Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Day 286 of 365: Favourite Five - Autumn

I think it's been quite a while since the last favourite five post, well, longer than I had planned anyways. So here's my favourite five things about autumn.

1. Hoodie weather. Did I ever mention I love the type of weather when you're not either nor nor cold and it's appropriate for wearing hoodies all the time? I probably have, but I love it so much, I'll just mention it again. Because there's not better feeling than putting a hoodie on and snuggle into it.

2. Lots of tea again. I know I drink tea all year round, but during summer with hot temperatures you don't feel like drinking anything hot, now do you? So when autumn comes around, it's a few cups of tea a day time again. 

3. Watching rain from inside. Logically, rain is not as much fun if you're outside and need to get somewhere, especially if your shoes turn into portable swimming pools in a matter of seconds, but if you're inside and have a cup of tea, seeing and listening to rain is actually quite comforting.

4. Candles. Another thing that could be done throughout the year, but since I have my balcony window opened practically all the time during summer, lighting a candle at that time would be pretty pointless. So when autumn rolls around, I pull out those cinnamon and apple scented candles and room smells amazing.

5. Autumn nail colours. Call me weird, but I'm really a big fan of dark purple/red, black nail varnishes and summery pastel colours don't make me as happy. Now I just need my two broken nails to grow back fast, so they won't look weird and there'll be a Revlon Vixen smiling from my nails.

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