Monday, 28 December 2015

Day 360 of 365: The Day After Christmas

When all the Christmas day madness calms down a bit and British people enjoy boxing day, Slovenia celebrates another national holiday - Independence and Unity day. It marks the day, when the official results from referendum, where people were asked whether Slovenia should become independent and sovereign state, were announced. It's a work free day, which does come in handy, as it's just after Christmas, so it extends the holidays for an extra day.
However, me and my brother spent our work free Saturday (well, it's not a really useful work free day, if it falls on a Saturday, eh?) helping our aunt clean her brand new, freshly installed kitchen, so she can move her stuff in. We still did have a little lie in in the morning, as we had to be at grandma's place at 10 am, where we first got a cup of tea and only started working at 11, while 'A je to' cartoon was playing on TV in the background. When we finished cleaning we had lunch at grandma's (and you know how these work) and after that we brought in boxes of kitchen supplies, which is probably the most exciting thing to do ever. I got at least three new ideas for mugs I'd like to have and I think mom won't be too excited about that...

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