Thursday, 26 May 2016

6 Things On My Desk

I used to be the messiest person in the world, when you walked into my room it was lika a bomb exploded in there. Then something clicked in my head and now my room is actually pretty neat most of the time. The only place that might still look like it could use a bit of organisation is my desk. But it's an organised mess. Or that's what I like to tell myself. The truth is that if you have one cable on display it already looks a bit bonkers. When there are more cables, it's impossible to make the thing look tidy.
With all different crap that finds its way on and off my workspace, there are some things that are just always there. And as much as I'd sometimes rather see a totally empty desk, they're nice to have around, within an arms reach. 
First up a jar with pens and pencils. I found a bunch of colouring pencils in a forgotten pencil case and now they're being artsy in the jar and useful so my notes don't all look the same.
A bunch of notebooks. These are mostly empty, I think. My problem is buying those and then feeling like they're too nice to be messed up and thus saving them for not sure what. They will soon start filling up with stories and ideas though.
My one and only phone dock. It's extremely handy, but sadly only fits my beloved Xperia Z and that's one of the reasons I'm avoiding any phone upgrading. 
Here's the magic nail varnish that I already talked about, it's still the best thing on this planet.
A broken nail file. Because I lost all the big new ones I bought and this one that I got 4 years ago in Provence and broke fairly quickly is still hanging around.
And finally, last but not least of course, a mug. Not a specific one, but there always seems to be a mug on my desk. Or two. Or three. Basically I'm always drinking either tea or coffee and mugs keep piling up. Oh, that reminds me, I should probably take the current pile into the dish washer...

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