Saturday, 31 October 2015

Day 303 of 365: A Month Through Instagram Eye

Okay so my birthday is over, I can now start anticipating Christmas. But before that, we have a whole November to get through and before that, here's a recap of my Instagram life in the month of October.

1. There was one time when I gave karaoke a go. I wasn't happy with the result. But taking a picture with the lovely guy was a plus. 2. Oh those lovely sunsets at 5 pm... 3. This is what happens to glasses if you take them to a sanding mission. They almost look like Casey Neistat's. 4. Aaand here are the beginnings of autumnal times, with some leaves on the floor already. The amount of them tripled in a few days... 5. Then there was this time, when I tried making american pancakes for the first time.  Yum. 6. Oh my lovely little plant. Okay it's not so little, but it's a plant. And I was never the biggest fan of plants and flowers, but now I'm very much into them. 7. And here's my morning view, if I get up at 9 and there's some sunshine going on behind all the fog. 8. My birthday flowers. Auntie came around in the morning on my birthday as we then went into the home store and she brought me these. I kind of almost forgot it was my birthday... Does this only happen to me? 9. The last one is my birthday gift to myself, a lovely new mug. Because you never have enough mugs.

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