Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Day 235 of 365: To Do Lists

Everybody is always talking about to do lists and how they make you more productive and more organised and so on and so on. 
But it's one of those things that helped me do nothing more than be anxious in the evening, when I realised I haven't completed everything that's on that list. Hear me out: I always imagined to do lists to contain every task that you need to complete in near future and that's how I made them - with more and more tasks added to them and before I knew it, my to do list was this extremely unpleasant to look at, full of things that needed to be done, piece of paper that I dreaded to even look at from afar. And at the end of the day usually there was zero tasks completed from that list. As productivity level went waaay below zero. So I dropped the whole idea of making any to do lists, since they were just a trigger for going into a panic mode because I knew I'll never be able to tick off everything.
Then one day (some time ago) I stumbled upon a blog post, I don't remember on which corner of the internet, that was talking about the idea of how your to do list should only contain 3 - 4 tasks per day, as it doesn't look as scary and well, having to do 4 things that day surely sounds much less overwhelming than 15.
Now what I do when I wake up in the morning is set out a list of things that need to be completed that day and keep it at maximum of 5 ticking boxes. And when I accomplish those tasks by the end of the day I actually feel motivated to continue to be as productive the next day. Which I never thought would happen. And sure sounds like a bit of a miracle. But hey, it works.

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