Thursday, 30 April 2015

Day 120 of 365: A Month In Instagram Posts

Let's see how the past month looked like on my Instagram.

1. The month started off with beautiful weather. I love mornings when I can drink my coffee on a balcony with sun shining in my face. 2. Apparently there's a short time window for seeing Japanese cherry blossom being in it's most beautiful state. I've never seen that before in real life, until now. It's so beautiful. 3. Of course it's nice to see the sky without a single cloud, but I quite like those soft white clouds just being here and there on the sky. At this point there was one of these and the sun decided to hide behind it. 4. I bought a new muuuug. It's a porcelain mug for taking my tea on the go. I love it. 5. I went to Momax with my mum and aunt. Aunt brought home this doormat. Who doesn't love a welcoming zebra? 6. Easter tiiiimeee! I ate way to many chocolate eggs... 7. Spending time before choir practice also included eating lunch in the middle of Congress Square. Lovely times. 8. And then at breaks during choir practice we were mostly doing stupid things like tying together shoelaces of people sleeping on a couch. 9. So after so much work at choir practice we needed to refuel ourselves with latte macchiatos. 10. Nearing the end of the month, when I wasn't singing I was at uni. And our office there is a really peaceful place this year. I like it. 11. The choir concert was great! I loved every minute of it, even if we were doing some stupid things on that stage. And here are the flowers that soloists got at the end. They're still kind of alive. 12. It's not even May and the ice cream season has been opened. With some very tasty white chocolate with cherry flavoured ice cream. Mmmmm.

Day 119 of 365: Something With A View

Today I went for a short morning (I say morning, it was 11 am) trip to a nearby hill, for a bit of recreation and a bit of relaxation; laying on a bench on sunshine, listening only to birds and wind as I almost fell asleep. Only I didn't, because, well, I know it's only April, but sun can already be really hot. Especially if you're dressed in all black, ha. So I did have to move under the trees at some point, only for sun to disappear behind the clouds at that very moment, thank you sun. 
What's good about this hill is the fact that the only thing at the top is a little church, so there's not that many people visiting it. I like peaceful and calm places like that, it kind of makes me want to grab my books, bring them with me and study there... 

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Day 118 of 365: A Headache / A Song #3

Aaaaand it's happening again. I wish I knew the reason for my lovely (not really) headaches. Now, I'd love to write something nice and understandable here, but I'm not sure I can in this current state. So here's a song. A song that doesn't make my head hurt even more. Surprise surprise, it's from a movie soundtrack. Enjoy.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Day 117 of 365: Another Tea

Is this getting boring? Two tea posts in three days? I'd just talk about tea all the damn time. The thing is, that the other day when I bought the strawberry and vanilla one, I also got this mint with cranberry and herbs tea. It smells like mint. Obviously. I'd like everything to smell like that. Fresh and all. What is also one of the best things about this tea is, and this may sound ridiculous but I don't care, the pyramid shaped tea bags. Don't know why I like them so much, but they just add to the amazingness of the entire thing.
So, I believe I just found the new perfect tea for that before-going-to-bed-cup-of-tea. Because I feel all relaxed now, after drinking it. Perfect for snoozing away. And since I'm almost snoozing on my keyboard right now, it's probably time to say goodnight. So, goodnight.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Day 116 of 365: Sunny Sunday

What a better day to get back into workout routine than a sunny Sunday, eh? 
Okay, I have to admit, that new year's resolution about working out every day, didn't really work out (ha) for the last two months or so. At some point I really didn't have time and energy for it, because of uni work and choir practice, so I kind of stopped, and then I found another excuse every day, as to why I'm not just getting back into it. You know that theory, how it's the easiest to start at the beginning of a week or a month? Yeah, that's bullshit, really. It's basically an excuse to postpone doing anything. However, today was a really nice day and after sleeping until 11 am I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to get my bum moving. So I made my brother put on some running appropriate shoes and go for a short run with me. 20 minutes long run was actually the only thing I could make him do, so I did the squats and sit-ups and weight lifting after that by myself. 
The only thing left to do now, is to keep up with it every day. I'll do my best, despite the weather forecast not being to much in favour of any outdoor activity in next few days.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Day 115 of 365: Tea Time

If I could, I'd just drink tea all the time. A cup of tea for breakfast, a cup of tea for lunch, a cup of tea for dinner and of course for every meal in between. Although I don't think my stomach would agree with that, which is actually the only thing stopping me from doing so.
However, I think I already talked about this, but I have different teas for different times of day (not that I always drink specific tea at specific part of the day, but sometimes I do). And somewhere in that menu is a fruit tea. I usually find one that I really love and then repurchase it endlessly. But the other day I ran out of the latest favourite one and since I couldn't find it again anywhere, I went for a browse in a store for a new one, that would look, smell and taste delicious. And I got it. I was thinking about trying Loyd tea for quite some time now, but never got around to purchasing it. Yesterday that mission finally succeeded. I got a strawberry & vanilla fruit tea. It's the best thing ever. Because who doesn't love a bit of strawberry and vanilla? Also, the smell of this could be used as an air freshener or something, one tea bag made my whole room smell amazing. So, for now that tea menu I was talking about at the beginning is put in a corner, because I just drink this one all day. It's like happiness in a mug. Delicious happiness in a mug.

Day 114 of 365: The Softest Blanket

As I'm a really cold person, I could usually do with another layer of clothing and there's no time, when I don't need, or when I wouldn't want to have a blanket around. For entire winter, I have one Ikea blanket on my mattress, and another under my top sheet. And then another one on my bean bag, for times, when I just sit there. But, surprise surprise, the other day I went to Mömax and I bought another one. This one is thinner than the others, but oh my god is it soft as hell. Okay, not literally soft as hell, but you know what I mean. The newest blanket addition is now my best friend whenever I'm sitting at my desk or sleeping in the bean bag. Because let's face it, it's impossible to stay awake, when you're all nested in a huge bean bag. 
However, I'm now thinking about buying 100 more of these blankets and making a fort out of them. It would be the softest thing eveeeer. Maybe that's not such a bad idea...

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Day 113 of 365: Ice Cream Season

I think it was about time for ice cream season to be opened. And today I did just that. Although I'm not exactly sure, if it's any good for my coughing that's happening at the moment, it felt good. And with the Sunday concert being done, so I don't have to sing really good anytime soon, I don't really care, if my voice gets a tiny bit worse because of a cup of ice cream. 
With that season being opened, there will probably soon appear a need to restock our freezer with Hofer(Aldi) ice cream. Because they make the best ice cream, from those that you can buy in shops. Of course there's still no ice cream that can compare to the one you can get outside at ice cream stand, that they put in a cornet. Although I always ask for a cup, because I don't like cornets. Saying that, I'm probably the only person in the world, who doesn't like cornets... Please tell me I'm not the only person in the world, who doesn't like cornets??

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Day 112 of 365: It's Quite Warm Outside

After a really long time, today I missed the bus and decided not to wait for an hour for the next one, but instead take a walk towards home. It's a good half an hour walk, could go up to 45 minutes if you walk really slowly. The best part of it is that you don't have to walk on a main road, but can take a small side road, where you rarely meet a car, since only people who live in that area drive there. And then you get to a part of the road, which looks like what you can see on pictures above. It's pretty peaceful, with a distanced sound of traffic and you can see the highest mountain in Slovenia from one point. I didn't get a picture of that, because my phone isn't capable of taking one, where you could see Triglav in all it's glory.
Now someone tell me, why would I switch this for living somewhere closer to city centre? 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Day 111 of 365: Favourite Five - Nail Varnish

For today, here are my current favourite five nail varnishes.

1. Manhattan Quick Dry 60 Seconds 710T. It's a lovely dark blue with tiny little sparkles in it. This one has been my favourite for a long long time... Probably the longest time.

2. ArtDeco Natural French Look 189 is the loveliest nude colour. It's a light one, you can still see your nail through it, no matter how many coats you apply, but you can see there's something on your nails with the first coat, and it just makes you nails look simple, but 100 times better. This is my second bottle and it's disappearing too fast for my liking.

3. Catrice Black To The Routes 39. A basic black, because who doesn't love a bit of black nails?

4. Essie Sand Tropez. This is my first Essie nail varnish and I used it so much, it's almost empty and very dry these days. I might need to repurchase this one...

5. Revlon Vixen. I heard Lily Pebbles talk about it and decided I need this one and I went out and bought it and I'm not sorry at all. 

Monday, 20 April 2015

Day 110 of 365: Chocolate Sticks

There's never a bad time for chocolate, right? I discovered this the other day, while wasting time in a store next to the bust station, where I had to wait for my bus for 20 minutes. These are soooo yum. Actually, firstly the packaging is awesome and then it hides chocolate sticks inside, what could be better? Although I don't know what exactly they're made of, because they seem to just disappear... vaporize maybe. You open a full box and then a bit later there are just 3 left. Yes, that means I'm capable of eating whole box by myself in a very short period of time. Don't judge me. You know you can do that too. 

Day 109 of 365: Concert!

You know what I just realised? I totally forgot to write a blog post yesterday. I don't know that happened, but apparently it did. So now we'll pretend there was a blog post yesterday and continue with day 109. No one will ever know.

So yes, I forgot to take a picture of myself all dressed up today. But I did take a picture when I came home. With my pretty flowers, that I was given at our final concert. 
This is it for now. All those long hours of practising led to today's concert. And it was worth it. I also got my voice back after spending all of yesterday being quiet with a cup of tea in bed, so I didn't sound too weird - at least that's what I want to think.
We sang our hearts out (or we tried to) and although the atmosphere wasn't as good as it is when we sing at our Christmas concert in church, people seemed to love it anyways. Now, that it's over, we'll hibernate for a bit, try to put ourselves back on track with everything that we neglected in the past month, say that we're not doing this ever again for another month. And then we'll start thinking about next concert. Because that's what always happens. And we always end up sitting in that classroom, with music sheets in our hands, happily singing. Because it makes us happy and the final result makes others happy too. And that's what it's all about.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Day 107 of 365: Heels, Flowers, Lost Voice & Pancakes

I can't even begin to tell how annoyed I am with my voice, when it decides to leave me for holidays on Fiji or somewhere, two (2!) days before the final concert. 
Alright, let's start at the beginning: I woke up this morning, with my voice being a bit weird, but still acceptable. And then we had a performance at some castle in this reaallllyyyy beautiful hall. It all seemed okay, I didn't sing full-on, but tried to hold back and put all of my energy into my two solo inputs. It was totally obvious that my voice is not fully here, but I'd like to think my performances were acceptable. 
The problem is now in the fact, that since I got home, it all went a bit shit. My throat hurts and I've been coughing like an idiot. So to make myself feel a bit better before tomorrow's practice, I made some pancakes. Because pancakes can cure anything. And now I'm off to bed with a cup of ginger tea. Hoping for a miracle happening to my voice, when I wake up.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Day 106 of 365: It's All About The Shoes

Apparently there's a saying that goes something along the lines of 'There's no problem a new pair of shoes couldn't fix.'. It's possible that I totally just made that up, but I think I didn't. 
I got two new pairs of shoes today. I case you haven't noticed. Right. I'm not really a shoe-a-holic or anything, but I felt like I needed a new pair of heels for Friday's and Saturday's and Sunday's concert and I've been looking for some nice and comfy slip-ons for quite some time. Today was my lucky day, apparently, because I actually managed to get both of the things I was looking for. Usually I'm the person, who n e v e r finds what I'm looking for in the store, but I guess sometimes I have a bit of luck as well. What I think needs to be mentioned here before I go is that heels were 20€ and slip-ons were only 5€. I realise that probably means they're s**t quality, but you know what? For 5€ I'll take them. Even if they fall apart in a month, they'll be worth the money. 
Now, tomorrow is a day that will be spent wearing both of these shoes in. Let's hope nothing tragic happens to the heels...

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Day 105 of 365: New Pair Of Books

New books are the best thing in the world. But while brand new books are really awesome, I kind of prefer buying books from old book shops. Not just because they're cheaper there (although that's not a bad thing at all), but because I feel like books from old book shops, books that have already been read, hold something else to them. Someone already lived another life with them, they don't only hold their own story, but a part of a readers story too. I like books from old book shops, because you can see, how loved the book was, by the looks of book's spine. Or maybe by how coloured the words in it are.
Last week I stopped by an old book shop and I picked up these two beauties. I admit, I haven't started reading none of them yet, because I have too much work with uni and choir concert that's coming up this Sunday, but I'll start one of them next Monday. I have a classic and a murder mystery to pick from. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Day 104 of 365: Nails Stuff

I'm always on a hunt for my perfect peachy-orange opaque nail varnish shade. So far I wasn't really successful. But I discovered a new thing the other day. It's a Luminous nails range from Catrice. I was drawn to it because of its colours, but then figured they do a lot of things, apart from tinting your nails (not colouring them, just giving them a slight tint - I learned that after I applied it for the first time). So, it says on the tin: It strengthens, protects and optically brightens the nails, dries fast and evens out ridges. For now, I can confirm that it dries fast, which is a huge plus. Because otherwise I always ruin my fresh manicure and that is probably the most frustrating thing ever. It optically brightens the nails, yes. Basically it sparkles and is in light colours, so of course nails look brighter. It also protects the nails as much as any other nail varnish does, and I'm not sure yet, how much it strengthened my nails in a few days of wearing it. 
But I quite like how it looks on my nails and it doesn't chip (for now) even without top coat on. What's bugging me now is, that there are a few more shades in the range and I'm not sure whether should I get them or not?

Monday, 13 April 2015

Day 103 of 365: When Ill...

So, here's a thing: I get ill once a year. Usually at some point in December. This time round it's a bit different, as I've been on the edge of having a cold/fever for quite some time and I woke up with my body temperature being 38.9°C.
However, here's a piece of advice on how to get better faster, for anyone who needs it or for my future self, in case I ever forget about it, I guess.
Generally I never took too long getting better from having a fever, since my body has this feature of shutting down when my body temperature rises above 38°C and I just basically fall asleep and wake up, when temperature drops below 37.5°C again. Which is probably the best thing to do, really.
But apart from sleeping there's another really useful thing to do. It doesn't have the prettiest smell, but I can live with it if it helps me get better faster. The trick is having a cut onion in a room, preferably on a beside table, the closest to where you spend the most time of being not-so-well. Because apparently onions attract the bad germs (that's what I've been told at some point in my life - not sure it's true) and it helps open respiratory tract and cleans sinuses.
And the next piece of advice basically just includes a lot of drinking. Firstly water, because we all know how important it is to drink water, and secondly tea. I'm talking ginger tea here, because it helps with throat ache a lot.
What do you do to get better when you're not feeling very well?

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Day 102 of 365: A Song #2

As I've been lying in bed with a fever (38.5°C is not fun to live with), pretty much blocked nose and some kind of sore throat, most of my day consisted of sleeping and I'm not really able to write a normal blog post, since my brain aren't really functioning too. So here's a song I've had playing in the background today, I thought I'd share. 
I'll go back to drinking ginger tea and live with a cut onion on my beside table now. Have a nice morning/day/night.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Day 100 of 365: April Wishlist

Look! I've been doing this blog thing for 100 days already. I must say I'm pretty proud of myself. 
However, here's another consequence of my endless browsing through the internet and finding many many things I wouldn't mind owning.

1. This Zara bag. Look, it's so pretty!

2. A Peter Pan collar coat. Yes, I look at Zara website too much. Yes, they have too many pretty things.

3. This really cool looking earring. But I can't remember where I found it. 

4. A watch. I need a watch and I really like this one.

5. Ikea chair. I don't know where I'd put this, but it looks perfect for standing in a little reading corner that I don't have yet, but will have one day.

6. A retro fridge. This one is random, I know. I don't even need it, really. But it looks awesome, you can at least admit that.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Day 98 of 365: Favourite Five - Instagram Accounts

It's time for favourite five again. And I'm going with Instagram favourites today.
I realised there's nothing much I can say about them, except that I really like their posts, which is the point of IG, isn't it? So here they are:

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Day 97 of 365: My Mugs

My mum has a philosophy, that all mugs you have should be the same, so when you have guests you can give everyone mugs that look the same and so on and so on. I, on the other hand, am the kind of person, who'd have a ton of different mugs, because it looks better and who cares if two guests don't have same looking mugs. And most of the time I use mugs myself anyways, guests only come into the picture a few times a year.
So I have gotten into a habit of buying a mug every now and again. I'd buy one every week, but I use the self control mode and refrain from doing so, otherwise I could have a whole kitchen cabinet filled only with my mugs. I think mugs will be the one thing I won't have to worry about when I move out some time in the distant future. What you can see on the picture above is a part of the mug shelf in kitchen. Looking at them in rows like that made me realise I have only 2 big 0.5 L ones, maybe I should look out for more, because tea disappears too quickly from smaller ones...

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Day 95 of 365: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!
Time, that was originally meant for remembering how Jesus died on a cross and was then resurrected (I think), but now got to the point where we just eat tons of chocolate, preferably in form of eggs.
I don't know how I feel about that, actually. Because, well yes, of course I like chocolate, but I'm kind of trying to cut back on all the chocolate and sweets and a bunch of chocolate eggs being on display is not really helping with that, you know? Besides, some chocolate eggs are weird and yesterday, when I didn't even eat that much of them, they made me a bit sick. Those pink ones with rabbits you can see on the picture are awesome though. With strawberry something filling and that crunchy something in it.
When it comes to colouring actual eggs, we were a bit lazy this year, like always just cooking them in a pile of red onion peels, so they get this nice red colour. And then I stuck some stickers on them and that was pretty much it. I think about doing some crazy Pinterest-y design on them every year and then fail do so. Oh well, there's always next year, right?

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Day 94 of 365: Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

Well here's a thing I almost forgot about. Something called sisterhood of the world blogger award. The lovely Amanda nominated me, sometime about a month ago. I know I remembered it a bit late, but hey, better late than never.
Since I already did another thing similar to this, I won't be awkward and annoy unknown people with it again and I'll just answer Amanda's questions. Because I like them.

So I've got 10 questions. Here we go.

1. What is your favourite kind muffin/donut/cookie (you may pick one or all to answer)?
For muffins I'll go with chocolate and banana ones, then I'll skip donuts, because I'm not the biggest fan and for cookies, I think it's white chocolate chip cookies with dry raspberries. Mmmm.
2. What three ingredients would you put on your pizza?
Red and green paprika, tomatoes and ham. I think.
3. If you could have and exotic pet (and it was ethically acceptable), what animal qould you want?
I'd have a snake. I always wanted a snake, but my mum is terrified of them. Ooooor an owl! You know that cute little owl - this one - I'd love to have that one, yes. 
4. What is your favourite perfume/cologne and what does it smell like?
Let's skip this one, because I really don't have an answer.
5. What is your favourite season and why?
I actually can't decide between spring and autumn. I just love that time, when the sun shines and it's not too cold or too hot, it's just nice warm hoodie weather.
6. If you could change your name, would you? What would you change it to, or why would you keep it the same?
I'm not sure if I'd exactly legally change my name, because I'm just so used to it, but maybe I'd change it just to Abby, because I like it and it's easier to pronounce than my actual name (for most of worlds population).
7. What did you do for your last birthday?
Honestly, I don't remember at all... Oh wait no, I do. I was at uni and then I went for hot chocolate with my best friend and for a stroll around the city. It was nice.
8. Do you have any tattoos? If no, would you like one?
No, I don't have any tattoos and I don't know if I'd like one, because they look cool on other people, but they probably wouldn't look good on me and I'd get annoyed with it after some time and things would get complicated.
9. What is your favourite quote?
You don't need to explain your dreams, they belong to you. - Paulo Coelho (I reeeallly hope I wrote this right)
10. What is one funny memory from your childhood that you don't mind sharing?
The problem here might be the fact, that there's a lot of memories that are probably only funny to me. So I'll just pick one and hope it's not the most boring thing in the world: When I first went into kindergarten, when I was around three and I didn't really know any other kid there yet, apparently I took a spoon, climbed on a table and started singing, using the spoon as microphone.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Day 93 of 365: Music For April

Here's a list of songs I've had on repeat recently and will probably be the same list that will be listened to for next month or so, so I thought, why not share it here. I just can't decide which one is my favourite...

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Day 91 of 365: A Month From My Phone Photo Album

Let's take a look back through past month via my phone photo album.

1. Beautiful day with blue blue sky and pretty white clouds here and there. These are the kind of pictures I could spent eternity watching. 2. Fun times at uni. We were supposed to model some carts but instead decided to first draw them in Paint. 3. Smoothie time. This one was a mix of oats, forest fruits, almonds and water, I think? 4. Performance at the town hall. Cute little room, but there was so not enough room for the choir:D 5. I visited my best friend after a long time and was served with coffee, with accidental coffee art. I mean if you use enough imagination you can see a heart there. 6. Well that same awesome friend has some weird elevators in her building and we walked in and were greeted by a bunch of pressed buttons and then stopped in a few floors, before the buttons suddenly turned off... I don't even know if that makes sense, but the good news is, we managed to get into 13th floor at the end. 7. What a better way to spend free periods at uni that with watching ski jumping world cup final in Planica? And then listening to Slovenian anthem for three days in a row? 8. From time to time, there are interesting things happening in front of our faculty. This time there were electrical cars parked in front of the entrance. A couple of BMWs and a Tesla. 9. I can't help, but bake some reeeaallly not healthy things from time to time. But these are sooo good, although there's so much chocolate in them, I get a bit sick if I eat too many of them. 10. And that's what happens when Raspberry Pi decides to not work properly. We fixed the problem, only for it to reappear again the next day... 11. View from one of our classrooms. I'm not sure about the reasons for existence of this picture... It was either a boring lecture or 5 minutes of spare time during a break. 12. The lovely lot at our faculty were giving out flowers a day after women's day. So pretty.