Friday, 18 December 2015

Day 349 of 365: Singing For Little Kids

First two little performances are behind us. The audience: kids. Aged around 6-15 or something along those lines.
The first group were the younger ones, some of whom had eyes glued on us and listened with opened mouth, some were giggling away with their friends but were all in all really nice audience, even if we screwed a few things up a bit. The second group were a bit older ones, that were either finding it mega funny to fake lead the choir or were too cool for this shit or in a few cases actually listened.
We did alright for our first performance. Some singers who are singing for the first time with us probably forgot about too many things they learned at rehearsals, but that can be fixed until the next trip on stage, which will be in apparently really cold church on Thursday. Bring it on.

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