Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Day 229 of 365: Rainy Days

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It's one of these days, when it's dark and rainy outside. Not the heavy rain, but just small enough to still be declared as rain. I can't really decide whether I like this kind of weather or not - because I love the idea of bad weather outside and then curling up in a bean bag with a cup of tea and a book, while your place smells nice from all the candles you can light up, but on the other hand it makes me just soooo damn tired. My blood pressure is on an average day below 100 and when weather goes bad, I really feel it. So today will be a more 'chill and try to do something so I don't fall asleep and complain about being tired and drink a coffee or two' kind of day. 
Or maybe I just need to get a pair of bright coloured rain boots, a bright raincoat and go out and jump in all the puddles. Now this sounds like a plan.

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