Sunday, 25 October 2015

Day 298 of 365: A Lot Of Cake

Today is my little cousin's 9th birthday, so she had a little family gathering at their place. It went by as usual - we went there, had a chat with the rest of the family, ate some food and then waited to see what the cake looks like, because my aunt always makes something you don't really want to eat, but would rather just put on a shelf and watch it instead. And once again we weren't disappointed as she brought out a cake in shape of a basket, with little cake tomatoes on top. 9 of them of course. Why tomatoes were a theme is a good question, the little cousin most likely came up with that. Must have something to do with her being the only kid around who is crazy about tomatoes. Those little tomatoes on top of the cake were made as cakepops, so I guess when she had some mixture left over, she then just added a few little cakepops into the story. The actual cake (basket) was a strawberry one. And it tasted delicious; too bad I always feel a bit crap after eating (probably too much) of it. What's up with that over eating at birthdays anyways?

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