Friday, 31 July 2015

Day 197 of 365: Necessary Things

When going to children's summer camp as a teacher, there are a few necessary things, that can help you survive. Or maybe just make your life a whole lot easier. This may sound a bit overboard, but believe me, when you spend 10 days with an average of maybe 4 - 5 hours of sleep per night, while being on full energized mode throughout the day and you still have to be a responsible and reliable and be able to focus on things, it's not as easy as it sounds. Especially if you're used to 8 hours of sleep per night and living on lower rpm, like I am.
So here's what I took with me, in the 'essential' compartment.

1. Coffee. I'm not a regular coffee drinker really, when at home, I usually drink cappuccino and coffee is a drink of choice only when I'm out and have no clue what else to order, to be honest. In Pacug, I drink somewhere around three coffees per day. As does everyone else, if that's what they normally do at home or not. It feels like around day 4 we could all say, that there's some blood in our caffeine system. 

2. A whistle. I bought one last year, after learning, that sometimes there's just no other way to get kids to shut up. And it comes in handy when I lose my voice on day 5 or 6.

3. Red bull. Or any other energy drink for that matter. Because coffee is brewed three times a day for everyone and meanwhile (usually at night, around 23:00, when kids go to sleep and teachers have a meeting) sometimes you need to stay awake even if your body doesn't.

4. Calcium effervescent tablets. The thing that makes the process of me losing my voice slow down a bit. I won't even go into reasons for me losing my voice, because it's ridiculous - whatever I do, there's still some yelling going on when there's loud music on in the evenings, and when I need to call my group from the other side of the beach and so on and so on and well, at that point my voice says sayonara and goes. Away. Far away. Comes back after a week of not speaking after I get back home.

5. All the cables. I'm responsible for the sound system there, because, well I don't know, when I first came here, I was the engineering student and the guy who was previously on that role stopped going that year and now it just stuck with me. But, with every term, there's new person taking care of everything and I have a feeling that not everyone knows how to be nice to electronic equipment, so stuff - especially cables - sometimes refuse to work. I learned to always take my cables with me if I don't want things to go wrong at the key moment.

6. A water bottle. For drinking water (obviously) and watering people around you.

7. A wrist watch. Water resistant if possible. Not so much because of sea water, but because of sweat we're producing this year (we got here at the beginning of the heat wave, so we're living on around 38°C every day). And this is an absolute essential for me, because it's just so much easier than carrying a phone with me at all times, when I have clothes with no pockets on. 

Day 196 of 365: 10 Days Of Entertaining Kids

*picture found on world wide web*
Perhaps it's time I explain all the fuss around Pacug and the actual point of it. 
Pacug is a place, a small bay on Slovenian coast. The part that lays a bit higher from the beach is inhabited by locals and people who have their weekend getaway houses there, but the biggest part, right next to the sea is property of The Association of Friends of Youth and consists of 7 houses with rooms for kids and a big dining area. And a football and volleyball playgrounds. Lots of 'and's, there is.
During summer months, after school ends, the association organizes holidays for kids aged 5 - 15. Throughout July and August there are five terms, four of them are 10 days long and the fifth one lasts for 7 days. Kids attending come from various places across Slovenia, but mainly from Ljubljana.
Now, for each term, there are 16 groups of kids in the resort. That means 16 teachers - one for each group. And then there are also 2 - 3 sports animators and of course the boss of all teachers, pedagogical leader (what a weird phrase that is...). So this is where I fit in the picture. I'm a teacher here, when I come here I get my group of kids, that I then have an eye on at all times for 10 days. I also, with the rest of my colleagues do everything I can to entertain these kids for whole 10 days, which a lot of times just means making fool of myself. Or letting my inner child free, however you want to see it. 

Day 195 of 365: Piran In The Evening

Okay so maybe this should still go in yesterday's post, since it happened yesterday, but. 
The first evening animation is usually an evening walk from Pacug to Piran. It's not far, around 30 minutes long walk, first going uphill and downhill to get to the next bay Fiesa and then the rest of the way goes by the sea, with pretty views all around. The purpose of it is for teachers to have an iced tea, for kids to get the best ice cream in town and to get tired, so they'll sleep the first night after a day of excitement from seeing their friends again after a year. 

Day 194 of 365: Pacug

We are here! 
Oh, the excitement. I've been buzzing about this for the last eternity, even when I should be focused on studying up until three days ago. And now we're finally here. It feels like someone moved my lips in a permanent smiling position. Because if anywhere, here is my happy place. Place, where I forget about everything that's happening in the real world and I live in some kind of little isolated bubble for 10 days. And I don't mind that at all.
It took us ages to get here though, what is usually an hour and fourty minutes long drive, this time stretched to four long hours, because of a crazy accident on a highway. (Said accident took 4 lives at the point of the crash and another life later, when the driver who caused it and then ran away apparently took his life not far from where everything happened. What is this heatwave doing to peoples brains??) Around 6 pm we were already happily settled in, with our suitcases in our rooms, swimming suits on and halfway through the swimming test, that all kids have to go through on the first day, before anyone goes into water by themselves. Next step is dinner at 18:45 and then the first evening animation will be on the go.


Oh, hi there...
I think I was talking about possibly disappearing for 10 days back in the middle of July and then before I turned around it's the end of the month. When I said in my last post, that I hope internet and time don't turn their backs on me, I meant it very seriously and in the end the lack of internet wasn't as much of a problem as the lack of time was... I swear I have no idea where did all this time go. Okay, I have a vague idea about time in Pacug, because I don't think I ever stopped moving around and doing something for 10 days, except for those 4 hours a night on average, when I fell asleep the second I laid on my bed. But since coming home, I've been slowly getting back into my real life and the cloud of having to put up quite a few posts was hanging above my head all the time and I've just been putting it off for as long as possible.
Now I figured it's time I start being productive again, because my holiday time is over, I have to start studying again and to do that I have to get my life back together and that includes updating my little blog. So now I'll go a bit back in time, try to get together a few missing posts - there won't be one for every day, because most of the days since coming back I've been in hibernation mode, but well, it's something *insert that 'it's something' meme here*.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Day 193 of 365: Packing For Seaside

My main occupation for today was throwing things in a suitcase. And when one big suitcase ran out of space, I brought in another smaller one. I think I now have everything. Except all the things that'll go into my backpack and my computer. I must say I'm pretty impressed with my packing skills this year, I feel like they have massively improved. Part of credits for that goes to all those blogposts, with instructions and ideas on how to pack - that way I discovered, that rolling clothes takes up much less space, than just folding them and putting piles in suitcase does.
Maybe another reason, why I feel like I packed so much better this year, is having a new, bigger suitcase. I gave up on those bags on wheels I had in previous years and went and bought a new suitcase. For 28€. Which is apparently cheap for a suitcase. So now, when I pack my beach towels, only a quarter of suitcase is filled up, unlike that bag from last year, where half of it's volume was filled with them.
But, even though I had all this planned packing, I still have some work left to do tomorrow, just packing little things and shoes that I washed today. Somehow I feel I'll still be running around the house 10 minutes before I'll have to leave, frantically searching for things and throwing them in a bag... Someone help me.

p.s.: I'll do my best to keep up with daily posts, I hope internet and time don't turn their backs on me.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Day 192 of 365: Slowly Cooking

You know, 28°C doesn't even sound that hot, but the problem is the fact that those 28°C Snapchat claimed were there, were just taken from internet weather forecasts. Reality was moving more around 34°C at that time. 
But. One more day and I'll be off to the seaside. Where I'll still be slowly cooking, but with a chance to cool down a bit in the sea. Which is, I hope, slightly cooler since that storm a few days ago. 
I remember one time I was in Pacug, it was extremely hot, water had around 26°C - when you jumped into the water, you felt like you continued sweating, just in the water. Then, at some point, a huge storm came over night. When I went to jump in the water the next day, it felt like I jumped into a freezer. I think it cooled down to around 18°C, so it was quite a shock to the system. I kind of hope for that cooler water situation to be a thing when we get there on Monday. Well, as long as I won't be cold when I get out of water, I'll be a happy child.

Day 191 of 365: Last Exam

The day has finally come, when I get to switch off from uni stuff for whole two weeks. I'll be honest here, I feel a bit brain dead now, like I can't form coherent sentences, I think. 
But I did finish off this exam period with a lunch and ice cream with my best friend. We went to Chinese restaurant for a sweet and sour chicken and after that headed to what she claims to be the best home made ice cream in town. Now I was so full that I couldn't possibly eat that ice cream, so I just tried hers and it really was delicious. I made a mental note to myself to get back to that place soon, but without having lunch before. I'll stop talking about food now, before I get hungry at midnight...

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Day 190 of 365: Greek Relaxing Music

You know what? For me, nothing feels more summer-y, than a bit of Greek music. I don't know why, maybe it's a memory back in my mind left from that year I went to Crete and it now just makes me remember those nice times. And it calms me down. So this is what I need now before my last exam of this exam period tomorrow. *goes into another state of mind*

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Day 189 of 365: Tiny Little Guest

I've spent 13 hours at uni today, from 8 am till 9 pm and now I got home and I'm feeling a bit dead. So here's a two picture Snapchat story about how a little ladybird came for a visit. She looked a bit poorly and didn't seem to be able to fully get her wings under the shell. And it was heavily raining outside, so I made her a little house where she can now spend the night and I can go to sleep without feeling guilty of letting a poor little ladybird be out there in ruthless weather conditions. The end.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Day 188 of 365: Office Decor

Every office needs a big plant. That's what I realised today when I came to our student council office at uni and discovered this new big plant that I'm sure wasn't always there. I mean, our office looked alright before, but now this green thing just adds something. I don't know what, something.
Okay, that was all I felt like I needed to share tonight, now I need some sleep before I spend entire day in that office tomorrow, studying for my last exam before a bit of holidays. I hope I won't go crazy.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Day 187 of 365: Black Toes

You know how they say that nail varnish on your toes just lasts forever? Well, that is in fact true and usually repainting my toe nails get to my daily to-do list just because I feel like changing the colour...
And today I did just that. I went from some kind of orange-y pink to black. Which sounds a bit drastic and I had to get used to seeing black colour on my toes again, but it's really one of my favourites. Will probably stay in place until the end of summer.

Day 186 of 365: British GP

After what was probably the most surprising start and an unexpected turn in events in the last third of the race, at the end it was Lewis Hamilton who picked up the winning trophy after all. This is probably how you could describe British GP at Silverstone today in one sentence. 
When I tuned in 10 minutes late to the start (because lunch), I didn't expect that I'd already see 4 drivers out, and then another 3 following them throughout the race. What was even more surprising, to I think all of us, was Massa and Botas leading the way in front of both Mercedes drivers? I'll be honest, when I first checked the leaderboard on F1 website I thought it was a mistake. Until I saw that rare phenomenon on my computer screen. 
What then bugged me through the whole race, was how the director seemed to only focus on Mercedes cars and cars they were battling with. You know, when during other races, there is a bit of attention on most of drivers, they show when there's a battle for, I don't know, 7th place, 12th place and so on? When they actually show laps from cameras on cars of drivers who are further back on the grid? I didn't notice that happening yesterday. Now someone tell me if I was just blind from stress of studying, or was it really the case, that the main focus of yesterday's race were both Mercedes cars and well, a bit of Williams, until they got lost somewhere behind Vettel?
However, at the end, podium looked like it already did a lot of times this year, with Hamilton, Rosberg and Vettel on first three places shared between them, in one combination or another. I was quite happy with the fact that Ferrari managed to climb up on the podium (me being their fan is kind of what I grew up with, as uncle is the biggest Ferrari fan). And for that I guess we can say thank you to that surprise package of rain that came from somewhere towards the end of the race.
Also, how adorably happy was Alonso at the end for getting his first point this season? 

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Day 185 of 365: July Playlist

Music time! I'm not even going to say much, besides that this is kind of my summer playlist. I say kind of, because it does change a bit every few days. You know, constantly adding or removing a song or two. But I think I can say that currently I'm quite happy with it. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'm hooked on a feeling pa pa ra paaaam...

Friday, 3 July 2015

Day 184 of 365: Serial

Here's a thing: when I find a new show that I really like, I have to watch every single episode from the start in the shortest time period possible. Not that this (me really liking a show) happens often, I mean, it only happened a few times up until now, but it does happen, okay. And now I ventured from TV series to podcasts apparently.
I've heard about Serial podcast at some point last year already, I've also had a bookmark to their site in my 'check out' folder, but never got around to listening to it. Until two days ago. Because, well obviously, trust me to start watching/listening to a new thing while I really should be studying. However; I started listening to Serial two days ago, without actually knowing what's it all about. I just knew they were solving a crime. And that was enough to have my attention.
Then, a few episodes in on a first day, I realised 'wait, this is an actual case that happened 16 years ago, that they're talking about here'. This might sound like an unimportant detail, but in reality, on how everything is evolving and especially on how it ends, the fact that it's an actual real life case, seems the only logical thing here. You see, I'll be honest here, if this was a made up story, I'd be disappointed by the ending. Yes, I did listen to all 12 episodes in three days, in case you were wondering. But seeing as this is a real life case the ending seems satisfying, even though we're far from having all the answers. And with that, I am a bit disappointed that working on the same case won't continue into the next season.
I could write probably an entire novel here about this podcast and what I think of it, the story, the characters, who I think did anything, but I'd give away way too many spoilers and no one would want to read that anyways. Not even me.
So for today, here's a recommendation to go give Serial podcast a chance if you haven't already, and maybe give me some ideas for any other podcasts I could listen to. 

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Day 183 of 365: Halfway Through / A Song #9

Today, at 183th day, we're exactly in the middle of 2015. Half of the year has gone by, half has yet to come. It's a really strange feeling, as I feel like I have just watched the fireworks from Ljubljana castle, I have just started writing this blog on the first day of new year, I have just made my new year's resolutions. And yet here we are, 183 days later, in the middle of a heatwave, actually. I now have 182 days more of daily posts left to accomplish my goal [if you don't know what I'm talking about, maybe go see the 'about me' page].
I thought I'd do a bit of recap of first half of the year, but I'm currently in a state of I'll-fall-asleep-on-my-keyboard-any-second-now, so let's leave that for tomorrow.
For today I'll leave you with recent Live Lounge from BBC Radio 1 with Lost Frequencies. Enjoy.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Day 182 of 365: Something For Blonde Hair

Leeeeet's talk about this pair on the picture above. Today I stocked up on these two, it's my go-to summer hair combination (also in rotation with a shampoo that's supposed to revive hair colour). I've been dying my hair blonde for 2 years now and I started out with the darkest blonde shade, or the thing with the least amount of peroxide or something like that? I'm not a hair expert, I'd rather not dye my hair myself as it would probably turn disastrous, so I entrust that job to my hairdresser. However, even though I've had my roots dyed with lighter shade every time, during summer, I'm very much relying on sun to do it's job with helping my hair go lighter. And if I have a shampoo and conditioner to help the sun lighten my hair, than that's a perfect combination.
This is basically probably the cheapest shampoo and conditioner you can get in drugstore, at around 1,60€ each. But they do their jobs. So bring on the heatwave with loads of sun (and temperatures only up to 35°C please, thank you). The only problem will be trying to match the colour of my roots to the rest of hair, when a visit to hairdresser comes around on schedule again...