Monday, 31 August 2015

Day 243 of 365: A Month In Instagram Posts

There are only a few types of posts that are pretty constant on this blog. One is the favourite five, another might be a monthly playlist and then there's the end of the month overview through either my phone photo album or my Instagram account. The rest just lays somewhere in the clouds and comes and goes on a daily inspiration basis. So this month let's take a look back through my Instagram again.

1. I was thinking about how I could store my sunglasses so they wouldn't get scratched or break for ages. Then I finally found a way to hang a wool string above my desk, so now they're resting there. And yes, one pair of glasses is actually that fake £1 with no dioptre, that I stole from a friend in Pacug. Okay maybe stole is too harsh of a word - I borrowed them one day and then he said I can keep them. Because they look good on me or something like that. And they're a bit scratched already anyways. So there. 2. Besides being really photogenic, watermelons are a great way to cool down and hydrate during heatwave. 3. There was one time, when I felt brave and went for ice cream in a white shirt. I managed to get out of the situation without any ice cream marks on said shirt, so I guess you could call that a successful mission. 4. This is my little cousin's cake for her 11th birthday. How cool does that look??? 5. And here we have my all time #womancrushwednesday. Perrie Edwards. She's just such a babe. 6. My usual morning beverage of choice is a nice mug of cappuccino. Also applies to the after lunch coffee. Unless mom makes Turkish coffee, then it's in tiny little cups like the one on the picture above. The problem I have with Turkish coffee are the finely ground coffee beans that are on the bottom. Feeling of drinking sand at the end is not a pleasant one. 7. When your headphones start to look like they want to fall apart a bit, you fix them with heat shrink tubing. Well it's either this or duck tape, but this looks prettier. 8. And that's the view from my room at 7 in the morning, when morning fog almost goes away and sun is already shining from behind the hill. Quite nice. 9. The final one is a throwback to July in Pacug, when one day my roommate was left without keys (keys tend to disappear there if you leave them unattended) and later we came into our room to find a bunch of volleyball balls in our shower. The guy who did it came from beach with us, just to see our reaction, we were laughing for a few solid minutes before even thought about getting them out. 

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