Monday, 19 October 2015

Day 291 of 365: I Have A Plant

There used to be a bulky and full of crap night stand next to my bed. The thing had doors, so over the years a lot of unnecessary stuff found their way in there and just piled up really. I did then clear and clean it up this summer, so it has been empty for past few months, but it was still there and while it was kind of practical to have a light and an alarm clock and a bottle of water on it, I've been thinking about getting rid of it because it looked huge and I didn't like it at all. And now it's gone. Okay it moved next door, to my brother's room, because when I asked him if he wants it or if I should throw it away, he quickly found a way to use it for himself and so he came, he took it and now he has it under his table somewhere. 
What I did in the place, that was now left empty, is what you can see in the picture. First I transferred my little collection of books next to my bed yesterday, so maybe I'll get to read more before I go to sleep. There are a few in that pile that I haven't read yet. But then I'll need to get new ones. Lots of new ones. Book shopping, here I come. However, today I got another inhabitant to keep me company. You see, I've been thinking about getting plants for quite a while now but I've always thought that I'd kill them in a week or so. So when I first got the idea of greenery in my room I bought two succulents, which are still quite happily alive, if I do say so myself. Now the next step was a big green plant and I've been already looking around on websites where I could get one, but was still in the process of choosing. Then I realised I have a grandmother, who has a gazillion of plants and is always talking about them and if I'll ask her for a plant I'll probably get 10. Even my mom agreed with that, when I represented my idea to her, before saying 'why don't you take this plant that's been in the living room, as I want to put the lemon in her place and was already thinking where I could put it'? And so I did. Now I have a plant that I have to take care of. It'll probably need a bit more watering than once a month - like succulents do - but I'll do my best to not let it dry - or drown it, for that matter. The only thing left for me to do now is to think of a name for it... Any suggestions?

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