Friday, 9 October 2015

Day 281 of 365: The Karaoke Thing

You know, us teachers who go to Pacug together are obviously the kind of people who think the weirdest ideas are the best. So with that in mind, one of today's events is no surprise. 
I was standing on a bus station a few weeks ago, when I noticed that this insurance company has some kind of contest going on. It said 'Don't miss the karaoke tour around Slovenia with Klemen Bunderla!' and when you get there, there are the KinG guys from Radio 1 and the Bunderla guy, who won the Your Face Sounds Familiar show this spring and you can sing with them and take a picture and all that. However, if you remember the 'Is my beard still on' post, KinG guys from Radio 1 are the ones we were dressed up as in Pacug, as they came to visit. So when I saw the earlier mentioned poster, I texted Katarina (the one, who also had a beard drawn on her face) and jokingly said 'should we go and say hi when they come to our city?' and thought nothing of it. Little did I know she won't stop thinking about it and this morning I got a message 'hey it's such a bad weather outside and I'm sure you have nothing else to do, so they're in this city today and it's fairly close, should we go?' And after a few laughs and 'what if they remember us?' we decided to go say hi anyways. Because we can and we could use an afternoon having a laugh and a coffee together. 
Needless to say guys remembered us instantly, we even got a photo together - this time without us having beards on and then sang on karaoke thing with them (well I did, she'd kill anyone who'd even think of making her sing - after she just blatantly told me that she'll apply me to this entire thing, because I have to sing with them). Quite nice afternoon, if I do say so myself. If only I choose a bit higher song, Robbie William's Angels were a bit too low for me after spending earlier hours at choir rehearsal...

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