Saturday, 3 October 2015

Day 276 of 365: Room Renovation Part 1

We've been living in our house for 11 and a half years now, and mine and my brother's room haven't been painted since before we moved in. We were at the ages of 5 and 10 back then and we're 16 and 21 now. Meaning, we both went through phases of having posters and those glow in the dark stickers stuck on our walls and than took everything off (which left scotch tape marks everywhere), lots of mosquitoes have seen their end on our walls and basically they just all over don't look nearly as white as they did at the beginning.
So we had this plan of repainting our rooms for a good few years now. I just want them to be white again, not decorated with tape marks and mosquito blood. The kid has been daydreaming about turning the walls blue for a while. And he now made a move. He decided to take everything out and repaint his room. I'm not sure why he didn't do this through summer holidays. Well, he doesn't know that either. But here we are - we were sanding his room today, then he put emulsion paint over it, so it's ready for some leveling and a few coats of paint tomorrow. And I guess it's my turn next weekend. The good side of doing that so late into autumn is that everything dries better during winter, than it does during summer. The bad side is cold. I already have the coldest room in the house, why would I want to have windows opened throughout the day to cool it down even more? Ugh...

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