Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Day 236 of 365: I Think I Turned Into a Morning Person

If you told me a few months ago, that I'll reach a point in my life where I'll voluntarily wake up at some point from 6 to 6:30 am with no special reason, I'd ask you if you've lost your mind. 
As a teenager I was of course, as every other teenager, able to sleep until 11 am during weekends and holidays, or basically whenever I didn't have to be in school by 7:30. And waking up at any hour before 10 am on those days was considered very early. This is also the stage that my 16 years old brother is going through right now and I can surely say that I know how he feels - but at the same time I find it insanely fun to jump on his bed and generally annoy him at 8 am. Because that's what sisters do, isn't it?
However, it was last spring (when I didn't have classes at uni), when I had this revelation, that waking up later than 8 o'clock in the morning means wasting a lot of time and that I actually have a lot more of the day if I wake up early. So that was the time, when my alarm clock was set for 7:30 every morning. And I actually woke up at that time and everything was just fine. But then I went to Pacug and my sleeping pattern went totally bonkers and was screwed up entirely for a long time. I didn't really get back into that waking up early thing and I don't really have an excuse, but staying up late studying didn't help with anything either. The same thing happened this spring and again I screwed everything up when I went to Pacug, but this time around I didn't lazily forget about early mornings like I did last year.
Like a lot of things in my life, this too happened quite instantly. I just decided one day, that I need to get up early, otherwise I just sit around all day and won't do anything productive. First I had my alarm clock set up for 7:30, but then just felt like I needed to wake up even earlier, so I quite quickly transitioned to hearing the first alarm go off at 6:00. Since I live with my blood pressure being below 100 most of the time I do need like 15 minutes to level everything and get out of bed without my vision suddenly spinning around, but I feel like somewhere up to 6:15 is the right time to start the day and I actually feel really good about it. There's something in seeing that early sun. I'm even trying to incorporate running into my morning routine - that's not going exactly to plan; thanks knees, I'll warm you up next time before I start running.
So yeah, I guess this proves that anything is possible, if you decide so. The only thing I'm now worried about is, how this will go on once it'll be dark and cold outside at such an early hour?

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