Saturday, 21 May 2016

It's A Kind of Twix Cookie

As the major point of this blog is it being kind of a diary, a place to keep my thoughts, discoveries, memories and points of view, I HAVE to share my recent discovery, even though it may seem weird and unnecessary.
Hofer (also known as Aldi in some countries) has this really appealing biscuits and savoury sections and from time to time a new thing will appear on their shelves, with a bright yellow 'new' sign. I can most of the time go 'okay no, I don't need to buy this', but the other day mum came back from the store and she brought these chocolate/caramel biscuits. It's essentially a twix but in a cookie form and it's like heaven. Now, I've been doing very well with avoiding chocolate, my monthly consumption is at all time low, but h o w am I supposed to not eat all of these at once when they're in the cupboard? Mission almost impossible, it's the biggest self control test and it's not easy. I told mum not to buy them anymore, because it's easier to not eat them when there's none at home...

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