Saturday, 19 December 2015

Day 353 of 365: It's A Double Win

What a beautiful day it is today for Slovenian sport. Okay, I don't even know anything about any other sport than Formula 1 and ski jumping, but today our ski jumpers got a 1-2. The almighty Prevc brothers - the older one, who's a champion already at 23 years and it's kind of expected from him to post brilliant results all the time and his youngest brother, who's only 16 and it's his first season in the world cup and today was his (I think) fourth competition of the season (+ a team one) and he just went straight for the podium. I imagine the conversation this morning was something along those lines: -'Hey junior, would you mind joining me on the podium today, so it won't be that boring?' -'Sure, you want to do a 1-2?' -'Yeah, sounds good'. 
And then they invited Noriaki Kasai to join them at the party, leisurely. I mean who the hell still jumps at 43 and is also still very good at it? Well, Kasai does. And he says he wants to continue doing it at least until he's 50. Madness...

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