Sunday, 31 May 2015

Day 151 of 365: A Month From My Phone Photo Album

Here we go again, with a monthly recap of moments that my camera managed to capture.

1. When you feel like eating pancakes, you go and make some pancakes. Even if it's 10 pm already. 2. Testing speed of GPIB, RS232 and USB connections. With nicely colour coordinated oscilloscope probes. Much fun. If only it wouldn't start at 8 in the morning already... 3. My little cousin had her first Holy Communion and after the mass, there was a big lunch on the menu. We basically had some time before the cake came in, so we were smiling for the camera, because there's never too many photos, isn't it? 4. The main road through the centre of Ljubljana is being renovated, which is nice. Part of the road is already opened for pedestrians, it looks quite lovely if you don't look too close. The other part is yet to be finished and the whole thing is yet to be opened for buses, but I think no one actually know when this will happen... 5. It was my grandpa's 70th birthday and he took us out for a lunch. Highlight of the day were bowls of strawberries and this really nice looking cappuccino. 6. When it's really warm and really sunny, sitting on a terrace with a nice cold smoothie is the best way to spend your free time. 7. Here's my 'Good morning, I just got out of bed and got ready and now I'm drinking coffee on my balcony' look. Took this one from Snapchat actually. 8. These ducks sometimes wander around our local grocery store (that's located next to a river) and don't even care about people walking around. They'll just come, sit there and when they've had enough, they'll go back to the riverside. 9. It was time for Eurovision finale. I spent it on a sofa with my mum, cheering for Australia and Italy. 10. Is it weird, if I say that my favourite part of running in the evening is watching clouds? 11. We had a visit the other day, my dad's best friend bought and old Mustang 68' and completely renovated it. Such a beauty. 12. This was the aftermath of yesterday's concert. Tea and cake with lovely people. We chatted until the café got closed at 11 pm. 

Day 150 of 365: Concert

Today's evening was spent in Ljubljana philharmonie, listening to academic choir. I went with my high school music teacher and two other friends, basically to listen and see three singers from our choir. And we had an excuse to go for a coffee and cake before and after concert. 
I kind of got home at midnight and then I've been chatting to my mum for an hour, before we decided to go to sleep and there's an annual party going on around 200 meters from our house, so I've got some live music playing in the distance and my brain stopped functioning a while ago, so I'll be back with more coherent post tomorrow. I hope this makes sense. 

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Day 149 of 365: I Watched - Kingsman: The Secret Service

Picture found on almighty Google.
Alright, so I'm not really a movie person, but every now and again I'll watch one. And today's choice is Kingsman: The Secret Service. Well, I mostly played this one because my friend appears in it twice, for approximately 3 seconds and I really wanted to see that, but anyways overall the movie is quite likeable. Of course it stops making any sense at all at some points, I mean, heads exploding like fireworks and in different colours? But I'm not very critical viewer, I take everything with a pinch of salt and a laugh and it's all good. And you can never go wrong with Colin Firth, now can you? 

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Day 148 of 365: #ThrowbackThursday - Pacug

Today's throwback goes to last summer, to Pacug - a little bay somewhere on Slovenian short coast between Strunjan and Piran. Actually most of the place is a kids resort, that's (obviously) full of children from around May till September. And while in May, June and September there are mostly schools with their pupils, during summer holidays, it's a place for kids aged from 5 to 15, to spend 10 days of their summer holidays with their peers from all over Ljubljana and nearby municipalities. 
Watching over a group of kids for 10 days has been my summer job for the past few years. And I love it. Even though they sometimes get on my nerves and sometimes I have to raise my voice to get them all together, they get under my skin, really. I mean, we're there on holidays, to have fun, so it's kind of logical for them to get a little bit wild. I've been on their place, when I used to come to Pacug as a kid and when you're a teenager, the last thing you want to hear is a teacher annoying you on your holidays, when all you want to do is sit on the beach in your jeans shorts (because swimming is lame and you can't get your hair wet by any chance), spend time on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook (that's popular nowadays, when I was in their place, smartphones didn't exist yet) and talk to boys/girls. 
So this place for me is basically a place where I forget everything that's going on in my life, enjoy sun and make fool out of myself for the sake of kid's entertainment and I can't wait to go back in around a month and a half.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Day 147 of 365: A Song #5

When it comes to listening to music in cars, I have two different modes. One is for when I'm in my mum's car (brum brum), where I either put a CD in or listen to one of three stations that are saved and therefore easy to access. The other is for when I'm in my dad's car, which is more than 10 year old and it still has a cassette player built in. And a display that won't show which radio station I'm listening to. I did once buy a cassette that you connect to your phone for that car, it's still in there, but I have a feeling it's not playing stereo anymore and that's annoying. So what I usually do, when I'm in my dad's car is just click the next button and try to find some music playing. And when a song finishes on one station and they start to roll commercials I just go to the next station. 
So, the other I was in my dad's car and caught the last minute or so of this song, that really sounded like summer. Don't ask me how I got to this conclusion, I just did. Here's the song:

I mean it's apparently more than a year old, but who cares about age of music anyways, eh? Go give it a listen, you might instantly like it, as I did:)

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Day 146 of 365: Clouds

I really like those days, when you go for a run in the evening and there seems to be this amazing performance going on in the sky, with white clouds of all shapes just wandering around and sun rays shining through them, making it seem like the heaven has opened. 
Now, since my only camera is on my phone and it is also the only thing I have with me, when I go for a run (so Nike Running app can show me how the length of one kilometer is different every day), all of the pictures I take of clouds are not as awesome as they could have been, but it's the message that counts, isn't it?
So here I have a selection of a few photos I took, when clouds made me stop my run and stand in awe. I don't even know what it is that I like so much about them... 

Monday, 25 May 2015

Day 145 of 365: May Book - The Girl On The Train

I know I know. I said in February that I'd read a book per month and then failed miserably. There are two new books waiting to be read on my bookshelf, but I have yet to open them. However, the other day last week I stopped by my high school and decided to go say hi to one of my favourite professors, my mentor, when I was the editor of school's newspaper. She's actually the librarian and while we were waiting for water for tea to boil, I was wandering around library and looking at books. And there, between new arrivals I spotted The Girl On The Train. I've heard good stuff about the book, people saying, that if you liked Gone Girl, you'll like this one and I've been thinking about buying it for some time now. She (the librarian) then somehow still found my name in school's database, ene though I've been out of there for three years already and the book came home with me.
I opened the first page of the book today around midday. It's now 11:03 pm and I have just finished it. I did sadly have to put it down for three or for hours during the day, but was otherwise glued to it most of the time. My entire afternoon was spent with the book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. And I can now agree with everyone saying that A Girl On The Train is indeed a really good book. It's about a woman who catches the same train every morning and evening and that train stops at the same point every day, where she has overview of a row of houses. She's watching people who live in these houses and creates her own versions of lives she thinks they live. Until one day she sees something unusual and that's where things start to get complicated. Okay, so there's a lot of f**ked up characters in the book, but you keep asking yourself from the beginning till the end, who did what and what is actually true and who's connected to who; and the really nice thing is that the ending is not obvious from the start. It's not even obvious from the middle of the book. Actually comes clear only towards the end. It is also more satisfying then the ending of Gone Girl. You feel like the book ended on the right note. I mean as right as it can be, with what has been happening through the story.
So, general conclusion would be 5 stars for this book, I need more. Although I'll now swap nice books for uni reading material for a while.. Maybe June book will be my maths book, who knows...

Day 144 of 365: Favourite Five - Spring

So, that global warming thing that everyone is always talking about... How about we blame it for ruining the transition from winter to summer that we used to call spring and actually lasted for a month or three? I mean seriously, there used to be a season of warm temperatures, when sun came back from behind the clouds, all the flowers started blooming and we could walk around in shirts and hoodies. Now we almost go from a period of winter coats straight into swimsuit and I don't think that's normal. And I majorly don't like it just because I am a big fan of walking around in hoodies, when it's warm enough to leave your coat at home, but still not so hot, that you feel like you're in the oven at 200°C if you stand on the sun for more than two minutes.
However, enough complaining, spring is the time for happiness and spring cleaning (haa ha) and here are my five favourite things about it.

1. It's warm enough, so you can put your winter coat away in the back of your wardrobe, but still cold enough to be cold in just a t-shirt and the perfect piece of clothing for that weather is a hoodie. 

2. Sun stays out for longer. Hello bright sunny sky at 8 pm.

3. Storms. There's something really calming in storms. Maybe I just love the sound of a lightning.

4. Return of ice cream! I mean, return of ice cream stands, where you can get ice cream in a cone. Everyone loves those (although I usually swap a cone for a plastic cup, because cones are not really my favourite).

5. Finally, this one might sound a bit weird, but what I really like about spring is, how it motivates me to get my life together again, to clean places around me, to start again with my new year's resolutions that I forgot about. It makes me not want to just curl up in bed and drink a cup of tea, but actually do something with my life, is what my point probably was.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Day 143 of 365: We Have a Winner

So this shall be the last post with Eurovision content. I really enjoyed the entire show actually, until it came to giving points. Then I was more and more disappointed with every point given. Or maybe just bored, because watching three countries getting all the high points is really not entertaining at all. And the same applies to countries giving points to their neighbours (except for us of course, we didn't get any points from our neighbours - thanks Italy, Austria and Hungary, that was really nice of you).  I wouldn't mind that much if all three songs were really amazing. But, okay Italy was amazing, Sweden on the other hand was quite average, the animation giving it that bit of magic and well, Russia was really not good at all? 
It seems like this year Sweden's tactic of sending a good looking guy (whose name I can even begin to pronounce) with somehow catchy song went down well again. And also slightly better than in 2011, when they finished 3rd. So, congratulations is in order, for winning Eurovision for the second time in what, 4 years? Now let's hear the winning song again. And let's try to only listen and decide, what we feel like about it.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Day 142 of 365: Found My Favourite

Alright, so it's Eurovision finale tomorrow. Slovenia got through! This is a really rare occasion for us, so we're quite happy about it. Especially because the song isn't that bad at all (well, I wouldn't mind if the singer sang with her normal voice), although everyone only has comments about those damn (and actually really irrelevant) headphones.
Now, I know I said two days ago, that I purposely didn't listen to any songs beforehand when it comes to semi finals, this time around I'm a bit more prepared and after being teased with little clips of songs from 'the great five', or however they call it, I went and listened to all of the songs, that remained unheard until now. So, after being a bit disappointed after both semi-finals, because there was no song, that I would absolutely fall in love with (there were some nice songs, but there was no no. 1, you know), I think I might be able to get my top 5 Eurovision 2015 songs list together now. Because I found my favourite. And it comes from Australia. I mean, I'm normally that person, who's always questioning the name of Eurovision, since there are countries outside of Europe being on participants list every year (with songs, that really don't float my boat) and I had a massive what the hell? face, when I heard Australia was competing this year, but when I heard their song, I suddenly didn't mind them at all. That's something I still can't say about some other not-so-European countries, but let's leave out the details.
However, here's the favourite 5 songs, I was talking about:

1. Australia. I just fell in love with that one straight away. And then laughed for ages, when I saw a comment on Twitter saying 'oh silly Australians, they still think the point of Eurovision is having a good song', because it's pretty damn accurate:D

2. Italy. Well, Italy really surprised me this year. Okay, to be honest, I only remember them from 2011, when they got to 2nd place with a what-the-hell-was-that song and I haven't really liked them since because of that and then they never had a song that would change my mind. Until this year, because they got their own version if Il Divo, with suspiciously similar name, too, and it's really working for me. Go Italy!

3. United Kingdom. Ha. I know it's kind of a weird song, but I like it. It kind of reminds me of this Slovenian song, but then again it doesn't, I can't really explain it. Although, because of the way they made a video and all, I'm a bit scared, how the actually performance will turn out. But, it's all about the song here at Eurovision, isn't it? Oh, wait...

4. Slovenia. Well, a person has to support their own, right? I do wish she'd sing with her normal voice though, but despite that, it's a catchy song. And I really couldn't care less about those headphones.

5. Estonia. This one was, I think, the only song I liked from the first semi-final. I don't really have anything else to say about it, it's a song I could just listen to all the time. It actually seems like a perfect song for rainy days, that are currently happening in our region.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Day 141 of 365: A Tumblr Post #2

It's been a day of very undecided weather. It looked like it was going to rain most of the time, then at some point there were little rain drops falling from the sky, but majorly it was just a day of clouds and sleepy feeling. Since it wasn't actually raining, I had to imagine it (the or really help with that), and with a sound of rain in my mind it only felt appropriate to spend some time in my bean bag with a cup of tea and a Tumblr tab opened. I don't really know where I'm going with this, so here's a selection of things that I found and really liked.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Day 140 of 365: Sounds Like Eurovision

It's Eurovision time again. I almost forgot about it. So, in light of yesterday's and upcoming events, I gathered together a little playlist of a few of my favourite Eurovision songs from past couple of years. 
I have to admit, I wasn't really impressed by this year's first semi final. I'm still waiting for a song that'll blow my mind. And I haven't listened to any of the songs beforehand, so it's all about first impressions. Okay, I only listened to Italy's song today, because I heard a little bit yesterday and it looked like they brought their version of Il Divo with them and I had to be sure (for the record - they did bring their own version of Il Divo and it's not bad at all). Now bring on the second semi final. I'll get the popcorn, you get the drinks.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Day 139 of 365: The Smell of Summer

One of the signature smells of summer is definitely the smell of sun screen. I've had a day of working outside in the sun from 1 pm to 4 pm, so it kind of felt necessary to bring the sun screen into action (although I've never been the biggest fan, because of the feeling it leaves on the skin and how I never got any tan anyways). So I found the Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze in one of the cupboards. Apparently it does all these wonderful things from protecting your skin from sun to helping you produce more melanin for more natural tan or something like that. And it promises 0% of fake tan. Which is good for me, because knowing myself, a self tanning attempt would most likely end up in a massive disaster.
However, the conclusion of today is a promise to myself to use sun screen regularly this year. Since I used to hate using it. No more damaging my skin on sun without sun screen for me and the thing on the picture above will be my best buddy from now on. 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Day 138 of 365: Black Is Back

After months of resorting to lighter or nude nail colours, today I pulled the black nail varnish out of my everything-nails box. I might have mentioned this previously, but I really don't like dark/bold colours on my nails when they're short, because I'm strange like that. So when I feel that my nails are long enough, black nail varnish makes an appearance. I shall now wear this colour all the time for next few weeks, maybe months. Or until I'll have to go somewhere, where black nails aren't really appropriate.
Oh and the varnish that has been the topic of this post is from Catrice Cosmetics, in colour 39 Black To The Routes. I think that's all.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Day 137 of 365: A Song #4

Past few evenings really had that summer feel to it. And then yesterday, while shuffling songs, my iTunes found this one. I don't know why, but this song just feels right for late spring/early summer. It's been on repeat for past 24 hours...

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Day 136 of 365: So Much Food

Birthdays are generally a really nice thing. The only problem I have with them is the part of celebration, that usually contains way too much food. Don't get me wrong, food is great and delicious, but it's so easy to eat too much and then feel like you've eaten a helium balloon. 
So today we celebrated my grandpa's 70th birthday and of course there was a lunch in plan. I forgot to take a picture of the main course, only remembered to snap a few pictures of dessert, which contained fruit, biscuits and coffee. And let's not even talk about the cake at the end, which looked gorgeous and tasted amazing, but I was filling up the very last bit of my stomach with that slice. At some point I was already convinced I won't need to eat for next few days. Thankfully the table was also stocked up with water, otherwise I'd probably roll out of the restaurant. 
OK Google, remind me to go for a run tomorrow...

Day 135 of 365: Café Romeo

If you're ever cruising around Ljubljana, with an hour to spare and a stomach that needs food, here's an idea for you: Cafe Romeo. They offer Mexican food, fusion food (I don't know what this one means), desserts - most importantly: delicious pancakes.
It's basically a place with nice interior, nice table level if you sit by the window (table is almost the level of the street outside) and delicious food. I stopped by for a quesadilla with chicken (the third picture), while my friend got a shrimp burrito. Both portions were the smallest you can get. Because we went there at 10:30 in the morning. So I guess I could say it was an hour spent better than if I were just waiting on a bus station for my bus to arrive.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Day 134 of 365: New Chocolate Discovery

The other day I tried some new chocolate. Daim. Okay, it's not really new, but I tried it for the first time. I think. And I might have eaten an entire pack of these in just two days and a half. I was really holding myself back, so I didn't eat them all in an hour or so. But they're sooo delicious. Not the cheapest type of chocolate - a pack of those costs around 2.8€. But despite the price tag and the fact that chocolate sticks to your teeth massively, they're totally worth it. I just must not buy them too often, because as long as they'll sit in a bowl on my desk, I'll eat them. It's like poison, once you start eating it, you can't stop...

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Day 133 of 365: New Ljubljana

There's this main street going through the centre of Slovenia's capital city. And this main street, that majority of buses and all the taxis drive through and tons of people cross everyday, has been closed for a few months now, because apparently it was time for it to get a new look. Half of it is still closed down actually, which makes moving around being still a bit difficult, since you never know where you can cross to get to the other side of the road and where you can't, but the other half of the street has recently been opened - last Saturday, I think - and well, it looks really lovely. I'm not exactly sure now, how the people responsible for this, imagined all the traffic will flow, since the part meant for cars seems to be significantly smaller than what it looked like before. Maybe it'll be only opened for buses, that would be extremely lovely. I'm sure there's an actual plan for this project in existence somewhere, but I'll let myself be surprised when it's all finished. Although with what it looks like now, I'm not sure, how soon that will happen...

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Day 132 of 365: Going For A Ride

Who would say no to an invitation to outdoor karting, especially when there's a cheaper ticket involved? Not me. Our student organization group organised an event, basically it was a round of karting and then the best few got another chance, so at the end we got the fastest electrical engineering student. What was the prize for it, I don't know. Neither do I know who won, since I didn't stay for long. I left soon after my time on the track was over, because, well, I wasn't exactly the fastest in comparison to all the guys there and there wasn't any chance for me to get on track once more. But I had fun, none the less. These petrol karts are a bit different to drive, than the electric ones I'm usually driving. So I might need some more practice here, before I try to compete with anyone else again...

Monday, 11 May 2015

Day 131 of 365: Favourite Five - Artists

First one of this month's favourite five contains a few (okay, five) of my favourite artists. I believe you already know them all, but if you by any chance don't, go and check them out.

1. Ellie Goulding - who doesn't love her? Her voice? Her songs? And her hair? She's a babe and every song she brings out is awesome. My favourite song from her? This:

2. Ed Sheeran - I do like feel none of these artists really need any explanation on why they're my favourite whatsoever, so I'll just paste my favourite song of every single one of them and that'll be it, really.

3. Kaiser Chiefs - I can't even believe that after knowing about them when Ruby was out, I forgot about them until last spring...

4. Mumford & Sons - They're back! Yay! And I love the new stuff. My favourite is an old one, though.

5. Muse - I can't decide about my favourite here... It's either Panic Station, Survival, Psycho or Resistance...

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Day 130 of 365: Family Time & Awesome Sky

Today was one of those Sunday's that was spent with a bit larger number of family members. It was my little cousin's first holy communion, so we went to church in the morning (alright, it was 10 am, not that much morning anymore) and then spent lunch time at my auntie's flat, where she brought out so much food, I almost had to roll out of their flat into our car. It was all extremely delicious though. 
After getting home, the afternoon consisted of hugging and squeezing our neighbour's dog and then dragging my brother out for a run. Which served us with a really awesome view of evening sky. I had to kick myself to get moving forward, otherwise I'd just stand there, in the middle of fields, looking at that. I must say it was even more majestic in real life, picture here really doesn't do it justice.
What I can also conclude from today is, that it's finally getting warm enough for me to sit on my balcony even at night, without freezing. I mean, I'm still wearing a hoodie and sweatpants, but the 'without freezing' is the key part. The only problem I have is that my laptop screen is light enough to attract a few little insects that are now flying around me. Which probably means I have to move inside, possibly into bed, because otherwise I won't get up in time tomorrow morning.

Day 129 of 365: Another Nail Varnish...

...because, why not? My nails have grown enough now for me to paint them different colour every few days and that's exactly what I'm doing. Besides spending money for a few new shades. I came across 'The Nudes' range from Essence the other day and with all of the shades looking really lovely, the one named 'You're So Beautiful' found itself in my bag as I left the store. And it's just my kind of shade, so it'll be worn a lot, although it can be a bit of pain in the arse to put on...

Friday, 8 May 2015

Day 128 of 365: May Wishlist

All pictures were found on the world wide web.
It's time for another list of things I wish to have. Here come all the realistic and unrealistic wishes...

1. My lifelong wish is (and will be, probably for ever) having a designated corner for reading. I have had a lot of ideas of a really big nice armchair and an oldschool lamp next to a huge bookshelf, but then came across this photo on Tumblr. Needless to say I fell in love. Hard. 

2. Another month, another Zara bag, I mean this is getting ridiculous. If it'll make it sound more normal, I can tell you I didn't actually buy any of those bags (yet). Mostly because I really like the bag on a picture and then realise it's totally too small for me. Because I like my bags to be capable of carrying my entire life around. And the kitchen sink, or whatever they say.

3. I feel like most of this wishlist will consist of some kind of bags. Here's a make-up bag. From Hannah Maggs. I'm really in love with the vlogs she and her husband Stef make, their video is the one I'm most impatiently waiting for every Sunday. And apart from filming their lives, they also have a really nice make-up bag collection. I kind of want all of them, although I don't know what I'd use them for.

4. Watch out - it's another bag, haha. This one's from Etsy. Look at this beauty. I don't know what it is, but I need this in my life. Soon.

5. Here comes the Zara dress. I was thinking about getting a more colourful dress for my little cousins communion this weekend, found this one on Zara website, really liked it, but guess what, didn't get to buying it. So it remains on my wishlist now. And besides, it costs 50€. I don't have that much money for a dress I'll wear maybe a few times a year...

6. A cute little ring. How much cuter can you get? Not much...

7. Finally, a phone tripod. It's just one of the things that you can live without most of the time, but when you get it, you just use it and wonder, how you survived without it before...

Day 127 of 365: An Evening Run

It's one of these days, where I spent the entire day out - first at uni, then, when I got home, I went for an evening run, where I saw a mother duck with the tiiiiny cutest little ducklings and an amazing view at the river, later on I got sucked into watching a documentary about first civilisations and at 11 pm I remembered I have a blog post to write. And I'm already so tired, my brain is slowly melting away and I can't think properly anymore. So, the only thing you're getting is a picture of that view by the river. It took me ages of blurry pictures coming up, before I realised that my phone camera lens had some fingerprint or something on it. After solving that problem, I just needed it to focus more on the grass than the river and the sun behind it. I'm quite happy with the result.
What I learned today is, that evening runs are really relaxing. Since we're almost in summer right now, with 27°C during the day, running around 7 or 8 pm, when it's not as hot anymore, is really nice. Even more so, if you're watching the sunset at the same time. I think I'll repeat this evening routine now on a daily basis. Just to clear my mind. And stretch my legs, after sitting behind the desk for the rest of the day. That being said, it'll probably rain tomorrow and I'll grumpily stay inside (let's hope not).

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Day 126 of 365: Kind Of Curls?

There's one thing I'm really sure of, when it comes to my hair: it looks awful when straight(ened). And I learned that at one point when I was 14, when I had my hair straightened at hairdressers for the first time, for the end of primary school dance. Some kind of mini prom. Or however you call it. After that night, I promised myself I'll never straighten my hair again. Maybe someday I'll start doing just that, but for now it still doesn't look good, when straightened, at all. So to avoid that problem on everyday basis, what I do is just wash it every other day and then tie them up in a bun and sleep on it, so when I wake up my hair looks sometimes weird and sometimes not, but always somehow curly or wavy. 
However, from time to time (although it happens reeeaallly rarely) I can be bothered to actually turn on my curling iron, curl my hair and then use a ton of hairspray to make the creation stay for longer than 10 minutes. I mean if not by anything else, I can tell how heavy my hair is by how fast a curl can disappear into nothing if there's too little or no hairspray involved. 
Yesterday was one of those curling iron days. I figured, that if I wash my hair in the evening, curl it and then go to sleep, I wake up in the morning with more loose curls, looking just lovely (maybe they got a bit too loose today, but who cares). So why not take a picture of it, so I can not succeed in doing this exactly like that ever again. Also, I think I might need to get my roots done at some point in near future...

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Day 125 of 365: Youtube Discovery

When it comes to Youtube, I'm usually the one to just stick to my subscription box and just watch all the new videos that appear in there and look interesting enough. I feel pretty content with my list of people, that I'm subscribed to and I don't feel the need to be on a lookout for new channels to watch. But then, from time to time, I discover a new person, that becomes my new favourite. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I basically watch all of this person's videos in a day or a few. 
Today I discovered Casey Neistat. Well, I heard about him before, but never got around to watching his videos. And when I saw one of his vlogs this afternoon... Well, let's just say I'm on video no. 14 a few hours later. Don't know what it is, but his videos are really lovely to watch. Here goes my productivity...

Monday, 4 May 2015

Day 124 of 365: Lovely Times

Every now and again it's nice to just walk through the city and maybe discover a new view. That's what I did today. Basically all those pictures were taken from one spot, or maybe a few meters apart. It was a lovely time spent with my other half just sitting beside the Ljubljanica river, watching a few boats go by and enjoy a bit of peaceful time. It was also the first time I actually took a moment to sit at that spot, relax and enjoy the view and I was quite amazed by how cute the city looks from this side.