Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Plant Life

It's a bit weird, how quickly I went from someone who doesn't care about plants at all, to the point where plant section in stores is my favourite section to mindlessly wander around and where I'd buy them all and bring them home if possible. I never thought I'd be a plant lover at the age of 22, but hey, here I am. Granted I'm still not the biggest fan of flowers and those flower shops with loads of potted flowers (you know the ones you have around for a long time, not just for a week in a vase) still give me massive headaches, but plants are a different story. A pretty, green story that smells nice, but not too intense. To be fair, it probably started with stumbling upon plant pictures and boards on Pinterest and then coming across this video and then my mum saying she needs to move one of the plants in living room somewhere else to make some space for the lemon tree and me immediately volunteering to take it under my wing. Now it's living happily (or at least I'd like to think it is) in my room, and it gets new friends every now and again and there's a tiny pretty green corner forming and I love it.
Now some of these have been given names (and well genders with that I guess, which is a bit weird), some haven't, I have yet to find a name for the first plant, the big yucca - although I might just call it the grandma, because it's been around in the house for ages. It's just a cute personal touch isn't it, 'I have to water Esmeralda and Juan today':D (Yes, there are two succulents called Esmeralda and Juan. It was Friday night when I bought them and there was the 'How many hispanic people do you need to change a light bulb? Only Juan' joke floating around and then it was only fair we called the other one Esmeralda.)
What I now have to master with all these plants around is the art of not killing them with too much water. I think I managed to drown one already; I'm not really sure, because it looks a bit alive and a bit dead and I hope that if I leave it alone for a bit it'll get better. The others seem to be doing just fine. For now. Fingers crossed for the situation to remain like that for as long as possible.

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