Monday, 14 December 2015

Day 346 of 365: Mulled Wine

It's become a little tradition, that we - as in colleagues from Pacug - meet in December in festive Ljubljana and go for a mulled wine/cup of tea or two and catch up a bit. I remember last year I was walking around with my coat undone, feeling a bit warm as it was probably 10°C outside at 10 pm. This year we were all wrapped in layers of clothes and wearing warm shoes with double socks, but were still freezing. It was really nice to see everyone and as always with those people it felt like we saw each other yesterday, like it wasn't 2 months and a half since we were on that picnic together. But after three hours of standing in the cold, when my feet were practically frozen, I went home to defrost and hope that my voice doesn't go after breathing the cold air and talking loudly for so long.

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