Monday, 31 August 2015

Day 243 of 365: A Month In Instagram Posts

There are only a few types of posts that are pretty constant on this blog. One is the favourite five, another might be a monthly playlist and then there's the end of the month overview through either my phone photo album or my Instagram account. The rest just lays somewhere in the clouds and comes and goes on a daily inspiration basis. So this month let's take a look back through my Instagram again.

1. I was thinking about how I could store my sunglasses so they wouldn't get scratched or break for ages. Then I finally found a way to hang a wool string above my desk, so now they're resting there. And yes, one pair of glasses is actually that fake £1 with no dioptre, that I stole from a friend in Pacug. Okay maybe stole is too harsh of a word - I borrowed them one day and then he said I can keep them. Because they look good on me or something like that. And they're a bit scratched already anyways. So there. 2. Besides being really photogenic, watermelons are a great way to cool down and hydrate during heatwave. 3. There was one time, when I felt brave and went for ice cream in a white shirt. I managed to get out of the situation without any ice cream marks on said shirt, so I guess you could call that a successful mission. 4. This is my little cousin's cake for her 11th birthday. How cool does that look??? 5. And here we have my all time #womancrushwednesday. Perrie Edwards. She's just such a babe. 6. My usual morning beverage of choice is a nice mug of cappuccino. Also applies to the after lunch coffee. Unless mom makes Turkish coffee, then it's in tiny little cups like the one on the picture above. The problem I have with Turkish coffee are the finely ground coffee beans that are on the bottom. Feeling of drinking sand at the end is not a pleasant one. 7. When your headphones start to look like they want to fall apart a bit, you fix them with heat shrink tubing. Well it's either this or duck tape, but this looks prettier. 8. And that's the view from my room at 7 in the morning, when morning fog almost goes away and sun is already shining from behind the hill. Quite nice. 9. The final one is a throwback to July in Pacug, when one day my roommate was left without keys (keys tend to disappear there if you leave them unattended) and later we came into our room to find a bunch of volleyball balls in our shower. The guy who did it came from beach with us, just to see our reaction, we were laughing for a few solid minutes before even thought about getting them out. 

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Day 242 of 365: Workspace

Sometimes you just need to rearrange your workspace to feel motivated and inspired again and that's what I did today. Basically I removed the big monitor that I wasn't using anymore (because my laptop would heat a bit too much for my liking when I had the two connected together) and suddenly my desk just looked a lot emptier. Then I put my books in a different position, put radio speakers on a shelf above my desk, hid as much cables as I could - now I just need to figure out how to transmit music through radio speakers without using a cable that annoyingly crosses half of my desk - and it feels like there's finally some breathing space for me. And I like that. A lot. Now I'm fighting the urge to just throw half of my stuff out because they annoy me and have half empty room, because it feels so refreshing. Maybe I should stop thinking about this, because it's escalating pretty quickly...

Day 241 of 365: Pinterest Post #2

I've got a small Pinterest post #2 today, because well, I'll be honest, nothing interesting happened and my brain is kind of on creative shut down at the moment. Bare with me, I'll try to return to normal as soon as possible.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Day 240 of 365: Favourite Five - Music Side Of Youtube

Okay so here's the deal. We all know that majority of Youtube population makes vlogs and weekly videos about everything and anything - which is really cool - but today I wanted to talk about Youtubers, who make music. Meaning people, who at least started their journey into the music world by posting videos of them doing covers or singing their original music on Youtube, not mega famous musicians, who have their music videos on Vevo channels. And I tried to find my old favourites, because if you'll click on their channels, you'll probably just check out their new stuff.

1. Kurt Hugo Schneider

2. Tyler Ward

3. Peter Hollens

4. Juliana Richer

5. Hobbie Stuart

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Day 239 of 365: Some Lovely Photo Editing Apps

I figured I'd spend a minute mentioning a few of my favourite photo editing apps. We live in a world, where 99,9% of pictures you see anywhere are at least a tiny bit edited. For a long time my only editing skills included selecting a filter on Instagram. That is until I discovered actual editing apps. And downloaded all of them. To use none. Except the one that made any picture Instagram size appropriate. You know, turns them into a square.
Then I found VSCO Cam. That I majorly used for that F2 filter, because I was toying with an idea of every picture I post having the same filter. Don't really know what I was thinking. What I discovered later on is, that VSCO is actually also a photo sharing app and now I'm trying to be a bit artsy and I'm just posting random pictures that I think are really pretty on there. My profile can be found on (just in case if you maybe wanted to know...)
It was a long way of using VSCO as my main editing app, before I heard Victoria from inthefrow talk about Photoshop Express and Moldiv. The first one being mostly photo editing app while the other one being more appropriate when you want to merge a few shots together into one. I got used to Photoshop Express very quickly, with all different options of fileters and the usual settings and so on (you can clearly see that I'm not exactly a professional user). A great app. But it took me a while to give Moldiv a chance. Basically because I was using PhotoGrid as the putting-pictures-together app, and Moldiv was just sitting there in the 'photo' folder. It was only when I realised how much more flexible Moldiv is with everything, that I switched.
The last addition to my photo editing apps is Snapseed. It's Google's editing app, with not as much options as in Photoshop Express for example (of maybe I just didn't find them yet), but it has the basic ones that I need and I'll be honest, I use this one more than PE. It's very easy to use - I needed some time to get used to logic of changing settings, but once I got that in my system, everything just works fast. And makes pictures look pretty. Which is what this is all about, isn't it?

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Day 238 of 365: Nail Colours #8

Sometimes I feel like repainting my nails every two days, other times I'm just stuck with same nail varnish for a week or two. This time I've been sporting this lovely number from L'Oreal for past four days and it's still going strong. Goes by the name Macaron Noisette and is a pretty, a bit sparkly, not completely opaque (which is a bit of a shame) and quite long lasting (even without top coat) peachy pink-ish shade. Really nice for days/occasions, when you need something that doesn't stand out. I'm a fan.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Day 237 of 365: Morning After A Giant Storm

Today I woke up at, what felt like the middle of the night, only to check my bedside table alarm clock, that read 4:56. Reason? The biggest thunderstorm that I've heard/seen in a while. During summer I sleep with my window partially opened, so it was even more audible. Barely being aware of what I'm doing, I got out of bed and pulled all my electrical devices out of sockets and went back to bed. I'm usually a heavy sleeper and things like that don't bother me, but today I probably spent another half an hour just laying in bed, watching and listening to thunder and lightning, thinking if I should just get up, but eventually fell asleep. Maybe that's why I then slept through my 4 alarm clocks and woke up at half past 7. I did think I'll wake up to the most miserable weather, but waiting outside was sunshine and blue sky with some fluffy white clouds and morning fog that was hugging Šmarna gora hill. Quite a view.

Day 236 of 365: I Think I Turned Into a Morning Person

If you told me a few months ago, that I'll reach a point in my life where I'll voluntarily wake up at some point from 6 to 6:30 am with no special reason, I'd ask you if you've lost your mind. 
As a teenager I was of course, as every other teenager, able to sleep until 11 am during weekends and holidays, or basically whenever I didn't have to be in school by 7:30. And waking up at any hour before 10 am on those days was considered very early. This is also the stage that my 16 years old brother is going through right now and I can surely say that I know how he feels - but at the same time I find it insanely fun to jump on his bed and generally annoy him at 8 am. Because that's what sisters do, isn't it?
However, it was last spring (when I didn't have classes at uni), when I had this revelation, that waking up later than 8 o'clock in the morning means wasting a lot of time and that I actually have a lot more of the day if I wake up early. So that was the time, when my alarm clock was set for 7:30 every morning. And I actually woke up at that time and everything was just fine. But then I went to Pacug and my sleeping pattern went totally bonkers and was screwed up entirely for a long time. I didn't really get back into that waking up early thing and I don't really have an excuse, but staying up late studying didn't help with anything either. The same thing happened this spring and again I screwed everything up when I went to Pacug, but this time around I didn't lazily forget about early mornings like I did last year.
Like a lot of things in my life, this too happened quite instantly. I just decided one day, that I need to get up early, otherwise I just sit around all day and won't do anything productive. First I had my alarm clock set up for 7:30, but then just felt like I needed to wake up even earlier, so I quite quickly transitioned to hearing the first alarm go off at 6:00. Since I live with my blood pressure being below 100 most of the time I do need like 15 minutes to level everything and get out of bed without my vision suddenly spinning around, but I feel like somewhere up to 6:15 is the right time to start the day and I actually feel really good about it. There's something in seeing that early sun. I'm even trying to incorporate running into my morning routine - that's not going exactly to plan; thanks knees, I'll warm you up next time before I start running.
So yeah, I guess this proves that anything is possible, if you decide so. The only thing I'm now worried about is, how this will go on once it'll be dark and cold outside at such an early hour?

Day 235 of 365: To Do Lists

Everybody is always talking about to do lists and how they make you more productive and more organised and so on and so on. 
But it's one of those things that helped me do nothing more than be anxious in the evening, when I realised I haven't completed everything that's on that list. Hear me out: I always imagined to do lists to contain every task that you need to complete in near future and that's how I made them - with more and more tasks added to them and before I knew it, my to do list was this extremely unpleasant to look at, full of things that needed to be done, piece of paper that I dreaded to even look at from afar. And at the end of the day usually there was zero tasks completed from that list. As productivity level went waaay below zero. So I dropped the whole idea of making any to do lists, since they were just a trigger for going into a panic mode because I knew I'll never be able to tick off everything.
Then one day (some time ago) I stumbled upon a blog post, I don't remember on which corner of the internet, that was talking about the idea of how your to do list should only contain 3 - 4 tasks per day, as it doesn't look as scary and well, having to do 4 things that day surely sounds much less overwhelming than 15.
Now what I do when I wake up in the morning is set out a list of things that need to be completed that day and keep it at maximum of 5 ticking boxes. And when I accomplish those tasks by the end of the day I actually feel motivated to continue to be as productive the next day. Which I never thought would happen. And sure sounds like a bit of a miracle. But hey, it works.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Day 234 of 365: Spider Webs

I went for my first ever morning run this morning. When I started running more regularly this spring, I always went in late afternoon, like after 6 pm (or even later as the day stretched until 9 pm), just because it felt the most appropriate since I had classes in the morning. Then the summer exam period started and at some point in the beginning of July I stopped running. Because I 'had no time'. The truth is, I was not as productive as I could have been through the day, so when I could've gone for a run, I was feeling that guilt, that I didn't study enough, so I can't possibly go out for a run now, when I could do so much stuff meanwhile. Ha.
Then I went to Pacug and that killed any chances of going for a run, since the only chance, when I could possibly go would be at 6 am and I was nowhere near in form to do that, especially if I went to bed at 3 or 4 am. And lastly, after I came home I just forgot to get back into my routine and basically it was so hot outside all the time (meaning more than 20°C at 6 am already), that I couldn't be really bothered.
Now, yesterday before I went to bed, I was thinking, that it's really not that hot anymore and since I'm still in studying process for fall exam period, maybe it would be a good idea to get out of the house for a short run after I wake up, just to get some fresh air into my brains, so it'll be easier to start studying. And in the morning I did just that. Well, I did wake up at 6, looked out of the window and there was for everywhere, so I tucked myself into my bed for another 15 minutes. But after some procrastinating (that I'm a master of) and encouraging myself, the church rang 7 am, when I left the house. And damn, it felt good. Oh and on my route I also met this spider web, that's on the picture above - these things look really stunning in the morning, when there are still water drops on them...

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Day 233 of 365: Clouds #2

Well, I might have a little obsession with clouds. It may not show as much here, because I try very hard not to take a picture of them every 5 minutes and post it somewhere, but - especially in last few months - whenever it's not exactly raining, there are some awesome scenes going on in the sky.
I went for a quick little walk with my mom earlier and the sky just looked fabulous once again. Thinking about it now, I got this idea of making a book with cloud pictures only. This might be a good idea and a great thing for relaxation, but it might as well sound good just in my head and be a pretty bad idea... Who knows.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Day 232 of 365: Nail Colours #7

It may look like what you're seeing on the picture is a black nail varnish, but it's not, I promise. It goes more to the red-ish side of tones and looks pretty lovely in real life. This is the Maybelline Colorama and responds to number 261. I'm not sure if it doesn't have a name or if I'm just stupid and can't find it on the bottle.
However, lately I've been jumping from pretty summery pastel shades to dark ones and since I had peachy pink number on my nails last week, I had to switch it up to this darker shade this time. I kind of pulled it out of the bottom of my nail varnish jug, because I've had this one for a good few years now probably, but don't use it enough. Red shades of nail colours don't really suit me generally, I don't know why, but this one is dark enough, that I can pull it off. 
But it is trying to chip off on one nail as I'm writing this, so I'm not sure how this situation will end...

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Day 231 of 365: One Of Those Days

Lately I've had quite a few of those days, when I'm stuck inside with my notebooks and videos of classes rolling in the background with a strange feeling of sickness and/or headache and I just drink tea all the time in hopes it'll make me feel better. The only thing that has helped so far has been fresh cold air, when I have a window in my room opened, but then it's cold and when it's dark all the bugs fly in, which is just extremely annoying. I also tried to move everything to my bed, in hopes of raising productivity if I'm not at the spot (at my desk) where I'm always sitting and having productivity level on -2, but who was I kidding anyways?
I did place that pencil case with colouring pencils (that I was talking about a few days ago) next to my text book, with obvious intention to use them. Yeah... You know what? I'll use them when I write everything down and then go through my notes again. That's when I'll colour is all the important things. And now I actually have a plan. Good. Now let's get to work.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Day 230 of 365: A Song #11

Here's another one to relax to. A combination of Beethoven's 5th Symphony and OneRepublic's Secrets. Enjoy.
Also, if you listen to a cover of We Can't Stop, that Bastille did on BBC Radio 1 a while ago, doesn't the lyrics of that song really fit into this one? Or is that just me?

Day 229 of 365: Rainy Days

*picture found here*
It's one of these days, when it's dark and rainy outside. Not the heavy rain, but just small enough to still be declared as rain. I can't really decide whether I like this kind of weather or not - because I love the idea of bad weather outside and then curling up in a bean bag with a cup of tea and a book, while your place smells nice from all the candles you can light up, but on the other hand it makes me just soooo damn tired. My blood pressure is on an average day below 100 and when weather goes bad, I really feel it. So today will be a more 'chill and try to do something so I don't fall asleep and complain about being tired and drink a coffee or two' kind of day. 
Or maybe I just need to get a pair of bright coloured rain boots, a bright raincoat and go out and jump in all the puddles. Now this sounds like a plan.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Day 228 of 365: Clearing Out My Wardrobe

Again. Just a little bit more. Because I can. And because I'm supposed to be studying, so there's no better time to do that, right? Wait, what do you mean, 'no'? 
However. I think it was about a year ago, around the time when this video came out, when I got a sudden inspiration and an urge to clear out my wardrobe. Because over the years it got full of stuff that were either too small or I was never wearing anyways and basically I was just rotating between two pairs of jeans and a few t-shirts most of the time, with throwing a casual shirt in here and there. And at that point I took everything out of my wardrobe, threw stuff I didn't wear or was in not-the-best-shape-anymore into bin bags (that are in fact still waiting somewhere in the house to be put on internet for sale or donated to charity) and the rest of the clothes I was still feeling like wearing at some point went back into previously mentioned wardrobe. 
The thing is I now constantly have this urge of wanting to just clear out my wardrobe. I then force myself to forget about it for a while so then, when I remember it again, I have something to clear out. Today I reduced my t-shirt collection - these just keep coming in, I don't know where from. There's something strangely satisfying in seeing a pile of clothes size down. And at the end, well, I folded everything back more nicely, so it at least looks neater. Tadaa!

Day 227 of 365: Colouring Pencils

I'm not an artistic type of person, but every now and again I'll pull my pencil case with colouring pencils out of a drawer and sharpen them and maybe colour in a thing or two. Then I'll usually decide that I'll use those regularly from now on and won't use pens anymore, because pencils are more cool or something and then I'll maybe really use them for a few days and then I'll forget about them again. Because that's just the natural cycle, or so it seems. So the other day I found those pencils again, I'm now in the state 'Oooh, I'll use these for my notes while I'm studying!'. But the pencil case is on the end of my desk and probably feels a little lonely, because my notes are still being made just with technical pencil, because it's the most practical one.
Oh well. Maybe one day this won't be a sad story about a bit abandoned colouring pencils anymore...

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Day 226 of 365: Bye Bye Lamp

I don't know if I ever mentioned this here but I had this really nice lamp on my night stand and you turned it on by touching it, it had 3 different levels of light intensity and it was oh so cute and practical for when you didn't want a full on light in the middle of the night and so on and so on.
Then it went a bit crazy. Started turning on and off by itself, sometimes refused to go on/off when I wanted it to and was generally a bit of pain in the arse. I first started noticing that, when I woke up in the morning and the light was turned on, when I was 100% sure that I turned it off before I went to bed. And at the beginning it didn't really bug me that much, because it was winter and dark outside in the morning and it was quite nice to wake up to a little bit of light. Well then the little light got crazier with every day, a few months later it got to the point, where I just simply pulled the cable out of its socket. 
Since then it's been waiting for the day, when I'll take it apart and see what's inside and whether it's worth fixing. And today the decision was made: some components will be soldered off, the rest will go into a bin. Bye lamp, you served me well.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Day 225 of 365: The Generic 20 Facts About Me Post

And it's just 20 random useless facts, probably. But we like this kind of posts, because we're nosy like that, aren't we? So here we go.

1. I was born on Friday.
2. I have this hairless line in my right brow, because I pulled some kind of table on my head when I was little and split my head there and needed stitches. Or something like that.
3. I haven't seen probably the majority of movies that everyone else in the world has seen.
4. I don't really have a favourite colour.
5. I used to be allergic to dog hair since I was 10 until last spring.
6. I was also allergic to chocolate when I was little.
7. I tend to start and stop doing things in life almost on a click. One day I do it, the next day I suddenly stop. Talk about a kid of digital era, eh?
8. I used to bite my nails since forever until summer holidays, when I was almost 16, when I suddenly just stopped.
9. I'm not capable of keeping a plant alive. There's always too little or too much water involved.
10. There's this dream in my head, of recording a soundtrack to a really awesome movie one day.
11. I'm useless at drawing anything but stickmen and a generic house or boat. You know, the simple one, that 4 years old kids can draw.
12. There's a flute in one of my cabinets. It's been there for 7 years, since I finished music school when I was 14 and I do take it out and play it maybe a few times a year.
13. If I could bring any dead person back to life it would be Jules Bianchi. Because this guy still had so much to show to the world. (If you don't watch F1 and don't know who Bianchi is, Google him.)
14. Apparently, when I first went to kindergarten when I was 3, one of the first things I did was take a spoon, climb on a table and start singing.
15. I have this obsession with candles and this weird habit of always poking around melted wax. So the top of my cabinet where I usually burn my candles looks a bit tired from all the spilt wax already.
16. I can drink tea at any time of the year; when there's more than 35°C outside, I'll just cool it down instead of drinking it hot.
17. I have a thing for mugs, I'd have a gazillion mugs if I had space for them in the house.
18. I spend waaaay too much time in my imaginary world. I am capable to create a situation or alternative universe in my head and live in it for ages. Possibly when I have more important things to do.
19. My least favourite type of people are those, who say 'Whaaat, you don't drink?! What do you mean you don't like alcohol, that's just not how things work. Here's a drink for you.' I mean really, do I force you to eat a broccoli soup if you don't like it??
20. Sometimes I'd just bake all day long. For relaxation. 

Day 224 of 365: Favourite Five - Things I Can't Imagine A Day Without

Summer edition. Because it's still hot outside and it seemed appropriate. And because I was planning on making this a general one, but realised that there are different things that I can't imagine a day without, that vary depending on which season we're in. So this one goes for hot sunny days that are happening at this time of the year.

1. Sunglasses. Did I already mention this in my favourite five - summer post? Well, they're here again. Kind of self explanatory, right?

2. Phone. For all Snapchat selfies, taking pictures of things I need to remember, answering e-mails and so on and so on. This one is an essential all year round. 

3. Rings. Now this one may sound weird, but I have two rings that I only take off when I have a shower. I got the first one when I finished primary school and the second one for my 18th birthday and if they're not on my fingers I feel bare and get nervous.

4. Hair tie. #longhairproblems. Especially during this heatwave thing, when leaving the house without a hair tie to get my hair out of the way is the worst thing to happen.

5. Water bottle. Because we have to stay hydrated, don't we. I used to be that person, who only drank those full-of-sugar-and-some-fruit-extract juices and I didn't really like water by itself. And even when I tried to force myself to drink some water, I basically forgot to do it most of the time, because carrying glasses with 2 dcl of water up and down the stairs is really not something one would do. Then I bought the aladdin water bottle that holds 0.6 L of water and now I'm constantly having a full water bottle on the side of my table or in my bag. 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Day 223 of 365: Home Made Ice Tea

A few weeks ago, when we came home from Pacug and went for the last lunch together, I discovered home made ice tea. Of course I knew about its existence, but I never made a move towards making it myself. At that lunch I ordered an ice tea, expecting just a normal one in the bottle, when the waiter said that they only have home made ice tea. I couldn't be bothered to think of anything else to drink, so I just said 'yes, bring that please, thank you'. And oh my, it was delicious.
Only after that ice tea experience and two weeks later, when we got higher temperatures again after a period of rain, that thought of making my own ice tea came back into my head and didn't want to leave. So I went and made some tea with sugar, left it to cool down a bit and put it in the fridge. Then my mom tried it and is now really excited about it and has all these ideas about how to make it a bit differently. The idea to put in a bit of licorice root instead of sugar was also hers. It sounded alright, so why wouldn't I try it? I made tea with licorice root and strawberry and vanilla teabags, left it to cool down and took a sip. I was expecting it to be sweet, like with sugar. But when I first took that sip, it tasted like it had no sugar in it at all. Then some kind of magic happened and the sweet taste came around only a few seconds after. And it was sooooo good. I now drink this tea sip by sip, waiting for that amazingly weird sweet flavour to appear. I'm telling you, licorice is magic.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Day 222 of 365: August Wishlist

*images found on world wide web*
It's time for monthly wishlist again, so here's what my Pinterest boards have been accumulating lately.

1. You look lovely today wash bag. So I can put all my makeup in it and still have some space left.

2. Blue sweatshirt from ASOS. So I can be cozy, because this looks like the most comfortable thing ever.

3. This really cute white floaty dress. So I can actually wear a dress on a daily basis and be dressed like a girl for once.

4. Bright yellow wallet. So I can find it in my black dark handbag.

5. Glitter pointed court shoes. So I can have them in a closet and look at them and wear them maybe once a year, if there's the right occasion.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Day 221 of 365: Afternoon Ice Cream

It was around 6 in the afternoon, when mom walked past my room and said 'get dressed and let's go for some ice cream to the city centre'. I was dressed in a moment after hearing the word ice cream. And so we went to park Špica - Ljubljanica river embankment, a recently renovated thing, if I'm correct. It's a really nice spot actually, lots of space to sit around and either be social with your friends or live another life with a book in your hands. In this little park there is also a café. Which disappointed me greatly with their ice cream offer, as there were only 6 most generic flavours, displayed in one of those carts, where you almost can't even see the ice cream until you step right next to it. I still got some stracciatella in a cup and happily munched on that, when I noticed how they serve home made ice tea. In little jars, with caps on and holes in those caps, wide just enough for a straw. And according to the menu, there are 6 different flavours, so I'll have to come back to try that. Soon. 

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Day 220 of 365: A Song #10

Okaaay, so. The other day I was driving back home in my dad's car and I was listening to radio. I don't know which station, because the part of display, where it's supposed to show the name of the radio station you're listening to, doesn't work most of the time. I was also waiting for ages for them maybe to mention which radio it is - nothing on that side either, apparently it wasn't my lucky day. But, whichever radio it was, when I first switched to it, they were playing the Perpetuum Jazzile's ABBA mashup, which is a great thing. Everything Perpetuum Jazzile do is a great thing. If you haven't heard about them already, go check out their version of Toto's Africa and then just click on all related videos. 
However, it sounded like they just had a show about a cappella choirs on, because after PJ and Carmina Slovenica, they played the song you can see (hear) in the video above. And it was one of those songs, that instantly had me and I needed to hear it again and again and again for 100 times.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Day 219 of 365: Planica

Despite talking about Pacug and seaside non-stop a few weeks ago, I'm actually the kind of person, who prefers a trip to higher altitude. For the past few years, my only time at the sea side has been Pacug and that is 10 days of mostly work. But I'm in my calmest state, when I'm surrounded with mountains, where the air is fresh and it's easier to breathe.
So I took a trip to Planica today with my family. If you never heard about Planica before, then you obviously don't watch ski jumps. Because this place is the birth place of ski jumps and ski flying. In Planica you can find the mother of all jumping hills, one of three biggest ski flying hills in the world (next to Vikersund and Kulm). 
From Planica then there is an hour and 5 minutes long walk (45 minutes if you don't move slowly like a snail) to Tamar Valley. It's a really peaceful walk, with a view. A view. Mountains and trees all around you, all the time. And when you get to the mountain hut, there's a few minutes walk to Nadiža waterfall, that - when there's a lot of water (if it's not as hot as it is these days) - looks really majestic and has this river flowing away. Today it looked rather empty, we needed to climb a bit higher to get to the water. 
We started from home at around 8:30 and we arrived to Planica, where we parked our car at around 9:40. Then we spent 20 minutes taking in our surroundings, as 3/4 of the place looks like a construction site, since a nordic centre is being built there and the remaining quarter of the place are 7 already finished jumping hills, on some of which Italian team had practice this morning. So, when we started our walk at 10 am, there weren't many people we met on our way. And even when we came to the hut, there were only a handful of people there. More started coming in after we sat behind our table for a while. So majority of people will come in the middle of the day, but if you wan't to feel the beauty of nature here, you need to get in early in the morning. And it's not boiling hot at that time. So there. I was kind of sad, when we sat in our car - that, by the way, resembled a sauna at 1 pm - and went home. I'd happily come here every day and just sit on those benches in the shadows and read books.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Day 218 of 365: Nail Colours #6

Did I mention something about shopping and a new nail varnish yesterday? I think I did. Well, here it is. Essence "Play With My Mint". I'm quite a fan. Goes more to the green side though, I think. I was looking for more of a blue-ish shade, but that Müller I went to is reeeeeeeeaally out of stock with most of Essence nail varnishes, so this was the best thing there. At the end of the day it's still a shade that says 'Hi summer', so it's all good. And I hope that it's as good quality as the rest of colours in this range are and lasts for a week without chipping. Which then also makes it the best deal for 1,69€. Ha.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Day 217 of 365: Zbilje

It's been an easy day today. Waking up at 6:20, feeling great - unlike yesterday - then I made some banana ice cream for breakfast (which I got an idea for from Niomi's video) and just wandered around the house for an hour, before I sat in a car and went to a shopping centre (where I may or may not have bought new nail varnish). Let me just say here, that I put on long jeans and a short sleeved t-shirt and was even thinking about taking a thin sweater, because maybe I'd be cold. Smart me then decided to leave any kind of sweaters at home and left at around 9 in the morning, when there were still nice temperatures outside. When I was returning home at around 10:30, I was already slowly cooking in the car. And on the way I stopped at Zbilje lake - this time without my bike - where I joined my mum, aunt and granddad, who were slowly sipping their coffees and watching swans and ducks peacefully swim around, for a latte macchiato. Since it was 11 am in the middle of a week, there were not many people around at all, which made sitting in the shadow of a tree and having a chat even nicer. This place would be so nice for a study session, maybe when the heat goes away - because doing anything when the hottest sun is shining in your face is almost impossible - if it weren't so popular with everyone and so bloddy busy at the best hours of the day. Maybe I just need to relocate to the other side of the lake, where there's no cafés or anything...

Day 216 of 365: A Tumblr Post #3

Here's a Tumblr post #3 for you, because I've been really falling in love with it again in the past few days and because there's been this weird headache going on in my head today. At times I'm totally fine, then suddenly I see white flakes everywhere and I hardy see any text anywhere and if I want to read something I have to focus on each word separately. And any sudden movements cause this annoying spinning go on in my head. Then, when I go lay down in my bed and close my eyes for a few minutes, I'm alright again. Weird...