Monday, 16 May 2016

From My Wardrobe: Bags

Ah, bags. When I was younger I never really understood why would a woman need more than one bag for everyday use and especially why would a woman need a collection of them. Now that I'm getting older (says me at 22:D) I'm beginning to understand. Well, maybe not entirely but it's becoming clearer. That love for bags. And why you need more than one bag for a day to day life. Sometimes I'll catch myself just mindlessly browsing the 'bags' sections of online stores. Not really buying anything - when it comes to owning bags I'm still on the very minimalist side of things. But it's just looking at them, that is somewhat calming. Do I sound weird enough yet?
I was once a girl that had one fabric handbag for ages and then bought a new one when the old one kind of fell apart. Truth be told, I was that girl until last year. Then I discovered all sorts of 'what's in my bag' videos on Youtube and slowly but surely I was getting pulled into that 'oh my, this bag is so pretty' vortex. Reading back my last year's daily posts, I remember being on the hunt for 'that one perfect handbag' that I'll love and will be my Mary Poppins bag, carrying my life around. Since then I realised I'll never find the most perfect bag, because tastes change and I'm one of those people who'll never really think about a certain type of bag and then I'll see someone with it and I'll instantly fall in love with it (this logic also applies to billion other things, of course) and it'll be my new 'perfect bag' until I find another one and so on and so forth.
So before I get even deeper into the mess that is this post, trying to explain 'me and my new found love for bags' situation, here are bags that are currently in my possession. Some are fresh enough to still be in stores, others aren't. All look extremely pretty none the less. If I do say so myself.
C&A satchel bag
Zara tote bag
Zara bag
Graceland clutch bag
Zara cross body bag

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