Friday, 23 October 2015

Day 294 of 365: A Tumblr Post #4

It's time for another one of these. A post with just a few of images that make me fall in love with Tumblr again and again. I think I already talked about my falling in and out of love with Tumblr thing, but I might as well mention it again. And I'd say it mostly depends on what kind of posts come up as I open my home page. Sometimes I just have a dashboard full of weird pictures or gifs or videos that don't really tickle my interest. I mean sure, sometimes they're funny to watch, but what really draws me to Tumblr are pictures like the ones above. And earlier this week I realised that if I go to Tumblr in the morning, my dashboard is full of those. I don't know how this is time related - must have something to do with what kind of people are awake at certain hours? I don't know and I should probably stop rambling now. If you'd like to give my Tumblr page a look, you can check it out here. I'd like to think it's really pretty. And calming. It very much makes me relax every time I open it.

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