Sunday, 18 October 2015

Day 289 of 365: A 2016 Planner

After that long quest for a planner I went through at the beginning of the year, I thought I'd find one for next year a bit earlier, as 2016 planners are already being sold since September. So I did. And this time I treated myself and I got a Moleskine one, hoping I'll actually keep up with it throughout the year. Because for this year I got this really lovely planner and first I really got into it, but then I forgot about it at some point and it's a but bulky, so I don't carry it around with me all the time and whatnot. Maybe I'd set myself a challenge for 2016, to plan ahead for every week on Sundays and try to stick to it, like this year the challenge is this blog. It might actually work this way, with weekly layouts on one and place for weekly notes on the other side of a page. Now I'm quite excited for 2016 to come. The only problem is I still have so much to do in remaining two months and a half of 2015... So I guess I better start working.

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