Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Day 361 of 365: Singing In Castle Chapel

After that big Christmas concert in the massive church, a smaller number of singers was selected and we went on and had another smaller concert on Ljubljana castle in the castle chapel. Because the size of this place all 70 of us couldn't perform there and our numbers were reduced to around 40 people. This was a performance without any sound system and it felt really nice. In fact I preferred singing like that, because in my current state, when I'm a bit voiceless, it's easier to support your tone if you don't have to be afraid the intensity of the sound will go bonkers when you sing a bit louder because of microphones. There's a live TV performance of one song waiting for us now from this very chapel on Tuesday morning and then the last little concert on Wednesday. I'm really sad it's all coming to an end...

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