Friday, 30 October 2015

Day 301 of 365: Overly Excited About New Hangers And Tea

Ah, you know me - a big fan of tea and I get really excited about the smallest or most unusual or not really exciting things. So today I took my mom to optician, because she had to have some tests for diagnosing her dioptre and wouldn't be able to drive home by herself. After her appointment, on our way home we ventured into a few stores for a few minutes and of course I came out of drugstore with a new box of tea and from a home shop with a pack of hangers. Now, being excited about discovering new tea is pretty normal for me really. And I'm probably not the only one. But I feel like I am the only one who gets excited about buying new hangers for clothes... Well, I'm kind of preparing for a wardrobe renovation (more about that some other time) and getting new hangers is a step towards that, right? 

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