Thursday, 30 October 2014

A Walk Through the City And Hot Chocolate

Today was one of those days, when the Sun shines like crazy and it's cold enough outside to wear winter coats and scarfs, but not freezing cold enough to make you a human ice cube. Or was that just me wearing clothes that were warm enough so I didn't freeze? Who knows.

After going to university, only to find out that my only class today has been cancelled, I went for a hot chocolate with my best friend and her boyfriend. I had a really nice walk from my faculty to the place where we met, even if my new shoes decided they want to give me a blister or two along the way. Thank God for a pack of plasters in my wallet. However, we went to this awesome place that has probably every flavor of hot chocolate you could possibly want. I got a banana flavoured one and the only picture I got from it, was when the mug was already empty.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014



this is it. Some legal papers apparently say it's my birthday today and it's 21st in a row. I'm no longer a young driver now and well, that changes a... bsolutely nothing. Apart from the fact that I don't need extra insurance for driving anymore.

I thought I'd do something with this blog this year. Some people do the whole new year's resoultions thing, but since I fail with that probably every single year, let's try birthday resolutions instead. Posting things here every once in a while will be one of them. And the other one would be trying not to take 100 years to find time for a coffee with friends. Because I tend to do that. A lot.

However, I am usually not that excited for my birthday, because it means I'm getting old. Or maybe I just feel like all those years after 20 are the part of your life when you have to get serious and totally responsible and I don't think I'm ready to do that yet. So this year continues my little tradition of not celebrating the actual 21st birthday, instead I turned 18 for the fourth time. Lame, I know. But what can I say, my head is full of weird ideas like that. There's actually a reasonable (at least for me) explanation for the number 18, but let's not go into details.

I do get a bit excited on the actual day of birthday though, just because it's that kind of day and if your friends manage to surprise you in one way or another it just makes everything better.
This is the I-came-into-bakery-and-found-something-I-can-stick-21-candles-into surprise that arrived in hands of very loudly (and slightly out of tune) singing friend today. 

Also, doughnuts were delicious. Candle wax that fell on chocolate - not so much.
And to finish the day, the sky turned this kind of pink-ish colour and it looked really amazing. Too bad my phone camera didn't catch all the colours.