Sunday, 30 August 2015

Day 242 of 365: Workspace

Sometimes you just need to rearrange your workspace to feel motivated and inspired again and that's what I did today. Basically I removed the big monitor that I wasn't using anymore (because my laptop would heat a bit too much for my liking when I had the two connected together) and suddenly my desk just looked a lot emptier. Then I put my books in a different position, put radio speakers on a shelf above my desk, hid as much cables as I could - now I just need to figure out how to transmit music through radio speakers without using a cable that annoyingly crosses half of my desk - and it feels like there's finally some breathing space for me. And I like that. A lot. Now I'm fighting the urge to just throw half of my stuff out because they annoy me and have half empty room, because it feels so refreshing. Maybe I should stop thinking about this, because it's escalating pretty quickly...

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