Monday, 5 October 2015

Day 278 of 365: October Wishlist

*images found on world wide web*
1. It's a Zara bag! Surpriiiise haha. Another month, another Zara bag, really. Nothing much to say.

2. This coziest looking fleece hooded sweater. I don't know if I talked about this already - I probably have, but today I was browsing through my old bookmarks and found this and fell in love again.

3. A lamp. This Ikea lamp, more specifically. Because I have this small space between my bed and my table and I have a beanbag located in this small space and a lamp would be a perfect addition to this little reading nook as I'd like to call it.

4. A plant. To make my room look more alive. Even though I'm not really capable of taking care of plants, I might as well at least give it a try.

5. This pouch. It's sooo prettyyyyy. And overpriced. But prettyyyy.

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