Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Day 231 of 365: One Of Those Days

Lately I've had quite a few of those days, when I'm stuck inside with my notebooks and videos of classes rolling in the background with a strange feeling of sickness and/or headache and I just drink tea all the time in hopes it'll make me feel better. The only thing that has helped so far has been fresh cold air, when I have a window in my room opened, but then it's cold and when it's dark all the bugs fly in, which is just extremely annoying. I also tried to move everything to my bed, in hopes of raising productivity if I'm not at the spot (at my desk) where I'm always sitting and having productivity level on -2, but who was I kidding anyways?
I did place that pencil case with colouring pencils (that I was talking about a few days ago) next to my text book, with obvious intention to use them. Yeah... You know what? I'll use them when I write everything down and then go through my notes again. That's when I'll colour is all the important things. And now I actually have a plan. Good. Now let's get to work.

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