Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Day 90 of 365: Self-portrait

Photo challenge day 30.
This is it, the final day of this little march photo challenge. It's been a weird one, because I didn't really check all days and prepare for them in advance, I just kind of went with it and was surprised with the challenge each day. At some point (or more of them) I also came home really tired and not in the state to form coherent sentences, making some posts weird and probably unreadable. But I'm finishing it the way I started it, with a self-portrait. #Selfie and all that.
So today has been another no-classes-at-uni-so-I'm-sleeping-till-9-and-taking-forever-to-drink-my-tea days. I really like those days. No thinking which bus I have to catch to get anywhere on time and how early I have to wake up for anything, just happily sipping my cup of tea (that I of course made and then forgot about for 45 minutes again), watching the newest episode of Castle and then slowly opening some books to be at least a little bit productive today. There's only one thing bugging me a little bit - all weather sites were predicting lots of sun for today, but failed to mention a bunch of clouds standing in the way, so not waking up to extreme light, especially if you're expecting it, is a bit sad. But what can we do, there's still another chance for that tomorrow.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Day 89 of 365: Black And White

Photo challenge day 29.
For the second to last day of photo challenge I went for my little elephants, that were once part of a tissues box, but then I cut them out and taped them to my wall above my desk. Usually they're more colourful, but for today they went with the title and turned black and white. Or just many shades of grey really. I'm still in the process of decorating the wall above my desk, so I'm spending some time on Pinterest, searching for good ideas. I found quite a few already, now I only need to transfer them from my computer and head onto a wall and that might take time...

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Day 88 of 365: Flowers

Photo challenge day 28.
I think we can all agree, that flowers bought in flower shops are beautiful, but little flowers that grow on meadows can be equally as pretty. And some of them are even more useful to be honest. Because they can be used in teas and we all know tea is a cure for everything (when it comes to herbal tea, different herbs quite literally can probably cure almost everything). For example this one on the picture above. Yarrow happens to be one of my favourites, because during that time of the month yarrow tea is more helpful than any painkillers really. Although it's not exactly the nicest tea (I mean it's not that bad, but I drank tea with nicer taste), it can be made more tolerable with some sugar. 
Now I think I'm running out of stock on this one, I'll need to go get a new dose soon...

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Day 87 of 365: From a Distance

Photo challenge day 27.
Three more days of photo challenge. I'm nearly at the end. It's funny how quickly time goes by. We're three full months into 2015 already. Crazy times.
Today's scenery are beautiful mountains from afar, still covered with a blanket of snow. The picture was taken at the beginning of the month, a day or two after rain poured from the sky like you'd turn on the shower, so the sky looked extra blue and there was no sign of dusty air that comes whenever there's too long rain-less (is that a word?) period. I could watch a view like that 24/7, there's something so relaxing in it...

Day 86 of 365: Close-Up

Photo challenge day 26.
Spring is here! It started with some sun, then millions of rain in the past few days, but apparently 20°C are coming our way on Monday, which is pretty exciting. I actually took this photo of some lovely primroses a few weeks ago (I think), because the weird weather thing makes flowers think that spring is closer than it really is. But who cares, now there's even more primroses blooming around, with snowdrops and whatnot. And then there's this thing, when snowdrops bloom in patches, and if you look from afar it looks like there's a random patch of snow in the middle of a meadow. I don't know why I find that amusing... 
So bring on a sunny weekend and then a week of short sleeved t-shirts appropriate weather! I can't wait.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Day 85 of 365: Something Pink

Photo challenge day 25.
Cotton buds. Pink cotton buds. Pink cotton buds that are normal on one side and a bit pointy on the other. And a head without any ideas whatsoever. Sorry. I'll try to get out of this weird state of mind soon. 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Day 84 of 365: Animal

Photo challenge day 24.
Look at this cute little ball of fur. This is Ozy, my friend's cat. Here she was a tiny little one, when we went to pick her up and she spent most of our drive home on a friend's lap, sleeping. Sometimes like this, sometimes she adopted a shape of a tortoise. She was so cute, you could just squeeze her and never let her go (but since she's a cat, she wouldn't let you do that). Seeing her being so cute and my friend's Instagram and Facebook profiles full of her pictures, it makes me want to have a cat. Too bad I'd probably be a terrible owner...

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Day 83 of 365: Sunflare

Photo challenge day 23.
This is what I wake up to sometimes. The window in my room is in a position that rarely gets actual sun shining through but when it does, it's for a short time and it looks like this. And it happens early in the morning, shortly after the sun gets up from behind the hill. Now, if only this would actually make me wake up every morning. instead of just making me turn around and sleep for another hour or so...

Monday, 23 March 2015

Day 82 of 365: Hands

Photo challenge day 22.
Hello, hi! Here are my hands... They say hi, nice to meet you. But they look weird, don't they? The right one was somehow flexed while the photo was taken, I swear you can't usually see that weird topography (is that the right word?) that's under the black cord which is resembling a bracelet... Enough with the weirdness. Sorry, it's that kind of a day. So maybe it would be better for me to shut up. Because I'm not really capable of getting a normal paragraph written down right now, and if I continue it'll just be torture for everyone. So, goodbye for now, I'll see you later. Have a nice day! Or night, whatever your time zone is.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Day 81 of 365: Faceless Self-Portrait

Photo challenge day 21.
Soooo, faceless self-portraits are weird? Or maybe it's just me that looks weird? Actually, the second option would be more accurate. 
However, the point of picture is not really me (although self portrait is the title of the post), but the floppy disc I pulled out of a cupboard the other day. Because what could be a better way to watch the solar eclipse, than with a floppy disc? Being old school and all that jazz. And for once it wasn't a cloudy day, we had a clear sky to observe how sun partially hid behind the moon. Because we were in the "lane"(?), where we only saw like 50% or less of the Sun being covered. It still looked awesome though. 
Now, the thing that bothers me with the little big old as hell storage holding pieces of technology is, that there's no computer in the house that can still read floppy discs. Because I would quite like to see, what this one is hiding. It could be empty, or all 1.44MB (!) (so much space on a floppy disc) could be filled with one poor quality picture or a few notepad files. Who knows....

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Day 80 of 365: Bokeh

Picture found on Google.
Photo challenge day 20.
I admit, I had to google what 'bokeh' meant. And then I figured I have no idea how to make my phone do that. If it happens, it's generally by accident and the picture is usually deleted shortly, because I had no idea this was art. So let's ask uncle Google for help with that again. Heeere is it, an art-y 'bokeh' picture on good old Google.
When I was younger, I actually wanted to get more in photography, but I don't really know what happened with that. I actually still want to learn more about it, but that would require at least a decent camera, because my phone camera just doesn't do it. And that requires money, which I - stereotypically broke student - don't have. Yet. But, one day, I will. And I'll buy a camera. And I'll try not to be just a person with good camera, who pretends to know all there is about photography. One day.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Day 79 of 365: Something Orange

Photo challenge day 19.
Where did this person - whoever created this photo challenge - find these ideas? Something orange? Really? However, my something orange is my key chain, that my mum and dad brought from one of electronics exhibitions I don't know how many years ago. I got an orange one and brother has a blue one. I like it, because it's small and doesn't make my keys be the size of an elephant. Okay, I might be exaggerating a little bit, but you know what I mean. Keys need to be small, so I can put them in my front jeans pocket, while I'm cruising around our faculty without my bag. End of story.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Day 78 of 365: Your Shoes

Photo challenge day 18.
These are my favourite. Just white Converse All Stars. Okay, they're a few years old, so they're not in the whitest state anymore, but I don't care. Some say that Converse All Stars are meant to be not clean, so when you buy new ones, you need to get them a bit dirty right away. However, dirty or not dirty, these are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. Or maybe the second most comfortable. The first place belongs to my first pair of All Stars, the black/green ones. I mean, if these white ones are a pair of really comfy shoes, then the black and green ones feel like walking around in slippers. I'd wear them during winter, in the highest snow, if possible, but my toes would probably freeze and fall off, so I spent the cold months in boots. But now, when there's spring again, right out these come. 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Day 77 of 365: Technology

Photo challenge day 17.
Technology? Yeees. Here's a selection of things I found in my little technology drawer. The drawer mainly consists of my old phones, that I'm too emotionally attached to, to give them away and then there's a bunch of cables and some CDs, a few memory cards, some adapters and a few phone chargers. But what we are seeing on the picture above is:
1. Phones. Can you tell I'm a Sony/Sony Erisccon fan? No? Well, my first new phone I ever got is in the top left corner, the Alcatel OT-C552. Before that I had mum's old Philips phone that later my brother got and is now probably lost; and my first phone was my dad's old Nokia 5110, that actually still works! And battery lasts for years. Okay, I just totally went of theme and nothing of what I just said confirms the "being a big Sony Ericsson fan" theory. However, this does: the first phone I bought with my own money was the Sony Ericsson K610i (the one next to Alcatel). After that came SE K660i (the black one with red line), then SE W350 (the white walkman-like one), after that there was SE W705 (the pretty little one next to the old walkman) and then the era of touch screen phones began for me, with Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc (bottom right corner) being my first love. And that was the last Sony Ericsoon I had, because then Sony bought Ericsson, so after going crazy because of Arc's 300MB of internal memory and apps getting bigger and bigger I saved up for a new baby: Sony Xperia Z (i'm still in the same family, ha). Then I broke it - the first phone I e v e r broke and then I bought a new one. Yes, exact same white Xperia Z, that I'm still using now. Don't judge me.
2. Music playing devices. (?)  I'm not sure if there's another term for that, but right now I can't come up with anything better. Let's start with the oldest one. The thing you see in the top right corner is a Panasonic cassette player. This was the first thing I had to listen to music. Then came a CD player, but I'm not sure where that is at the moment. Then there's the Philips mp4 player, that succeeded two mp3 players that are also somewhere in the room. One of them was once washed in a washing machine with my jeans and magically still worked, when dad dismantled, dried and fixed it a bit. Aaaaand then I met the iPods. The first one I had was the purple shuffle one, it still serves me great. The only problem is, it only has 2GB of storage, so sometimes I can't even get my small playlist on it, oops. The other iPod is the nano with a camera, that I got, because I needed to learn titles and artists for around 50 songs for music test, so I listened to iPod with a screen (so I could see titles) on a bus drive every morning.
3. Erm... What category do I put a bluethooth speaker in? However, oh look, another Sony Ericsson product. Just a bluetooth speaker, for taking calls in cars without using your hands. I never really used that, I just got it from my dad, who once bought it and never used it either. It now stands on a shelf so I can call my brother into the next room with it, or it sleeps in the drawer.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Day 76 of 365: Long Exposure

picture found on Google
Photo challenge day 16.
How do I do the long exposure thing with my phone camera? Seriously though, I have no idea about photography, I just snap pictures with my phone. So, as a consequence of that, today's picture was found on Google images. Oops. Although I think I did do the long exposure shot once. It was in elementary school (soo long ago... I think it might be 7 years?) in art class, where our teacher brought the camera and we came to school really early, so it was still dark outside and then we stood in front of the camera with flashlights and danced around and wrote words in the air. And then we waited for the pictures to be developed from the film, because we were old school like that. The pictures did come out pretty good if I remember correctly, I just sadly don't know where mine is now. 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Day 75 of 365: Silhouette

Photo challenge day 15.
This is a silhouette of a rose I got for women's day, that's slowly dying on me, so it looks a bit weird. Sorry. 
It was actually a day after women's day, when I got this, since the actual day fell on Sunday. I went to uni the next day, nothing was out of the ordinary, then when I was waiting for a friend in lobby, to go home, one of teaching assistants came by, asked if I can wait where I was for a minute and then brought me a lovely peachy coloured rose. A nice move from our faculty, although I can imagine it's easier to buy flowers for women's day at our faculty than faculty of education for example, because well, there's still not as many girls studying electrical engineering. 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Day 74 of 365: Eyes

Photo challenge day 14.
Here's my eye in kind of a rough state, with no make-up on (only a lash curler was used) and some allergy going on at the moment (hence the white bits of skin all around it). This was taken early this morning, a few hours after I woke up, before I realised that it was time to find that eye cream my doctor gave me for the case of dry skin on and below my eyelid. It's funny how I don't even know I have dry skin around my eyes until I touch my eyelid at some point. Or see it on a picture. And then the only thing I can think about is, how annoying is the feeling of it. That's why today I just normally woke up at 6.30 and tucked under a blanket on my chair watched first F1 race of the season, before the crazy eye allergy appeared and needed to be tackled down. I think the cream I used is a pretty powerful weapon for that, so now it's 1:0 for me.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Day 73 of 365: Yourself With 13 Things

Photo challenge day 13.
I gathered 13 things that are either my favourites, used regularly or found myself enjoying today. So here we go:

1. Aladdin water bottle - need to drink loads of water. This helps with the task. A lot.
2. Big comb - why use a small comb if you can have an enormous one?
3. iPod nano - this one's from those times, when nano didn't have touch screen yet, but had a camera. It's around 5,5 years old and still works as if it was new.
4. Journal - my little orange notebook, that holds my schedule and all other crap I decide to put in it.
5. Hair tie - because I would go mad without it. I love my long hair, but sometimes I want to cut it of and that's when the hair tie comes in.
6. Computer - yep.
7. Apple-pumpkin pie - mum made this the other day, it's delicious.
8. Monster phone case - this is the one that broke my previous phone, but now I cut of the pearls that were sewn in as teeth, so I can use it again without fear of breaking another phone.
9. Green peppermint tea - I love green tea and I love peppermint tea. Combination of both is just the perfect thing.
10. Nail varnish - ArtDeco Natural French Look no.189. Love the shade.
11. Headphones - I used to use them a lot more, recently I try to just go that hour without music and just listen to world around me. Headphones come handy when there's that douchebag on the bus, who listens to music on speakers.
12. Wreck This Journal - I still can't bring myself to do some of the things that are written in it.
13. Rings - the one on the thumb has been with me for 7 years, the one on the middle finger for three. I got so used to them, that now I feel lost if I don't have them on.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Day 72 of 365: Sunset

Photo challenge day 12.
This one's from a weekend spent at Bled two weeks ago. At this point the sun was already mostly hidden behind the mountains, after shining so bright earlier on, that we couldn't see the island, that's in the middle of the lake, from where we were standing. Bled is a beautiful place with it's lake and the island being a cherry on top. There's a ton of ducks swimming around the lake, with quite a few swans and some black birds with white beaks (I have no idea how they're called) to keep them company. You can also take a stroll or a jog, if you wish, around the lake. It's probably a good hour and a half or two of walking, but there's a road all the way around so it's a nice walk. We did around a third of a circle the second night of staying there and needed about half an hour for that. It was just a tiny little bit creepy, with a few big mansions and dark water on one side and forest on the other, because we went at 1 am, but it felt refreshing none the less. The whole weekend was bright and sunny, if it were a few °C warmer, I'd like it even more, but you can't really expect that at the end of February, right?

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Day 71 of 365: Something Blue

Photo challenge day 11.
Something blue - that would be my lovely Blue Day Notebook. We were still in high school, when my best friend came to school one day and gave me this, saying that she saw it in the bookshop and had to get me it. It's the loveliest notebook ever, with empty pages (of course) and with random blue pages with a frog and a quote/thought on it. I've had this for quite a few years, but I'm still slowly filling it with things that happen and thoughts on everything. I sometimes forget about it for a few months and then find it again and I must say it's really fun and nice to see all the pictures and tickets and read back to what happened and what I did and thought n or n+1 time ago. 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Day 70 of 365: Childhood Memory

Photo challenge day 10. 
Looking back at pictures is always a fun task that usually ends up in hours browsing through old memories and stopping at some photos for some time with a debate (with someone else or in my head) about the time when photo was taken and how much I do/don't remember it. Well, here I am, dressed in something most likely my mum sew together, with an apple/piece of bread (who knows) in front of a log cabin at my grand parents backyard, that was still in process of building. We lived at that house at the time, in a tiny loft flat, where I didn't have my own room, with grandparents living a floor or two below us and I remember saying that the log house will be my room once it's build. Funnily enough it ended up being a storage place for all garden things and bicycles and everything else. (I did get my own room once we moved to our own house.)

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Day 69 of 365: Someone You Love

Photo challenge day 9.
Here he is, casually laying in the grass. Thank God he didn't lay on a dog poo or something, because he was just on the edge of meadow, right next to this forest path, that is probably very popular with dog owners, who don't clean after their dogs. However. I really like this photo. It was actually taken at some point last late summer/early autumn, I think. He refused to move from this spot for the longest time, so when I had enough of waiting I started snapping pictures. 
I can't wait for weather like that to start regularly appearing again. Sun and warm temperatures, what else do you need? (no uni duties and a big pool of course, but we can't always have what we want)

Monday, 9 March 2015

Day 68 of 365: A Bad Habit

Photo challenge day 8.
Well, this here is debatable, right? Coffee being a bad habit or a necessity? Honestly, for me it's more of a bad habit that I'm slowly getting out of. I first tried coffee in 2nd year of high school. Didn't really like it at first, but it grew on me. It became a habit that whenever I went for a drink, at any time of a day I'd get a coffee. Then I came to university, where we have a few of those coffee machines in the lobby and it's only 0.30€/0.40€ per cup, so in the first year Irish cappuccinos (the delicious thing on the picture above) became almost daily ritual. I realised the habit isn't the best either for me or my piggy bank (those 30 or 40 cents add up to quite a lot of money in longer time period, actually), so I cut it down drastically. Now little Irish cappuccinos became more of an occasional treat and those coffees from caf├ęs turned into cups of tea. The only regular coffee consumption remains the winter cappuccino at home every morning when I have more than 30 minutes to get out of the house.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Day 67 of 365: Fruit

Photo challenge day 7!
I think I already talked about how I switched from some weird almost non-existent breakfasts to the first food of the day being fruit or fruit in form of a smoothie. Today's fruit of choice to start the day with was an apple. Accompanied by a banana that was already eaten by the time I remembered to take a picture. I could blame the morning state of mind for that, but I got out of bed around 11 o'clock, so that can't really be a legit excuse. Does it count, if I say that a lovely sunny view from the dining room window made me forget it? Ha, excuses, I'll stop now.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Day 66 of 365: From a Low Angle

Photo challenge day 6.
It's been a nice productive day - I spent most of the sunny part of it at choir practice. The spring concert (or something?) is approaching fast (alright, we still have more than a month, but that's not as much time as it may look like), with first pre-concert performances starting in two weeks, I think? Crazy. The repertoire is again hiding Michael Jackson and his beautiful Heal the World, the You Raise Me Up, that everybody sang already and I have no idea where it originates from, a new bit of Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven of course, and some other lovely lovely songs, that I can't wait to sing. Now bring on the fun that are rehearsals with the big happy family of around 70 singers. 

Friday, 6 March 2015

Day 65 of 365: From a High Angle

Photo challenge day 5.
I lost a few centimetres of my beloved hair today:( But on the other side, my roots are blonde again:)

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Day 64 of 365: Something Green

Photo challenge day 4.
What you're seeing here is the top of my aladdin water bottle. Not particularly interesting, but this was the only green thing around me today when I was at uni in our office and it spent all 9 hours of lectures with me without an hour of break. Thursdays will be pretty tough at uni this semester, it'll be almost like a 9 to 5 job, only I'll start at 8 am and end at 5 pm, or sometimes even at 7 pm. Oh joy. I was actually thinking today, which part of it will be harder - getting up at 6 am or coming home late afternoon feeling like I've spent entire day in classrooms? Probably both.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Day 63 of 365: Clouds

Photo challenge day 3!
This one was actually taken yesterday just before sunset. And I didn't know clouds were a theme for today. I tried to find clouds as awesome as the ones above on the sky today, but failed, since the weather isn't as great today as it was yesterday, so I went with this photo. 
I just got home yesterday afternoon and heated up myself some lunch, sat behind the kitchen table with a bowl of food, when I looked outside and saw this. The only way this could look more awesome is if the clouds were all different red/pink/orange colours. 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Day 62 of 365: What I Wore Today

Photo challenge day 2!
Yesterday I tried wandering around in a softshell jacket and fleece hoodie, but realised at some point that while it was theoretically warm enough for thinner layers of clothing, I'm still the one that's always cold, so I switched back to my black winter coat for today. And because there can never be too much black in an outfit I also jumped into black trousers and black t-shirt, that you can't see because it's underneath the knitted jumper that looks waaay too red on this picture. It should be more on a dark burgundy side of colours. However. Since walking around bare feet at this time of the year would be extremely weird I put on a pair of boots that I love, although they're still trying to resist and make my feet hurt if I walk in them for too long. For the end there's my laptop bag, because I spent half of the day at uni.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Day 61 of 365: Self-portrait

Photo challenge: Day 1.
I'm starting the photo challenge with this picture, taken on a lovely and a bit rainy Monday morning (basically today). I got back from a weekend away at Bled yesterday and was lacking a bit of sleep and a nice warm shower (because the shower in the weird hotel just had really hot and really cold water with nothing in between). So this is my morning got-out-of-the-shower-and-now-I'm-happy face, observing rain through the window, before I actually had to get my bum out of the house and leave for uni class. 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Day 60 of 365: Photo Challenge

While wasting time on Pinterest the other day (again), I came across a bunch of photo challenges. It sounded like a great idea at the time, so I thought I'd post a photo every day for a month, according to this challenge, with a little story to accompany it. Starting tomorrow. Be there or be square, or whatever they say.