Saturday, 3 October 2015

Day 274 of 365: Uni Starts Again

Hey ho, it's October 1st and uni starts again. Not for me though, because I'm still a bit irresponsible in life and haven't managed to pass my second year, so I'll have a year to pass those few exams that are left and then try doing new things, before I get back into swing of classes everyday. I was a bit annoyed and sad when I failed that key exam for passing the year, but I live with the motto that everything happens for a reason, so I'll try to get the best out of it.
However, as I'm still the vice president of the student's council at our faculty and the president resigned when he went to uni to Switzerland a few weeks ago, the task of speaking to all freshmen on their first day belonged to me again. This was the thing I had to get up for with three hours of sleep after a night shoot the day before. I must say, I wasn't really that tired, probably because of adrenaline and a bit of nervousness since I knew my brain wasn't functioning properly and I had a powerpoint presentation and just a vague idea of what I had to say to 300+ people in the big lecture room.
Everything ended alright though, I had the speech, we then gave everyone a t-shirt for a 'welcome to your new second home' and then we went in front of the main university building at Congress square, for the big reception for students of all faculties at our university, where everyone was representing their faculty and there was an entertainment programme going on. I did hang around there for an hour before the adrenaline apparently wore off and I suddenly became so tired I needed to just get out of there and into my warm bed. And it was one of those bus journeys home, where I almost slept through my station...

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