Thursday, 1 October 2015

Day 272 of 365: My First Commercial Shoot Day 2

Shooting day two: the bus scene. Point being that you can pay for your bus ticket with your phone. The one major difference from previous day being my make-up, which went from a slightly crazy smoky eye that I've never worn before, to a nice daily look that I actually really liked. Minus the lip gloss, I hate lip glosses, they just turn your lips into a sticky surface, to which your hair can then stick to all the fricking time. So when it slowly disappeared from my lips I wasn't too eager to get it reapplied. But even with nice look throughout the day, after filming that bus scene - which by the way probably has the most bloopers material - we had to get some shots with the look of the previous day, which meant I got back home with smoky black eyes again. Taking everything off was really not a task I enjoyed...
However, returning to that bus shoot: watching the filming crew trying to film while the bus is driving on a bumpy road, as the self stabilizing camera mount runs out of battery, is pretty amusing. Probably a bit (a lot) frustrating for them, but still amusing. Everything worked out well at the end of course, they found a pair of spare batteries and all that shit that goes with happy endings. So the end result should be good. Probably won't be as good if they won't use the Benny Hill theme in the background, but you can't always have what you want, now can you?

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