262 of 365: Lunch

As Garfield would say 'once again, my life has been saved by the miracle of lasagna'. I only first tried lasagna at some point in high school when it was on lunch menu and about a month later my mom came to the idea of making it at home. I now can't believe what I've been missing for the first 15 years of my life.
Today me and the kid (the not-so-little-anymore brother) were in charge of making ourselves lunch as we're home alone for the weekend. And since there was some leftover bolognese sauce from yesterday's lunch, we figured we'd use that and throw together two lasagnas. We have this really lovely cups that seem to be made for lasagnas (I think they actually are) and are the perfect portion size. We went with the simplest but probably the best recipe: between lasagna noodles first goes a layer of bechamel sauce, then a layer of bolognese sauce, another layer of bechamel sauce and some grated cheese on top. You really can't screw it up. Well maybe, if you overdose on cheese a bit, like we did today... Took the same amount of cheese we usually put on 4 lasagnas and spriknled it on 2. Oops. 

Friday, 18 September 2015

Day 261 of 365: Finally Back Into Civilisation

Since for the last month I've been intensely staring at my uni books and was before that either at the seaside or busy panicking about needing to study I think it was about time, that I snatched my best friend for a coffee again. Or maybe she snatched me. Or it could be as well defined as a visit, since I went to her place for that delicious latte macchiato her boyfriend makes that I've only been seeing on pictures until now. I've also learned today that she knows and occasionally looks through this blog, which is a surprise since I never told anybody I'm doing this (so darling if you're reading: Hi, I loved the macchiato, when can I come again?). After coffee time (and chocolate croissant, she was spoiling me today), we went for a walk to the city centre, stopped at our ex high school to take a selfie in the mirror we found in the hall and say hi to the music teacher (I know there was a concert 5 months ago, but there's another one coming on December 22nd - the traditional Christmas edition - and I'm excited) and then went to this place called Pritličje (roughly translated to ground floor), where I drank the best home made iced tea I ever tried. Better than the one I made at home. I had an English breakfast with orange juice. Heaven. Yes, I'm thinking about recreating that at home. Will happen soon. Njahaha.

Day 260 of 365: The Day Of

The final exam for this semester, fundamentals of electromagnetism, is behind me. Passed it with a 9. Which is, if I do say so myself, not bad at all.
I didn't even realise all this time, under how much stress and adrenaline I was, until I felt all weak and on the verge of collapsing in the afternoon, also with a massive headache going on. But oh well. I need a good night of sleep now, so tomorrow I'll wake up fresh for new adventures. Okay, coffee with best friend first and then we can go on. Here's a song for a majestic exit.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Day 259 of 365: A Song #14

I'm a bit of a nervous shell today as I have this exam tomorrow that I really need to pass and I studied a lot and feel like I know a lot, but still not enough and if the guy has a bad day he'll want all the formulas without a chance for thinking or derivation and it's all a bit scary. 
On the other hand, if he has a good day we'll talk about magnetic field and everything will be alright. I sure do hope for the latter to be the case. Meanwhile I'm relaxing with this really lovely song, that I found through Devin Graham, who I found through Casey Neistat. 

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Day 258 of 365: Major Scaled Metallica

The other day I was browsing through my bookmarks - to clear them out a bit, since I've accumulated quite a bit of junk over past two years of owning my current laptop and I've found this:
Aaaa, I'm sorry! Well, it is interesting at start - feels like something new and brings the song out on some other dimension or something along those lines - but then you just need to hear the original one, to set your ears back to normal, so here you go.
Now that everything is back to normal, we can continue on with our lives. 

Monday, 14 September 2015

Day 257 of 365: Background Noise

Since I do most of my work (for uni or anything else really) at home, it sometimes gets a bit boring. I am a huge music lover, but sometimes you're just in the mood, when not one song is the one you want to be listening to, or it just kills productivity or makes it hard to concentrate because you're singing along in your head all the time. So if I'm not studying some 'need to remember all these equations and exactly where they came from' theory and feel like I'll fall asleep if there's no little noise going on in the background, I turn to noise making websites. This may sound weird, but it's not - I'm talking about rainycaferainymood and coffitivity. Hope that gave some sense to my previous sentence.
Okay so the first one - Rainymood, is an old one; well I say old, but it just means that I've known about it for the longest time out of these three, I don't really know for how long it's been in existence. If you like autumn-y rainy days, this one is one of the solutions to feel like there's a slight rain going on even if you have the biggest sun shining through your window.
Second one, Rainycafe, was quite a hit with me when I first discovered it, because it has an option of having either a busy café sound on the background, or rain or both. I must say that the café noise is quite calming and makes me want to go work in a real one more often. I then forgot about using it, even though it was in my bookmark bar. That was until Coffitivity was introduced to me just a few days ago. I think I found it through some blogpost, I'm not exactly sure where. But what Coffitivity is, is basically just the café sounds, that has three free variations in form of morning murmur, lunchtime lounge and university undertones (I haven't looked into premium features yet, so I can't talk about those). With no rain.
Now out of the three the Rainycafe is my favourite, because well, it combines Rainymood and Coffitivity. So if I wish to have rainy cafe in the background it only requires one opened tab. And to have it feel even more real, just put a pair of headphones in and make yourself a coffee. Tadaa.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Day 256 of 365: Sunday Post

Let's go with a Sunday post today. It's been a while.
My days lately consist solely of studying, drinking gallons of tea, eating and sleeping. Everything else (also this procrastinating thing that's still keeping me from more productive studying) just results in me feeling guilty for not studying. If only I had like 5% of this feeling throughout the year, there wouldn't be so many problems now... However. 
I figured I'd take today's study break not in form of opening a new Youtube tab - which always ends badly - but with making a batch of brownies. Because who doesn't like brownies. Although I am now having problems to avoid eating all of them when I go into kitchen...

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Day 255 of 365: Garfield Daily

Of course everyone knows who Garfield is. Even if you haven't seen the films or read any comic books, you know who this cat is, period. 
What some people may not know is, that there's a website, on which there is a new comic published every day. I've known about this website for a while, but I rarely remember to check it (so when I do, I spend ages reading through old comics). So when I found an actual app with these daily comics coming in, it wasn't a question if, but how fast can I get it. 
I did think that it'll just be interesting for the first day and then I'll forget about it, as usual - but I have to admit, opening this app for those few seconds while drinking my coffee in the morning became a little routine. So there. If you have a feeling that's something is missing in your life or your daily routine and you're not sure what it is, maybe it's this app. 

Friday, 11 September 2015

Day 254 of 365: Screaming Ducks

Here's something I've been laughing at for the past few days. Is that just me finding really weird things funny? Maybe. Well, first there was this Vine, that appeared on my Twitter timeline.
I'll be honest and say that one or more thoughts that were going through my mind were 'where can I do this, I need to see this in real life'. And then, the MythBusters found them. Now I want these ducks even more. Even if I'd squeeze them once and then let them lay somewhere.

I felt a great disturbance in #TheForce, as if millions of voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. -- Adam
Posted by Jamie and Adam on Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Whether you'll now curse me for making you see this because you find it annoying as hell or laugh your bum off like I did, you're welcome. 

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Day 253 of 365: A Song #13

The award for a really catchy song with the most what-the-freaking-hell-is-going-on-here music video goes to Galantis with Peanut Butter Jelly song. Maybe just listen to the song first... Then if you're feeling adventurous, watch the video. Might be the safest option out there.

Day 252 of 365: Old Clocks

So it was my grandma's birthday on Tuesday and we dropped by her house for a quick visit to say happy birthday and get a slice of apple strudel, which is always nice. We were sitting at the table in the kitchen, I was happily munching on my piece of strudel and there was a nice conversation going on, when dad noticed this old clock that was on one of the top shelves, just sitting there and not really moving in any way, saying how we just saw one really similar, but a bit on a bigger scale in a store earlier that day. The difference between them being, that the one in the store probably works on batteries, while this one is one of those, that you have to wind to get them to work. And start ticking. It's quite nice actually, the ticking sound that fills a room, reminds me of Captain Hook who was terrified of it. 
What I do wonder with these clocks is, what happened if you had a clock like that and it stopped and then you didn't have any other watch to set the time back, once you got it back up an running?

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Day 251 of 365: Favourite Five - Series

Let's put in another favourite five post, shall we. Today I'm going with TV series. Now, like with movies, I'm not the type of person who's caught up with everything new and everything popular. Or with everything that's considered to be watched by every human being on this planet. Yes, I have yet to watch an episode of Friends and Game of Thrones and whatnot, but here are some series that I actually did watch.

1. Castle. This one is, I think, one of three series that I watched from the first episode till last and now I can't wait for the season 8 to come out. And it's one of two series that I actually watched (from season 6 anyways) as it came out, an episode per week. Since I'm usually really bad at waiting for new episodes and get all nervous and give up on watching until I have a few episodes piled up, that's really saying something.

2. Avatar: The Last Airbender. I will go and proclaim this as the best thing I've seen on TV ever. Because bending. And I'm usually more of a fan of murder solving, investigating type of programs. This is the second case of 'watched from almost beginning' and 'waiting for an episode each week' as described above. I have no regrets. And this is probably the only series that I have watched through more than once. Twice. Khm. Maybe three times...?

3. Charmed. Okay now this is a bit older than the rest, but it's probably the first series I was ever really into. And then watched every single episode. Because Leo. And magic powers. I mean, who wouldn't want to orb somewhere instead of walking?

4. NCIS. Well, I'll admit that with this one I didn't see every episode that has aired up until today. But I've still seen a lot. I think I got lost somewhere on season 6, because I then didn't have time to watch it and then I forgot a bit and now there are 13 seasons out there and I need to start from the beginning, and I need time for that. Also, a little side note - this Abby nickname that I'm going with was basically inspired by Abby the amazing forensic scientist in the series. 

5. Intelligence. Lastly, here's the youngest one. A series that I really fell in love with very quickly, I really like the idea of a person having a computer in their head with a bit of science fiction mixed in, but somehow, someone decided that it was not worthy and ended the entire thing after only one season :( I didn't know what to do with my life for days after this. Especially because the first season ended with the biggest 'ooooh whaaat?!?!?!' ever.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Day 250 of 365: Nail Colours #9

Here's another nail varnish of the day. Since it's summer my nails just do this growing and being strong thing by themselves and I can just happily switch colours every few days. It's awesome. This time I went for an Essence number (there are more and more Essence nail varnishes in my collection - they're cheap and really good quality), called Serendipity. So pretty. 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Day 249 of 365: September Wishlist

*images found on world wide web*
Here's September's wishlist.

1. Aura light. High tech alarm clock, the light turns on and off by itself, but because it's programmed this way and can be controlled. You know, unlike my previous night stand light. I like this idea of having a light to wake up to, because as days are getting shorter and it's still dark at 6 or 7 am, it's soooo hard to get up earlier...

2. Polaroid Snap Camera. For no real purpose whatsoever. It's one of those products you can easily live without, but real fun if you do own it.

3. The Girl in the Spoder's Web. I'm a fan of original trilogy since I got it for my birthday a few years ago and if this is really as good as originals (as people are saying), then it's definitely worth a read.

4. Moleskin Peanuts Planner. The orange one that I currently own is not thaat much fun as this one seems. And it's going to run out of day in a few months, while Peanuts one lasts until December 2016.

5. Xperia Z5. Oh, this beauty. I'm generally a huge Sony fan and I don't really consider ever wanting any other phone as much as I'd love to upgrade every time Sony brings a new flagship out. Too bad my wallet's waaay too empty for it...

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Day 248 of 365: Tea

A magical tea when the cold-with-sneezing-and-coughing season comes around. Since temperatures around here went from sunny with 30+°C outside to 15°C in two days and my nerves being on high alert constantly with exam period going on, my immune system isn't exactly in the best shape. And here's the sore throat + losing my voice + stuffed nose + constant coughing kind of cold coming around. I'm not liking it. 
One thing that helps a lot with situation is the right tea. For me that means mountain herbal blend tea with a spoon of honey and a bit of elderberry syrup that my grandma so conveniently makes every year. Makes a sore throat less painful and tastes good. Like a 'get better soon' hug in a cup.

Day 247 of 365: A Song #12

Okay more like songs in plural. This is a new discovery and it's a soundtrack to a game called Lumini. The game itself looks really relaxing, with little creatures flying around and the music just makes it even better. Well, just music by itself is probably better than any of those 'relaxing music' you can find in Youtube videos that are meant to relax you.
The game is (or will be soon) available on Steam, which is I think a game playing platform or something (sometimes having a brother playing games all the time does produce some information), but you can check out the masterpiece of a soundtrack on this link.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Day 246 of 365: Video Of The Day

AND IT'S THE CUTEST THING EVER. Sorry for caps lock, but sometimes it's necessary. Here's something to brighten up your day and maybe make you cry or excited. Or both. In case you live under a rock and don't know who Tom and Gi (and Buzz) are, go educate yourself on Google, check out their first pregnancy announcement video while you're at it and then watch all their other videos and listen to McFly and McBusted songs and so on and so on. 
I'll just say one more thing here: I'm usually the sort of insensitive person, there's not many things that can make me cry or anything (except sometimes when that time of the month rolls around), but the end of this video brings out tears every single time. Aaagh. So cute.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Day 245 of 365: There's a New Xperia In Town

As in Xperia Z5. A new flagship in Sony Xperia family. Now that's something I wouldn't mind getting my hands on. And it comes in three different variations: Z5, Z5 Compact and Z5 premium, which is the first 4K phone.
Okay, if we look at this rationally, a 4K display is awesome and what not, but with big display comes big battery usage. So I'm not exactly sure how this will work out. As an user of the first Z, that now - especially after Lollipop update - has this old iPhone battery syndrome and tends to run out of juice a bit too quickly, I am a tiny bit sceptical at this point. I guess we'll have to wait for reviews to start showing up.
However, looking at specifications of the middle sister, the Z5, I'm liking it. 3GB of RAM, which is enough for normal use, Octa Core processor, it's again waterproof, which turns out to be quite useful (in case you accidentally drop your phone in mud and need to wash it clean, which is not at all what I did... Okay it's exactly what I did), 23 MP back camera and 5 MP front camera - that I hope doesn't have grainy pictures anymore, in both ideal and especially non-ideal situations... But then comes the battery. Of course I'm again comparing everything to my lovely Xperia Z, which lives with 2330 mAh battery and a screen in size of 5 inches. That is important, because the bigger the screen, the more battery it uses, right? Now the new Z5 has 2900 mAh battery and the 5,2" screen. How that lasts two days with average use I have yet to find out. Maybe one day. When I won't be so broke and will be able to afford that beauty. Someday. 

Day 244 of 365: Fire

I was a bit nervously walking around the house, because of exam that I have scheduled for the next morning, when I heard my dad letting out a bunch of very sad sounds standing in the courtyard. The cause for his sadness was that our little boxwood hedge was all dried up and dead. Because of those little green caterpillars, who are really cute and evolve into butterflies, but were now the most hated thing of the moment in our house. What then happened was a little bonfire, that was just a pile of burning dry wood and ever drier leaves, to get rid of no longer alive bushes and to potentially kill all of those nasty little green pests in the process as well. Might sound cruel, but well, my dad really loved his boxwood hedge. 
While the fire was burning, I was trying to snap a really cool picture of it. What you can see above was the best I could get, as dad just kept piling those bushes up and killed the nice looking flame every single time...