Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Day 237 of 365: Morning After A Giant Storm

Today I woke up at, what felt like the middle of the night, only to check my bedside table alarm clock, that read 4:56. Reason? The biggest thunderstorm that I've heard/seen in a while. During summer I sleep with my window partially opened, so it was even more audible. Barely being aware of what I'm doing, I got out of bed and pulled all my electrical devices out of sockets and went back to bed. I'm usually a heavy sleeper and things like that don't bother me, but today I probably spent another half an hour just laying in bed, watching and listening to thunder and lightning, thinking if I should just get up, but eventually fell asleep. Maybe that's why I then slept through my 4 alarm clocks and woke up at half past 7. I did think I'll wake up to the most miserable weather, but waiting outside was sunshine and blue sky with some fluffy white clouds and morning fog that was hugging Šmarna gora hill. Quite a view.

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