Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Day 293 of 365: A Book: Dead Simple

Well, it's been a while. A while since I talked about books here and a while since I read one that wasn't uni related. Oops. New year's resolution failed miserably. Or maybe it was the beginning of February resolution, who knows. I guess I'll have to repeat this resolution next year, in hopes of actually making it work.
However, I finally read this book that I got back in April. Dead Simple by Peter James. I found it in an old book shop and it looked appealing so I bought it. It's been in reading for a long long time, majorly because I started it and then I forgot about it and then I had other stuff and then I found it again and so on and so on.
But it's partially the book's fault. I'll explain.
So when you pick the book up, on the back it says: "It was meant to be a harmless stag night prank. A few hours later four of his best friends are dead and Michael Harrison has disappeared. With only three days to the wedding, Detective Superintendent Grace - a man haunted my the shadow of his own missing wife - is contacted by Michael's beautiful fiancée, Ashley Harper. Grace discovers that the one man who ought to know Michael Harrison's whereabouts is saying nothing. But then he has a lot to gain - more than anyone realizes. For one man's disaster is another man's fortune... Dead simple...'"
You see, I love nothing more than a good murder case that needs solving. Or a mystery novel of some sort. But *possible spoiler alert* this book has a disappearance as major motive and then you at first follow kind of three different points of view - one from sad fiancée, one from the guy who's in a freaking coffin berried alive somewhere and one from this police guy's p.o.v. and it's a bit confusing at first.
So when I started to read this, the first 200 pages were kind of a nightmare, because I'm not the best at coping with someone trying to scratch his way out of a coffin (unsuccessfully) - I put down the book everytime the coffin scene came up and didn't pick the book up again for a week - and the rest of the story wasn't that interesting. A sad fiancée and 4 dead best friends and the policeman's backstory and so on and so on. But when I finally got past the first 200 pages, the rest 300 went by rather quickly. It then all starts to unfold, first you thing that the disappearing guy's best friend is a douche bag, who wants the fiancée for himself, then you learn that she's a bitch, because she's cheating on the disappeared guy, until almost the end, when it's revealed that the girl is actually using everyone to get money and then she and her husband who's her partner in crime away from the light die in a car crash in a police chase, which is quite a disappointing ending. And it feels like it just ends somewhere in the middle... It is still quite disturbing to read about a half cut off finger send via mail to someone, but you close your eyes through that and the rest is fine.
Overall impression of the book is not the best I've ever read. I mean it was okay, but I've read books that left me dumbfounded or questioning my existence, books that I hated until the end, books that I loved, even if they had a generic ending, but this one just left me feeling 'meh'. Could be better. Gets 2.2 stars out of 5.

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