Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Day 285 of 365: Riding Light

Ooooh, I have rediscovered another gem! And this one is really beautiful. Well, at least I find it very beautiful, but I'm generally reeeeaaally fascinated by all universe related things, so it wasn't hard to make me fall in love with this video in the first place.
I found it again after I was searching through my old bookmarks yesterday and if you think I then spend the next 45 minutes watching it, you're totally right. Yes, it is 45 minutes long, but who wouldn't spend 45 minutes watching a video of travelling away from the sun across a portion of our solar system at the speed of light? Okay maybe some people wouldn't, but I swear, with this music in the background, this video is better relaxation than any meditation if you need to chill for some time.

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