Thursday, 27 August 2015

Day 239 of 365: Some Lovely Photo Editing Apps

I figured I'd spend a minute mentioning a few of my favourite photo editing apps. We live in a world, where 99,9% of pictures you see anywhere are at least a tiny bit edited. For a long time my only editing skills included selecting a filter on Instagram. That is until I discovered actual editing apps. And downloaded all of them. To use none. Except the one that made any picture Instagram size appropriate. You know, turns them into a square.
Then I found VSCO Cam. That I majorly used for that F2 filter, because I was toying with an idea of every picture I post having the same filter. Don't really know what I was thinking. What I discovered later on is, that VSCO is actually also a photo sharing app and now I'm trying to be a bit artsy and I'm just posting random pictures that I think are really pretty on there. My profile can be found on (just in case if you maybe wanted to know...)
It was a long way of using VSCO as my main editing app, before I heard Victoria from inthefrow talk about Photoshop Express and Moldiv. The first one being mostly photo editing app while the other one being more appropriate when you want to merge a few shots together into one. I got used to Photoshop Express very quickly, with all different options of fileters and the usual settings and so on (you can clearly see that I'm not exactly a professional user). A great app. But it took me a while to give Moldiv a chance. Basically because I was using PhotoGrid as the putting-pictures-together app, and Moldiv was just sitting there in the 'photo' folder. It was only when I realised how much more flexible Moldiv is with everything, that I switched.
The last addition to my photo editing apps is Snapseed. It's Google's editing app, with not as much options as in Photoshop Express for example (of maybe I just didn't find them yet), but it has the basic ones that I need and I'll be honest, I use this one more than PE. It's very easy to use - I needed some time to get used to logic of changing settings, but once I got that in my system, everything just works fast. And makes pictures look pretty. Which is what this is all about, isn't it?

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