Monday, 5 October 2015

Day 277 of 365: Room Renovation Part 2

On day two of repainting kid's room, there was some leveling, some sanding, some realising there will be a second coat of leveling needed and a lot of waiting for things to dry. But let's start at the beginning of the day. Because we naively thought we'll be able to get the room done over the weekend and we had already sanded everything on Saturday, the first task of Sunday morning was buying paint. And some extra rollers. We brought home three buckets of white paint and a tube of blue to mix it in, since the goal is to have a not-yet-decided shade of blue splashed on the walls. Buckets are now still waiting outside the room, as yesterday's task was then leveling in the morning and waiting for walls to dry until evening, before we went in with doctor masks, so we didn't inhale all the dust that came with sanding for the second time. We finished roughy sanding most of the room and only left a couple of corners, that weren't dry yet for the next day. And walked out of the room like snowmen. I wonder why mom even bothered hoovering the house on Saturday...

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