Friday, 16 October 2015

Day 287 of 365: Room Renovation Part 3

Aaaaand it's blue! Well, partially blue. Two walls are blue. In two different shades. The rest remained white. Because the father had a say in this and he said that he won't be repainting the room again if the kid (the not-so-little brother) decides after a week that he's not a fan of having all walls painted blue. So it's two walls blue, two walls (and the ceiling) white for now. And it's pretty. Still kind of smells of paint though. But, the kid likes it, he's moved back to his room after sleeping (on a matress) on the floor in my room for a week and is now reeeeeeally slowly bringing everything back in. Really slowly because it's important he spends the time he could be moving stuff, watching Youtube videos on his tablet. And when you ask him why isn't he putting his room back together, he says he's waiting for dad, because one shelf won't fit in. Oh well, kids. I mean, he's a teenager, maybe that explains it even more. So after he'll manage to empty the still-not-made bathroom, where all his stuff is, I'll slowly start to empty my room into boxes, so the next weekend we can maybe start on turning my room from dirty-white-with-dead-mosquito-decorations-and-dark-patches-from-tape-pulling-off-the-paint back to an actual white...

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